How Many Users Does Google Have? Google Users Statistics 2023

Google, a search engine, has become one of the mandatory things in every individual’s life.

There are almost 246 billion Google users in the US. Among 4.39 billion internet users, nearly 4 billion are Google users. The Google statistics depicted here help you know how well you know about Google and the next step you wish to take in your marketing strategy. 

Google Users Statistics

Google is notable for its stunning items. The Google details we're introducing to you show precisely how highly respected the American worldwide innovation organization is. Specifically, Google is one of the world's most prominent tech organizations close by Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. 

Established in 1998, it represents considerable authority in distributed computing, online promoting, and programming. It's likewise accomplished in equipment and sponsorships. It should help sponsors, clients, and business visionaries stay educated about its items, monetary development, and economic effect. To completely comprehend the organization, we'll be checking out some details about the association.

Now, we have compiled the list of Google stats. 

Google Discover is used by nearly 800 million people every month – Google

Google Discover, formerly Google Feed, is a customized content feed established by Google to assist users in discovering new and exciting content about the topics they care about. According to Google's most recent data, it has over 800 active monthly users.

In the United States, Chrome accounted for 36% of all mobile online traffic – Statista.

In December 2020, Chrome accounted for more than a third of all mobile online traffic in the United States. On the other hand, Safari claimed the lead with 57 percent, although that's just due to the iPhone's high usage rate and the fact that Safari comes preloaded on every machine.

Considering that mobile users account for 91 percent of all internet users worldwide, it's easy to see why Safari won. However, when it comes to browsers, Google has a 48 percent market share, whereas Safari only has a 35 percent share.

Google Demographic Stats

In 2020, Google received about 267 million visitors from the United States – Statista.

According to Google statistics and figures, the United States accounted for about 267 million visitors in the fourth quarter of 2020. As a result, it was ranked top in the United States as the most popular multi-platform property, with queries coming from YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, and other sources.

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50 percent of Google users are in the U.S – Google

Google is used by 50% of people in the United States. Facebook users tend to be younger, with a college or university education. Because of their age, they are less likely to have children. White-collar workers who are more tech-savvy.

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Google Global stats

Top Search engines portion of the overall industry around the world – StatCounter

Google overwhelms the field of web searchers with more than a 90% market segment. The second most well-known web searcher available is Bing with 2.78%, and different organizations have much more modest rates: Yahoo 1.6%, Baidu 0.92%, Yandex 0.85%, and DuckDuckGo 0.5%.

Google’s growth rate is 8.2 percent per year –

The growth rate of online Google users is 8.2% each year. Google look finished developed around 10% each year between 2009-2012. Because of these numbers and an authentic diagram showing details from 1999-2012, we can appraise that Google Search Queries became by generally 10% each year.

Around 40000 searchers enroll every second in Google –

Not a second passes that Google doesn't have around 40,000 hunt questions to process. This implies that around the world, Google processes more than 3.5 billion pursuits consistently and 1.2 trillion hunts each year.

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Google Products Stats

More than 1 billion questions have been answered through Google Lens – Oberlo.

Google Lens had the option to perceive up to a billion different things. With all that it offers, it is positively demonstrating its allure. Until this time, it has been posed more than one billion inquiries. 

Additionally, its hunt work isn't restricted to simply pictures. Google Lens likewise assists with deciphering text—it upholds more than 100 dialects—and can recite text so anyone can hear, the last option of which is precious for clients who experience issues perusing little texts.

Google Maps has been downloaded over 5 billion times – Google Play

Thousands of users download Google Maps every day, making it one of the most helpful apps on the planet. According to Google Maps statistics, this Google product appears to be as popular as its search engine, with millions of active monthly users for quite some time.

Google Drive has almost 5 billion installs and 1 billion users – Google Play

With millions of files stored, Google Drive has come a long way. It has been highly beneficial for the company to make its storage facility available to the general public. According to Gmail statistics, even though Gmail is more commonly used than Google Drive, it efficiently keeps its users, making it one of the top Google products alongside Gmail.


Now, you have the Google user’s stats and other interesting stats in your hand. Use it and improve your business through the amazing search engine giant Google.

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