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How Many Users Does Github Have? Github Users Statistics 2023

You might be wondering how well GitHub performs in this current competitive era? GitHub, a programming platform, has been a handy solution for many sectors starting from open sources to businesses. There are 73 million Github users globally.

If this is yGithub'squestion, then here is the outline of the GitHub user’s statistics. Make sure you go ahead till the end.

How Many Users Does Github Have? Github Users Statistics 2023 1

Github Users Statistics

Github Users have been minimally split globally. 

  • There are around 42 million active GitHub users  
  • 200+ million repositories hosted in Github
  • 32 million active users             
  • 65+ million developers 
  • 3+ million organizations
  • 72% Fortune 50
  • Globally, Github ranks 80th position
  • In the U.S., it comes under 121st position
  • When it comes to the computer Electronics and Technology category, it ranks 6th position  

Source: Venturebeat, Github, Similarweb

Github Revenue

As of September 2020, GitHub has more than 56 million clients with a record on its foundation. Counting more than 1 million instructors, understudies, and schools who utilize the GitHub Education service to instruct. Serving customers like Harvard University and UC Berkeley. 

GitHub brings in cash through a couple of revenue models that they consolidate inside their organization, they are: 

As per GitHub's Crunchbase profile, GitHub has raised $350 million more than 4 adjusts and has a valuation of $7.5 billion – basically to Microsoft at the Github'sof their $7.5 billion obtaining of GitHub. 

GitHub doesn't freely uncover its income. However, at Github's Microsoft procurement in 2018, GitHub had announced incomes of $200 to $300 million.


Top Competitors in Github

Let us discuss the top competitors in Github.

  • GitLab
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Docker
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Source: Zoominfo

Github Employee Stats

GitHub's headquarters is in 88 Colin P Kelly Junior St, San Francisco, California, 94107, United States. In Github, there are around 1,800 employees.

Recently Github invited many new Hubbers who added to yearly development in Github'semployee population of 55.4% and expanded Github'spopulace outside of the U.S. by 59%. 

They added new Hubbers worldwide, both naturally and inorganically, and they have extended Github'simpression with another office in Oxford, U.K. They have workplaces in Hyderabad, India, and Bellevue, WA, USA.

Racial and Ethnic Minority Stats

Github has progressed in the most recent three years, expanding Github'sU.S. representation of racial and ethnic minorities by 0.9% and in specialized roles by 3%. 

In detail, 

  • White – 69.6%
  • Asian  – 15.1%
  • Hispanic/Latinx  – 7.4%
  • African-American/Black  – 4.7%
  • Multiracial –  2.9%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander –  0.3%
  • American Indian/Alaska Native –  0.0%

Github’s general representation of racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. is 30.4%, a reduction of 0.4 rate focuses generally speaking, and stayed 27.8% in specialized jobs. Both Hispanic and Latinx the board populace and Black and African American populace of female developed to 6.2%. Github kept up with the advancement on maintenance with an FY20 steady loss pace of 11.8% for racial and ethnic minorities.

Source: Zoominfo, Github

Github Gender Equality

We have progressed by expanding females in service by 81.8% and in specialized jobs by 166.6% in the most recent 3 years. 

With Github'ssignificant development in FY20, generally speaking, the representation of females is 28.6%, a decline of 4.1 rate focuses, and 2.5 rate focuses in specialized jobs. Kept up with progress on Github's maintenance, finishing FY20 with a 13% weakening rate for females around the world. 

Female in service positions stayed consistent at 33.2% aggregate—Github'srepresentation of Black and African American females expanded by 0.5 rate focuses and by 1.3 rate focuses with Asian females.

Github Geographic Distribution 

GitHub is a “remote first” culture and empowers all Hubbers to telecommute with flexible booking that best obliges their work, individual, and family way of life. 

Being cooperatively associated is a critical piece of Github'sway of life and reflects how their engineer local area functions each day and the cutting edge labor force they desire to rouse.

GitHub Work Culture

Similar to the developer community,  GitHub is spread worldwide. With 63% of Github'sHubbers working remotely preceding COVID-19, the company had the option to change rapidly when the pandemic hit. 

Their projects to help telecommuters were reached out to all Hubbers, for example, the USD 1,500 payment for all workers to set up their workspaces, a broadcast communications allowance, and ergonomic assessment.

Here comes the exact work culture representation of Github. 

  • Home Office – 53.8%
  • San Francisco HQ –  23.3% 
  • Coworking Space – 9.8%
  • Local Office – 13.1%

Source: Github

Top Programming Languages in Github

In Github, there are multiple programming languages. The top 5 programming languages popular in Github have been listed below.

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • TypeScript
  • C++
  • PHP

Github Traffic Statistics

Comparatively, Github traffic can be analyzable. Github has around 355.2 million traffic. The average visit duration is 7 minutes 54 seconds. And the bounce rate is 36 percent.

The US leads the list with 16.41 percent when calculating traffic by country. And, the list of other nations is as follows.

  • China – 13.64%
  • India – 8.93%
  • Germany -3.86%
  • Japan – 3.29%

When it comes to social media traffic, YouTube attracts more traffic to Github, covering around 54.48%. Next to YouTube, Reddit grabs traffic with 21.88%.

Source: similarweb

Microsoft Acquisition of Github

Microsoft obtained GitHub, a well-known code-repository service utilized by numerous designers and enormous organizations, for $7.5 billion in stock. 

The arrangement, which uplifted Microsoft's emphasis on open-source advancement, intended to expand venture utilization of GitHub and carry Microsoft's designer devices and services to new crowds. 

By uniting with GitHub, CEO Satya Nadella said, “we fortify our obligation to designer opportunity, transparency, and development.”

Final Thought

Now that you have got an outline about Github, you can build your next move smartly. Knowing the in-depth information will help you survive better in your marketing strategies. Cheers!

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