Guide to AI Copy

A Beginner’s Guide to AI Copy in 2023

AI (artificial intelligence) used to be something from sci-fi movies. However, this is not the case anymore. Many businesses have realized the benefits of utilizing it to simplify their processes and reduce costs. In fact, within four years, the number of businesses that use AI has grown by 270%.  

Whilst AI has many purposes in business, such as setting up email marketing for small businesses or automated customer support, one of the most recent developments is using AI for copywriting. 

Have zero experience with AI for copy? Well, no need to worry. This guide to AI Copy will discuss everything you need to learn about AI copy in 2022. 

A Beginner’s Guide to AI Copy in 2023 1

What is AI Copy?

AI copy is copywriting with the use of AI tools. The idea is to collect a large amount of data from search engines, social media sites, blogs, and other online databases. Once the collection is ready, deep learning begins. The AI uses it as a basis to train itself and produce original content.

Ultimately, it produces a human-like copy — as if an actual person wrote it. And while AI is good at creating copy-written works of all sorts, there are AI copies that outshine the others.

Here they are:

  • Search-friendly blog posts
  • Website content
  • Sales letters
  • Video scripts
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Lead magnets
  • Case studies
  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Social media content
  • Surveys
  • Technical documents

Benefits of Using AI for Copywriting 

One of the reasons businesses embrace AI copies is the improved (ROI) Return on Investment that using this technique can bring. 

They can invest an amount in an AI copywriting tool, generate many blogs, landing pages, or other pieces of copy, and get a return on the investment after a short time — a shorter time than when manual writers create the same pieces. In addition, they can automatically adjust it for different platforms and use it to post consistently. Doing so raises their chances of reaching a target audience.

Generates Content in Multiple Languages

AI copy uses a tool to produce translated text with original-like quality. It gives you a significant advantage, especially if you have international target markets.

Tips to make the most of multi-language content:

  • Create a multilingual content strategy – Conducting in-depth market research is a start. Determine factors like the language people prefer to use in a country, information consumption options, buying methods, and more. Then, incorporate the data into a marketing strategy and adjust it to fit every target market.
  • Localize content – Optimizing for local content increases your popularity in a country and makes you more relatable. Also, be sure to produce content that users can easily localize.
  • Provide valuable supporting information – Featuring screenshots, descriptions, and comments makes your content more understandable. Context is vital because no matter how good the AI-translated copy is, some people will still find it difficult to understand

Reduces the Need for Expensive Content Writers

Hiring writers to produce excellent content isn’t cheap. Thanks to AI, you can rectify this issue. And once an AI writing tool creates a piece of content, edit it to ensure error-free grammar, spelling, and coherent sentence structures.

Tips on how to edit AI-produced content:

  • Personalize – Getting through to specific audiences can be difficult — if not impossible — if you address them with generic copies. So, use first names and unique details to get their attention. And from there, deliver a custom-tailored message.
  • Humanize – Sounding robotic and repetitive not only annoys people. But it also discourages them from taking actionable steps or having anything to do with your offer.
  • Rephrase convoluted terms – Establishing rapport with people is how you can compel them to value your content. If you use fancy, complex, and hard-to-understand words, find alternatives. 

Generates Content Ideas

Writers struggle with generating content ideas. And because generating content ideas necessitates many brainstorming sessions, the process can be exhausting. But, with AI to help you, coming up with content ideas is effortless. 

Tips on the types of content to create based on AI-generated ideas:

  • Craft predictive analysis messages – Using past data to shape future actions is how you can identify promising trends. Once you know those trends, capitalize on them and build a futuristic content marketing strategy.
  • Maximize the power of conversion storytelling – Personalizing stories on your website improves engagement and increases loyalty. To make it happen, create outstanding pieces, evoke emotions, and address pain points.
  • Create purpose-driven content – Defining a clear purpose (like climate change initiatives), then using this purpose as your “North Star” raises brand awareness. It also encourages you to create content that matters to more people.

Creates High-Quality Content in a Short Amount of Time

While many writers make it look effortless, creating high-quality content can be tiring. It’s also time-consuming without the help of an AI writer. With AI facilitating the content creation process, they can double — or even triple — their self-imposed daily word count.

Tips on what to do next once you have lots of high-quality content:

  • Review marketing strategy – Understanding that changes can happen over time is logical. It’s why you should make no exception to your marketing strategy. Analyze your current plans and course-correct as needed.
  • Stay updated – Being in the content marketing industry means regularly uplevel your skills and knowledge. It helps you stay relevant and gain a competitive edge.
  • Handle more administrative tasks – Handling more work is a way of scaling your business. Focus on critical tasks that only you can do. And delegate assignments to other team members.

SEO and AI Copy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for businesses is a set of practices revolving around improving website visibility. It should be a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy because trillions use Google and other search engines daily. 

While using SEO techniques can work wonders, SEO techniques won’t be much help without content. If you have no consistent content, Google will have no information to feature — and it will overlook you. As a result, it will award the #1 spot to the “better” business — or to the entity that produces enough content.

There is no doubt that an AI copy can improve your SEO efforts. Content is king when it comes to SEO in 2022, and producing lots of content is likely to produce positive results. However, it is important to also recognize that Google places emphasis on user-friendly content, meaning if you use an AI tool, it is essential to edit it before publishing. 

Golden Rules for AI Copy

This section will discuss what you need to consider when creating an AI copy.

Always Fact-Check Content

While AI copy is unique, avoid publishing it directly without double-checking facts. Refusing to do so can adversely affect your authority and credibility.

Fact-checking tips:

  • Verify sources – Analyzing AI copy for questionable statements is how you can learn about false and corrupt information.
  • Consult experts – Approaching subject matter experts can be easy these days. Visit fact-checking websites like and
  • Review the date – Identifying outdated stories is a way of preventing misinformation. Determine the publication date and ensure you believe only the current (no more than five years) information in it. What was true decades ago may not carry any truth now

Keep SEO in Mind

If you want people to find you online, prioritize creating content that sticks to SEO rules. And because Google is the dominant player in the search engine market, optimize your piece to make it Google-friendly.

Tips on how to edit for SEO:

  • Craft powerful headlines – Featuring attention-grabbing titles can entice people to read through the body of your content. Be descriptive and create clickable titles.
  • Enhance readability – Encountering walls of text, passive-voice statements, and incoherent sentences can discourage people from checking out the entire value of your content. So avoid these and break down your copy into subsections. 
  • Use keywords – Guaranteeing people your content’s relevancy is how you can make them commit to your piece. Make sure you research the most effective keywords first before using them to target the right people.

Understand Your Target Audience

Set a definite goal and define your target audience. Learn about genders, geographical locations, demographics, and more. Then, use this information to resonate with them. 

Tips for winning your target audience:

  • Create a customer persona – Building a persona that represents your target audience helps you grasp their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and more. It also enables you to market to them from a relatable point of view.
  • Be helpful – Disseminating helpful content helps in grabbing attention. So before you share your content, load it with informative value.
  • Apply feedback – Listening to people’s comments about you can shape you for the better. Use social media or give out surveys as a start.

Include Brand Voice and Tone

Matching the typical vibe you give off is how you can offer people a sense of familiarity. It’s also how you can retain them.

Tips for incorporating your brand:

  • Understand your brand personality – Devoting your time to learning more about your logo, color schemes, and fonts helps you make the most of their use. You can say the same about your writing tone, voice, and style.
  • Break the ice – Connecting with your target audience is the first step. To do this, address issues and do your best to resolve them.
  • Align content and brand strategies – Being in a harmonious place concerning your content and brand strategies makes matters more understandable — for you and your audience. It also sets you up for success.

Concluding The Guide To AI Copy

While it’s still in its infancy, it’s clear that using AI copy is a futuristic and growth hacking strategy. It can automate a plethora of manual processes — streamlining business operations. 

Still not using AI? Given that more and more businesses are adopting a digital-first strategy, it’s high time you do the same.

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