Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience

If you want to dive into the world of working from home but, at the same time, do not have any prior experience to join a company, feel free!

There are plenty of freelance jobs from home no experience, so you can decide your cup of coffee by reading the article until the end.

1. Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant role is one of the typical freelance jobs from home with no experience and supervision.

Virtual assistants (administrative assistants) manage phone calls, respond to emails, and schedule events, appointments, and meetings. 

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 1

The duties may vary depending on the company and according to the needs of the hour.

Although a high school diploma is enough for this position, some companies and organizations demand a college degree.

Virtual assistants can work part-time, full-time, or freelance from anywhere as we move towards the digital world.

According to ZipRecruiter, the remote virtual assistant earns $11.54 per hour.

Skills required: ability to multitask, organizational skills, paying attention in every aspect, and some basics about recent technologies.

2. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representative is one of the most common freelance jobs from home no experience and for people who love communicating with different people.

A customer service representative will answer customer's questions about the products or complaints about services via a phone call or email.

However, you must be careful while applying for this role as some companies have strict terms and conditions and offer lower pay.

For example – if the clients are in different countries, you must work in different time zones.

Some famous companies offering customer service representative positions are Amazon, Apple, Arise, Sutherland, and Sitel.

Lastly, though the job provides flexibility and requires no experience, you must be ready to always be active on phone calls.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 2

As per Indeed search, a customer service representative will earn $ 3410 monthly and can earn more once they become experienced.

Skills required: accuracy in typing, being patient while handling customers, effective communication skills, and ability to handle multitasks

3. Social Media Manager

The social media manager is one of the best jobs if you want fun while working and are interested in social media!

A social media manager is the one who manages the company's social media platforms, usually Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

They are responsible for scheduling posts, planning content for upcoming days, designing images and videos, monitoring the status of audience engagement, and implementing new strategies to boost the company's online presence.

Though on-the-job training is provided for social media managers or coordinators, some companies require a degree in marketing or equivalent.

You can find social media manager jobs, from local restaurants to the most popular international tech companies.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 3

According to Payscale, the initial pay for a social media manager in the United States is $ 38k per year.

Skills required: familiarity with different social media platforms, time management, organizational skills, ability to create new designs, research any new marketing strategies.

4. Freelance Translator

If you are a fresher who knows more than one language and is willing to work from home, consider this freelance translator job!

Freelance translators work in different sectors like educational institutions, call centers, interpretation, etc.

A degree in translation would be helpful; however, it is optional.

You can find many translator jobs on websites like Upwork,, and Fiverr.

With most companies doing business worldwide and on the way to expanding their branches, freelance translators' jobs are highly demanding nowadays.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 4

From our research on, a freelance translator, on average, earns $26.44 per hour.

However, it may vary depending on the experience and job location.

Skills required: proficiency in multiple languages, communicational skills, active listening, and ability to understand every detail.

5. Software Engineer

Software engineering or programming jobs are the most paid freelance jobs from home without experience.

Software engineers use several code languages to create and develop websites, applications, and programs. 

They are also responsible for testing and correcting if there are any errors in the code and applications.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 5

Even though a degree is not required for a programming job, you have to showcase that you are an expert in programming and coding languages like, for example – Java, SQL, and Python. 

However, a computer science degree or programming language certification will make your profile appealing.

The pay scale offered for software engineers ranges from approximately $74k.

Skills required: the ability to test applications and programs, communication skills, programming knowledge, and the ability to learn the latest programming languages

6. Chat Agents

If you love talking with people and are willing to help others, this job is for you – chat agent.

The job requires you to chat with customers with queries regarding the services, products, or about the company you are working for.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 6

The chat agent role is similar to the customer service role and is completely simple compared to other positions.

Moreover, the chat agent job is one of the best freelance jobs to consider, especially if you are a fresher.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 7

A chat agent in the United States will earn between $33k and $ 50k per year.

Skills required: excellent communication, active listening, multitasking, problem-solving, expertise in different chat platforms, and quick customer response.

7. Online Survey Jobs

Online survey jobs are the go-to freelance jobs when you are just a fresher without experience but looking to earn money.

Survey jobs are easy to do, and even students, homemakers, or other professionals can do it as an evening side job.

Most survey job sites pay well, while others pay you something even when you sign up for it.

So, Survey jobs are among the best side hustles from home to earn money.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 8

Here are some of the top recommended survey sites that are spam-free –

  • Survey junkie,
  • Inbox Dollars, and
  • Swagbucks currently.
12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 9

Skills required: paying attention to each detail, being an expert in survey software, ability to work independently, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

8. English Teacher

If you have super fluency in English and are a native speaker, then there is an opportunity to teach English to students globally.

Luckily, the companies that hire English teachers online will provide resources like lesson plans, access details to teaching platforms, or the materials you need to teach students.

Most companies require a bachelor's degree or certification, for instance, a TEFL certificate.

The job would also be a super fit for people ready to work in different time zones, as you may be required to teach students from other parts of the world.

There is an increasing demand for remote English teachers; no experience is required for this job.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 10

An English teaching person will earn a minimum of $13.80 per hour and up to $43.16 per hour, depending on the experience level. (Payscale)

Skills required: fluency in English, communication skills, ability to work on different teaching platforms, patience, and passion for teaching.

9. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry jobs are perfect for those willing to work in their flexi hours.

Usually, a data entry clerk transfers the information from a printed document, a written format, or a book to a digital format.

They are also responsible for checking for errors in the information and inputting correct data into the digital format.

Though no experience is needed for this work-from-home job, a high school diploma is required by many companies.

Since many companies are transferring to digital, there is a scope for this freelance job in all seasons.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 11

As of, the United States Data Entry Clerk earns around $37,649, ranging from $33,721 to $42,502.

Skills required: computer proficiency, data processing, good typing speed, ability to follow instructions, adapt to teams, and a basic knowledge of identifying misspelled words and other common mistakes.

10. Blogging

Blogging is one of the finest choices if you have no experience but like to earn money in your comfort without depending on others.

It provides an excellent opportunity to tell about your lifestyle, expertise on something, recipes, technical knowledge, or anything of your choice to build a strong online audience.

Platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and Medium help people create blogs, manage their posts, and inspire like-minded people.

But remember, below are some of the crucial steps you have to follow while creating your blog;

  • Pick your blogging niche wisely
  • Choose a blog name
  • Select the right platform
  • Customize your blog design
  • Finally, start crafting your content, and remember to do promotions.

Once your blog gains some attention, you can earn money through placing advertisements, promoting the products or services of others, or even selling your products and services.

Below is an image showing the niches that help bloggers achieve the most.

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 12

ZipRecruiter reports that bloggers earn an average hourly wage of $29.94, with the potential to reach as high as $60.34 per hour.

Skills required: writing abilities, researching topic ideas, managing social media platforms, understanding SEO tools, networking with other bloggers, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

11. Freelance Writing

Writing is one of the most attractive freelance jobs from home, with no experience if you are passionate about writing and seeking the most flexibility.

With the help of your knowledge and gathered data, you can create content like news articles, website content, blog posts, social media captions, and ebooks on diverse topics and start engaging your readers.

You can use different writing styles, select your niche, build your portfolio, and showcase it on the freelance marketplace to get a job.

The most significant benefit of this freelance job from home with no experience is you can set your schedules and deadlines and work from anywhere and at any time.

Notably, the freelance writers will be paid hourly, weekly, or on a project basis. 

12 Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience 13

Some popular freelance platforms for getting work are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Whether you are a professional writer or beginning your career as a freelance writer, this job will help you grow professionally and personally!

Freelance writers in the USA earn around $59,614 per year on average, about $28.66 per hour.

Entry-level positions start at $42,000 annually, while experienced writers can make up to $117,000 annually.

Skills required: the ability to try different types of writing and tones, basic SEO strategies, research and analysis skills, communication skills, and the ability to do self-promotion on various social media platforms.

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one kind of freelance job that does not require investment, degree, or experience.

To make it clear, affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting the brands, services, or products of others through your websites, videos, or blogs by placing unique links.

When a reader clicks on your links and purchases a product or service, you will get a commission of some percentage, from 2% to 10%.

But what's more advantageous is you can work from the comfort of your home at your most convenient time.

To become an affiliate marketer, you must build a strong set of audiences, partner with brands, and join an affiliate program for beginners.

Success in this freelance job hinges on patience and unwavering dedication.

ZipRecruiter indicates that the average remuneration for a United States-based affiliate marketer is $39.43, effectively rounding up to approximately $40 per hour.

Skills required: ability to create several types of content, time management, quick problem solving, relationship building, strong analytical skills, adaptability to different affiliate programs, and research on audience preferences.

Wrapping Up The Best Freelance Jobs From Home No Experience

Making money does not always mean traveling, moving your home nearer to the office, completing a valid course, or requiring a double or triple degree as 

There are several “freelance jobs from home no experience” today!

So what are you waiting for?

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