Google Workspace Pricing 2022 – Are They Affordable?

G Suite has been renamed Google Workspace by Google itself. This Google Workspace will provide users with the same software but with a stronger collaboration emphasis. This article will discuss the Google Workspace Pricing that you need to know.

Google Workspace Pricing

Business Starter – $6 per seat per month

The Business Starter plan can hold meetings up to 100 and a maximum of 30 GB storage for only $6 per seat per month. Business Starter has 8/5 support and gives 300 users per domain. Moreover, Google Workspace’s Business Starter plan features include Gmail, Calendar, Editors, Meet, and Chat. Its Google Meet provides meet rooms, background blur, whiteboarding, and live captions.

Business Standard – $12 per seat per month

The Business Standard of Google Workspace can hold meetings up to 150 and maximum storage of 2TB. Avail its Business Standard plan for only $12 per seat per month, with 24/5 support and a maximum of 300 users per domain.  Business Standard also offers Gmail, Calendar, Editors, Meet, and Chat. Its Google Meet has Breakout Rooms, Co-moderation, Recordings, QA, Polls, and Attendance tracking. At the same time, its Google Chat offers more advanced rooms, security, and reporting controls. They also improve Collaboration features with pin verified sharing, document approvals, and shared team drive.

Business Plus – $18 per seat per month

The Business Plus of Google Workspace has been improved for only $18 per seat per month. You can hold meetings up to 500, 5TB storage, and 24/6 support at a very affordable price. Business Plus includes Gmail, Calendar, Editors, Meet, and Chat. Moreover, Business Plus came with the standard functionality and improved Google Meet with real-time language translations and live meeting transcripts. Business Plus also provides advanced security with Vault, Basic DLP, and Advanced Endpoint Management.

G Suite's upgrade to Google Workspace aims to blur the distinctions between them by adding more streamlined collaborative functionality and better individual and business offerings. The company claims that the Workspace is more than a renaming of G Suite, but a modern, cohesive basis for its online efficiency tools.

What is Google Workspace?

Today, in a transition that largely echoes the increasing work from anywhere culture that grew in popularity and need in 2020, the company rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace. 

Everything you need is now in one place through Google Workspace to help you get something done quickly. It's the best platform to create, communicate, and collaborate, whether you're at home, at work, or in the classroom. Google Workspace effortlessly integrates messaging, meetings, docs, and tasks based on trusted Google protection and runs on the cleanest global cloud. Google Workspace includes all familiar instruments with fewer distractions and more time to do it.

Do I Recommend Google WorkSpace For You?

Google keeps everything essential and works for you through building Gmail’s latest rainbow of chat, voice and video calling, and content management functions. This is regarded as the best home for work, and it is now wide open to all paying customers of the Workspace.