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Fusebox Review 2023 – Is This Popular Podcast Player Any Good?

For anyone who is a podcaster and wants to take it to the next level, there is nothing like using the FuseBox.

FuseBox is the brainchild of Pat Flynn and used to be known as Smart Podcast Player earlier.

If you are wondering as to what makes FuseBox better than its previous version, it is the tool's right mix of the powerful features to boost engagements unlike ever before.

FuseBox comes with the newly launched podcast transcript plugin using which users can generate meaningful notes for more engagement and better SEO.

In this FuseBox review, I will walk you through the powerful features of this tool.

By the end of this post, you would certainly have a very clear understanding of how you can make the most out of it.

Fusebox Overview & Summary

Fusebox is a smart podcast player for your WordPress website,designed by Pat Flynn. By using Fusebox, you can enjoy engaged podcast listening, improve your email list and offer rewards for podcast listeners with transcripts.

Pros of Using FuseBox 

1. Three in one podcast player

This is the best feature, you can get from Fusebox. While most podcast options doesn't offer much player control options, Fusebox comes with three podcast play options and they are

  • Full Player
  • Single Track Player
  • Site-wide Sticky Player

By using these powerful options, one can

  • Increase more podcast listens and downloads.
  • Easy to find all episodes at one place.
  • Users can browse site and listen podcast at same time

This is how the full player look like. You can either adjust theme to dark or light. You can also check the search option to see all the episodes at a time, thus enables, more podcast listens and thus generating more income.

2. Powerful Transcript Plugin

Using the FuseBox Transcript plugin, users can have meaningful transcripts generated. By enabling the Show transcripts, users can have their website unimaginably SEO-friendly which can bring new organic visitors to your podcast.

This also allows you to share your content with people who are not much of podcast listeners or who are hearing impaired. I also love the downloadable PDF options as it not only keeps the user engaged, it became to easy to sell the product mentioned in the podcast when whey're not in our site. 

This also gives your audience the surf your site alongside listening to your Podcast.

3. Email Capture Tool

FuseBox not only offers an excellent Podcast experience to the listeners but also does the job of lead capturing pretty well. It does it by encouraging the listeners to subscribe to your newsletter.

FuseBox comes with an in-built email capture form and there is no need to use any third-party tool to capture leads as long as you use this form.

In case, one wants to use FuseBox with any third-party email marketing tool, FuseBox offers seamless integration with the top email marketing tools like Convertkit.

4. Social Sharing & Download

FuseBox largely helps you promote your content through excellent options. FuseBox allows you to set different networks with subscription URLs in the player settings and listeners could subscribe by clicking on the Subscribe buttons.

Next, one can enable the various Social network buttons comprising Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email and more and build Shortcode for users to easily share your content.

Fusebox allows users to download their favorite tracks right from the player.

Besides, FuseBox allows users to download your episodes transcripts as PDF files. This is a brilliant way to even engage those people who prefer reading more than listening to a podcast.

5. Customization Options

FuseBox also offers you a lot of customization options. The player offers you two modes to choose from; Light & Dark. The option, Speed Control allows users to adjust the podcast speed by choosing from multiple speeds.

Users can customize the description by adding text and URLs. Further, one can add an image of your choice to the Logo Area

The Custom Sort helps you display either the newest episodes first or the oldest ones first.

6. Ease of Use

The FuseBox Player offers excellent ease of use in many ways. The player is mobile responsive and can be also used in a full player mode to keep the audience engaged with all the episodes in the same place.

The Sticky Player is another handy yet powerful feature to draw the attention of the audience to particular episodes. The Sticky Player can either stick to the top or the bottom of your site.

The Forward & Backward buttons help you get to any episode section and can be also useful even when one wants to listen to any particular section twice or more.

FuseBox Pricing

It's time to take a look at the FuseBox pricing. FuseBox offers a FREE version with basic functionalities but if you want to experience all the advanced features as explained above, you must buy the Pro version.

The Pro version for $8/mo comes with 3 Player Modes; Sitewide sticky player, Full player, & Single track player. It includes features such as Mobile friendly, Light vs dark, Email capture, Custom colors, Social sharing, Speed control, Downloadable MP3s, Custom sort, & Timestamps.

There are a lot of pro features like Volume Control, Host Migration, Future Timestamps and many more Pro features coming soon at no additional cost to you.

Pro offers various Transcript features such as SEO-friendly live text, Downloadable PDFs, New tab popout, and Accessible design.

Customer Support

Although the FuseBox Player is unimaginably easy to use, you might still need some help to get completely used to it. In case you ever run into any technical difficulty, you can always contact the support via email.

The Customer Support Service is active from Monday to Friday. Besides, you also have a pretty good knowledge base and step by step basic tutorials to refer to anytime you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Fusebox?

Fusebox is the powerful podcast player specially designed for WordPress site owners offering pro features to run multiple podcast with ease of use.

2. How to Connect Fusebox to WordPress site?

Fusebox comes with WordPress plugins which helps you to deep integrate your podcasts on your WordPress sites.

3. Who Developed Fusebox?

Fusebox launched by Pat Flynn, the owner of Smart Passive Income site which helps millions of users to achieve financial freedom through online marketing.


FuseBox or the Smart Podcast Player has certainly got the most advanced options to get your podcast channel bigger by constantly engaging the audience and at the same time, growing your audience base bigger.

With the FuseBox Show Notes transcript, one can even reach out to those who are not podcast listeners and are rather fond of reading.

The player offers you the right features for both engaging your audience and capturing leads. I am sure a lot of podcasters would capitalize a lot on these features.

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