Gumroad Alternatives

8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) – Which is Best For You?

Gumroad Alternatives

GumRoad has been the best cart platform for many eCommerce and WooCommerce lovers. But, not for all!

If you're looking for Gumroad Alternatives, then you're at the right place. The Gumroad Alternatives recommended here are based on features, pricing, and customer support.

The Best Gumroad Alternatives are

1. ThriveCart

In my opinion, ThriveCart, the first Gumroad alternative, is one of the most popular and reliable shopping cart software. Established in 2015, it reportedly processed more than 1,000 orders within its first two weeks of operation. It also deals with physical as well as digital products. 


ThriveCart grew into a popular shopping cart software within two years because of its robust features and efficient user dashboard. It allows seamless processing of your buyer's payment without transaction failure and helps your e-commerce store reduce cart abandonment. 

Furthermore, it supports many checkout templates, has a powerful affiliate management system, and has many other useful features. Both seasoned shop owners with a lot of technical knowledge or even complete newcomers can efficiently utilize this software.

How is ThriveCart a good Gumroad Alternative?

  • ThriveCart provides its customers with upselling, down selling, and bump offers to earn additional sales and more customer interaction on their website. 

Sellers can also use coupon services on their e-commerce stores. This creates an urge in the customers to buy more products from the seller's platform.

  • ThriveCart offers you four checkout templates that are known for their high conversion rates. You can use these templates and customize them to suit your business, highlighting the offers and products. 

Plus, most of its visual elements like the checkout and cart pages, designs, and layouts work well in the mobile version. Most customers find this very usable and are likely to visit again for future shopping.

  • You can also send automated messages to your customers according to their behavior in your store by setting behavioral rules on the dashboard. ThriveCart does it by taking the kind of products they left in the cart or have bought. 

After that, they can send notifications to other items that suit their taste. Users can also use automatic follow-up messages to update the customers on new information by emailing them directly.

  • Moreover, you can embed the checkout page and cart to your website using ThriveCart. This setup process is straightforward and available among the website tool options.
  • ThriveCart provides you with A/B Testing, which will help you explore various combinations for your e-commerce website and choose among the multiple options. This will help in boosting your website and increase its revenue.
  • The Affiliate management system of ThriveCart is a commendable feature of this platform. Indeed, you can view the steps for adding affiliates quickly after logging in and set up affiliate programs for your physical and digital products. 

Furthermore, you can choose the payment method and billing intervals. The availability of the affiliate center of ThriveCart allows users to recruit affiliates efficiently, give bonuses and commissions, customize their programs, and more. It would save you both money and time.

  • Another prominent feature of ThriveCart that sets it above Gumroad is the autoresponder integration. It helps increase revenue and sales by a significant margin for the business owners. 
  • ThriveCart partners with many robust email marketing systems that you can integrate with your portal. Some of the notable platforms you can integrate your site with are AWeber, ActiveCampaign, CovertKit, HubSpot, Drip, MailerLite, and GetResponse.

Also, the customer service of ThriveCart is phenomenal, so their customer satisfaction rating is skyrocketing.


ThriveCart charges a fee of $495 and gives access to its premium services for a lifetime.

2. Sellfy

The next mid-range alternative to Gumroad, Sellfy, can sell your physical and digital products, even if you don't own a website. And, if you have one, you can directly integrate it with Sellfy.

8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Which is Best For You? 1

The sellers that find this platform most usable are the creators of digital files like music, comics, ebooks, videos, design assets, and more.

How is Sellfy a good Gumroad Alternative?

  • Sellfy provides an option to upsell and downsell, which can magically improve your online store's sales revenue. Indeed, after a customer chooses a product, they would get an automatic suggestion for a pricier product or more affordable alternative, respectively. 

This increases buyers' interest in purchasing more, depending on their budget. As a result, your conversion rates would increase.

  • One of the best features of Sellfy is its level of customization. It allows you to add a logo and create a layout according to your preference. Plus, it integrates well into both desktop and mobile formats, both of which have a perfect design.
  • Users can utilize discount codes to increase the number of sales as well. This is an excellent way to grab more visitor's attention, and the conversions are more frequent. Also, the PDF stamping feature of Sellfy is handy. 

The software automatically attaches the customers' email addresses to the pages of a PDF product file that the customers get after the purchase.

  • It offers instant payouts to the customers, and you can sell your product even through emails and social media. If you opt for higher plans, you can add your email marketing list to engage with your audience. 

The Facebook Chat feature allows sellers to interact with their customers directly. This improves the buyer-seller relationship and increases their interest in your products. Sellfy will enable you to add Twitter and Facebook ad pixels. 

To simplify, these tracking pixels are code snippets that check who is viewing your ads on the two mentioned sites, what type of ads they click on more, etc. After that, you can use the information you get and send paid ads that interest them. It attracts more customers and would earn you profits.

  • Sellfy provides powerful analytics about your product's sale, starting from the number of sellers determining which country generates the maximum amount of sales. Furthermore, you can see which of the websites you are managing gets the highest traffic and brings the most revenue.


Sellfy offers three plans to its customers:

  • Starter plan: $19/month

(For people who makes a total sale of $10K per year or less)

  • Business plan: $39/month

(For people who makes a total sale of $50K per year or less)

  • Premium plan: $89/month

(For people who makes a total sale of $200K per year or less)

The website of Sellfy itself claims to be an absolute alternative to Gumroad by offering no transaction fees and a 14-day free trial.

But, Sellfy charges a payment gateway fee of (2.9%+30¢) monthly based on the payment gateway choice between Stripe and Paypal.

3. PayHip

The following premium Gumroad Alternative is PayHip. It is one of the best checkout platforms to sell digital products like ebooks, software, music, design assets, or memberships. You can directly sell your work through various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and even your website through a selling link.

Payhip Home

PayHip will ensure that the product is safely stored, the payment is smoothly made, and the buyer delivers the item.

How is PayHip a good Gumroad Alternative?

  • PayHip allows you to create affiliates for your products so that you can reward them with a commission or fee for every sale they generate. You can set up and handle all of your affiliates and view their progress quite easily.
  • The creators and business owners selling to the EU countries have to worry about individual VATs. Luckily, PayHip already handles this automatically, and you as a seller can save resources and time.
  • You can offer coupons to your customer, which can be time-bound creating excitement among them to buy more. Furthermore, you can embed Buy Now buttons for your products on the blog and website you are using directly.
  • There are robust reporting tools in this software as well. These include elements like conversion rates, top visitor sources, daily sales, and daily views. With these up-to-date data, you can manage your sales and product promotion with a reference point to depend on later.
  • With PayHip, you can give social discounts to people who tweet about your product and promote it on other social media. PayHip has integrated with various email software like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. 

After that, you can set up individualized mailing lists for the customers. They can then subscribe and keep a note of new products that you launch. Plus, buyers can get their purchased digital copies instantly with the help of email links.

  • It also gives you the freedom to design your checkout page by yourself, and PayHip will help your customer complete the checkout process smoothly. The user interface of PayHip is straightforward even for any non-techie to use. People do not require any coding experience to use it.

If you are selling Membership, the members can easily access their accounts, change personal information, and access their billing history.


PayHip offers you three plans:

  • Free Plan: $0 (Only 5% of the transaction fees will be charged)
  • Plus: $29/month (2% of transaction fees will be charged)
  • Pro: $99/month ( No transaction fees will be charged)

PayHip exceeds Gurmoad by providing a straightforward pricing structure, and it is a perfect option for small-scale business owners.

4. Podia

The straightforward Gumroad alternative, Podia, is an online platform that allows you to sell digital products, online courses, and Membership to its customers.

8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Which is Best For You? 2

How is Podia a good Gumroad Alternative?

  • Podia allows you to create groups to become more comfortable for the buyer to navigate through your website. You can keep an unlimited number of customers, make many courses, and manage countless sales using Podia.
  • If you are offering Membership, you can use the drip features of Podia to deliver content the way you want. You can send out lessons and courses during fixed periods and upload different file types in the terms. Podia uses a standard clean and modern-looking theme.
  • It also offers to upsell your product, giving you a chance to increase your sales using that method. Anyone from beginners to advanced users can easily handle this software to manage online courses and memberships.
  • The dashboard is straightforward to use, and the tools available on it are easy to find and utilize. For example, the Online Course button is open, and those who want to start an online course must simply click on it. 

So, those with zero or little technical know-how can set up their products without difficulty. Users can build membership sites without excessive and complex coding as well.

  • You can sell different types of products, like digital files and online courses, in a bundle. This is a part of the membership plans; the customers can access them after they subscribe and become members. 

Doing this would attract many people as they would want to get multiple products in a bundle and increase your sales and revenue. You can make many other plans with Podia, including specific content, perks, and prices. 

Plus, you can use the emails, audio, video, and image updates to interact with your members. This would keep them interested in your service, and many would want to subscribe to the courses to avail of these perks. 

  • Moreover, you can prepare an attractive membership site that supports many file types like PSD, text, PDF, MP3, video, and more. The content pages of the memberships are well-organized in Podia. This is useful for the members, who can directly interact with other members and admins in the comments section.
  • A few of the types of products one can sell using Podia are eBooks, checklists, audio, PDFs, cheat sheets, videos. Overall, Podia allows you to treat your e-commerce website as a blog. You can post content and even articles etc., in the portal to create more engagement on the website. Use its feature to reach out to your customers and send emails talking about offers.
  • Speaking of email, this software has a highly optimized email marketing system. This works closely with online courses, digital downloads, and membership sites. Therefore, you can get emails from the current members using this service at any time. 

Furthermore, you can view the open rates, clicks rates, and unsubscribe rates as well. You can put opt-in forms on your pre-launch pages and storefronts for potential customers.


Podia offers two plans to its customers:

  • Mover– $39/month
  • Shaker– $79/month

The platform doesn't charge any transaction fees, but it sets a payment gateway fee of 2.9% +30¢ according to your location.

5. SamCart

SamCart is an excellent Gumroad alternative. It is a checkout software that allows your customer to add items to shopping carts and later process their payment. SamCart provides many additional services to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.


How is SamCart a good Gumroad Alternative?

  • SamCart offers a remarkable drop & drag feature where you can easily customize your page according to your preference. It provides you with one-click upsells to help you generate more revenue.
  • Apart from this, you can also perform A/B Testing to look for the right combination, which will create more sales for your e-commerce website. You can follow up with them using the automated emails feature.
  • If you have a product that requires timely payments, you can use the subscription offer, which will help you remind your customer about their fees.
  • SamCart helps you handle VAT, which is an essential aspect of your business; without this, your business will be a mess. For SamCart customers, security is its priority, and they provide HTTPS security with PCI compliance.


SamCart charges NO transaction fees but offers its customers three plans to choose from:

  • Launch-$49/month
  • Grow-$99/month
  • Scale-$199/month

If you are unsure about SamCart, you can take a 14 days trial to analyze if it's the best choice for you.

6. SendOwl

Coming to the next alternative, SendOwl is the affordable Gumroad Alternative. It offers a responsive checkout accessible on tablets, mobile, or desktops. You can sell all your digital products with SendOwl.

8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Which is Best For You? 3

SendOwl offers on-site checkout means your customer payment will be processed on your website itself, and this will show your authenticity towards your customers.

How is SendOwl a good Gumroad Alternative?

  • SendOwl allows users to create high-quality products quickly and sell them quickly. All you have to do in this situation is to upload the product you made. Moreover, the payment gateways that work for the transactions are secure and ensure that the transactions occur safely.
  • Plus, the checkout pages are integrated well to ensure successful conversions. Any user can utilize this feature properly due to the modern structure of the checkout page. It is available on-site, and the page is mobile-friendly as well.
  • If you want to run your course or videos on the same platform, you can integrate with Wishlist Member, S2Member Pro, and Member House. You can also use their drip function if you want to release your product in a certain way. This way, you can decide how to sell your products and ensure that they reach the buyers at the correct time.
  • Moreover, SendOwl allows multiple payment methods to users. The customers can buy your products using either ApplePay, credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin.
  • During delivery, the customers can opt for their native language, which is possible due to the SendOwl multi-language support. Those who do not have English as their native language can view your site since they understand it. 
  • Besides, the customers can read the transaction-related data like cost, offers, etc., and understand the terms and conditions and tax additions. Therefore, they will trust your service since they can see that you are selling them what you advertised. It would result in higher customer traffic and conversion rates.
  • The security of SendOwl is top-notch, as well. It enables a two-factor authentication feature for the users when they log in. So, nobody else except the users can access their accounts.
  • You can send the digital products to the interested buyers directly after buying them due to the automated delivery feature in SendOwl. You can add an email link to download the digital product from soon after the transaction is complete. 
  • SendOwl gives you a detailed review of the sales you are making. All the analytics will be provided in your SendOwl portal. Not to mention, the users can stream the videos you add without downloading them while using SendOwl.

You can also allow multiple users to use your account but limit what they see and access your portal.


SendOwl offers its prospective customers four plans:

  • Basic: $5/month
  • Business: $39/month
  • Standard: $15/month
  • Premium: $24/month

To clear your remaining doubt, or if you want to see how SendOwl works, you can take its 30 days trial period and discover all the features offered on your portal.

7. Selz

In my view, Selz is the next professional Gumroad Alternative that I have tried. Selz helps you build an online store and convert your regular website into a selling website by adding customized “Buy now.” You can also sell your products through various social media portals through this platform.

8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Which is Best For You? 4

How is Selz a good Gumroad Gumroad Alternative?

  • Selz helps you turn your website into an online store by using drag and drop options to select the theme you want for your website. There are free professional themes available here for you to choose from. 

This way, your website would look eye-catching and aesthetically pleasant, and you can set a theme that suits your business type best. 

Additionally, users can change appearance-related elements like colors, layouts, fonts, and images. Even adding categories and subcategories is easy to do using Selz. After that, you can make a personalized website that looks professional and easy to navigate.

  • To increase your sales, you can also sell your product through social platforms like Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram. You can also directly show your product on Google shopping without any extra integration.
  • Through Selz, your customer can add multiple products through their cart and checkout hassle-free. If you don't have this much time, you can appoint an expert team to do everything for you.
  • The payment system in Stripe-powered Selz Pay is very usable. It accepts many of the major types of credit cards and gives the PayPal payment option to customers. 

After the sales are complete, the funds are directly moved into your specified business bank account within days. You would get more than 100 currency choices in charging the customers. And, you can choose to receive their payment out of 20 different currencies.

  • Selz calculates tax amounts automatically during checkout. This would reduce your stress, as the software automatically would charge the correct transaction amount, including the tax percentage. Plus, it automatically calculates both EU VAT and U.S. sales taxes.
  • Selz wants your product to be SEO optimized. That is why they offer metatags, URLs, titles to improve the visibility of your website. You can track the stock levels through Selz and pause the transactions after an item is completely sold out. Furthermore, the users get the chance to create mailing lists, including the customers' email addresses.
  • Selz partners with highly proficient email marketing programs to ensure that the customers receive automated messages about relevant updates. You can also offer discounts, loyalty programs, and free shipping and engage with the customer well.


Selz offers you four plans:

  • Basic: $26/month
  • Standard: $53/month
  • Advanced: $179/month
  • Do it for you: $599/month

No transaction fee is charged if you use Selz pay, but it sets a transaction fee of 0.5-2% if the payment is made through Paypal. The transaction fees depend on the plan you choose.

8. PayKickStart

PayKickStart, an excellent Gumroad alternative, offers highly customizable checkout templates, and you can mold them according to your need. It provides more than 40+ services that boost sales and lower cart abandonment.

8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Which is Best For You? 5

How is PayKickStart a good Gumroad Gumroad Alternative?

  • Through PayKickStart, you can sell any type of product, whether it's physical, digital, or even services. Thus, this would draw different types of customers and increase your overall customer traffic.
  • Like all the other platforms, PayKickStart offers upselling, down selling, and bump offers to increase your sales. 

To elaborate, PayKickStart would automatically show a higher-priced (upsell) or lower-priced (downsell) alternative after a customer purchases or selects a product. The customers do not have to fill out their payment details with every extra purchase.

  • You can add bump offers to the products using PayKickStart, which adds value to the selected product, and customers can purchase the second product alongside the first. Such offers are available for limited periods, which further adds a sense of urgency to the customers to buy the second product. 

While the concept of bump offers is similar to 1-click upsells, it is not. These offers appear on the checkout page instead of a pop-up suggestion before the customer completes the transaction. 

  • PayKickStart has integrated with email marketing software like webinar platform, email automation, CRM, etc. This will help you in engaging with your customers by scheduling automated messages. There are five particular payment gateways on PayKickStart, such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and two more.
  • The tools available on PayKickStart are highly usable for the users, and they can easily set up product pages, affiliate links, and more. Plus, those who are new to using this software can view the demo video first. This gives them an idea of what to expect and how to set up the tools properly.
  • There are several checkout templates that PayKickStart provides for the users. These are attractive and functional, and you can choose one that suits well with your website theme.
  • It offers an advanced affiliate system that helps you manage your affiliates and provide timely payment of their commission. The affiliate management on PayKickStart is very robust, and users can offer great bonuses and incentives to the affiliates. 

It increases their interest in gathering the most revenue and sales for the user. The highest-ranked affiliate gets the most significant incentive, and all the fellows focus intensely on increasing your sales. 

  • Besides, you can track their progress easily on PayKickStart. PayKickStart offers detailed reports on different areas like sales funnels, subscriptions, or affiliates. It will create awareness about what is going on in your business and help you understand if it's moving in the right direction or not.


It offers you four plans:

  • Starter: $99/month

(For sellers who earns more than $10K/month )

  • Growth: $199/month

(For sellers who makes more than $50K/month )

  • Scale: $299/month

(For sellers who earns more than $200K/month )

  • Custom: If your monthly revenue is more than $200k, you can contact them to avail of the customized price.

Apart from this, PayKickStart charges NO transaction fees from its customers. You can avail of its 14 days trial period to ensure it perfectly aligns with your business.

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad was founded in 2012 by Sahil Lavingia, aiming to provide a platform where you can sell products online from your website or blog.

The website claims to have sold $353 million of online courses, films, music, and books on its platform. It is specially designed for creators and artists to help them reach a wider audience and provide simple checkout for their product. 

You can sell digital products, rentals, pre-orders, and membership products through Gumroad. Even if you don’t have any products, Gumroad will help you create an email list to send them bulk emails about your forte. 

Why are people looking for Gumroad Alternatives?

Well, the reasons are many:

  1. No Upselling, Downselling
  2. No A/B Testing
  3. Poor customer support
  4. No Bump offer
  5. Not for people selling multiple products
  6. There is no free trial available
  7. High Transaction fees
  8. You can’t sell services
  9. Limited Integrations

Gumroad offers you two plans, one is for free, and the other is named “Creator,” which charges $10 every month. If any sale is made through the free plan, it charges 5% as commission, and on the paid account, the transaction fee is 3.5% + $0.30) after every sale.

When the product is purchased through Gumroad Discover, it charges an additional 10% fee on every sale. That means, if the sale is made through a free account, it charges 18.5% + $0.30 per sale.

Due to all these reasons explained above, we have come with 8 Gumroad alternatives for you.  

Which is the Best Gumroad Alternative For You?

ThriveCart is the overall best Gumroad Alternative for me. If you wish to add more premium features to your website, you can go for Sellfy. And, for the affordable choice, PayHip provides a free plan with extraordinary features.

You can go for You can switch to many wonderful platforms if you think Gumroad is not working for you. So, think about all features you need and how much budget you have in hand, and then go for a Gumroad alternative.

8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Which is Best For You?
8 Best Gumroad Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Which is Best For You? 6

If you're looking for Gumroad Alternatives, then you're at the right place. The Gumroad Alternatives recommended here are based on features, pricing, and customer support.

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