HostArmada Review 2022: Is This New Host Any Good?

HostArmada Review

This is my latest hosting review of HostArmada.

In this review, I've shared my insights of HostArmada which includes

  • Pros and Cons
  • Performance and support
  • Pricing

What is HostArmada?

HostArmada is the new web hosting company founded in 2020 which global data center, powerful tech stacks which are further powered by 24/7 customer support.

To write this HostArmada, I actually bought an account, deployed a demo site to evaluate the pros and cons of this host.

HostArmada Review 2022: Is This New Host Any Good? 1

With such data in hand, here is my unbiased reviews of HostAramada.

HostArmada Pros

HostArmada provides good performance

HostArmada offers a blazing fast performance of 100% uptime and 440ms response time backed by a reliable managed WordPress hosting environment.

HostArmada Review 2022: Is This New Host Any Good? 2

HostArmada uses Cloud SSD technology for shared hosting servers which ensure optimal uptime and zero hardware failure. This also offers enhanced response time.

Another cool thing about HostArmada is that, unlike other hosting services, HostArmada maintains a low number of clients per server which subsequently results in low server load and optimal performance. Apart from this, HostArmada also has an intuitive caching mechanism with LiteSpeed Caching for minimal resource usage footprint and faster load times.

HostArmada Support: How Good?

HostArmada undoubtedly has one of the most dedicated Human-powered technical support services and it does a great job in addressing the technical queries and issues of the customers exceptionally fast through live chat, phone, and tickets.

HostArmada Review 2022: Is This New Host Any Good? 3

Further, the HostArmada support team is unimaginably trained and can handle anything from website transfer, template or module installations, to website-related issues with the greatest ease.

HostArmada Plans and Pricing

As we look into the plans and pricing of HostArmada, the plans are not only comparatively much cheaper but also come with more resources. If we consider its top tier plan of $2.69 per month, it comes with 6GB RAM and 6 Cores CPU.

HostArmada Review 2022: Is This New Host Any Good? 4

The lowest tier plan of $1.20 per month comes with 2 Cores CPU and 2GB RAM. The mid-tier plan of $1.94 per month comes with 4 Cores CPU and 4GB RAM. The web host is pretty transparent with its pricing since it even shares the details of RAM and CPU while most companies don't.

HostArmada Comes with Global Data Centers

HostArmada has a wide global network of 9 data center locations across the US, Europe, and Asia which comprises Newark (USA), Dallas (USA), Fremont (USA), Toronto (CA), London (UK), Frankfurt (DE). Singapore (SG). Mumbai (IN), and Sydney (AU).

HostArmada Review 2022: Is This New Host Any Good? 5

That way, customers can choose the closest location for their target audience to have a better content delivery speed.

Free Domain on all HostArmada Plans

HostArmada allows you to register a Free Domain Name and this is not like you get it free for the first year and from the next year onward, you have to renew it. Once a customer registers a free domain, one can have it for as long as one doesn't leave this hosting platform.

HostArmada Review 2022: Is This New Host Any Good? 6

With this feature, customers can certainly cut down a bit on the cost of maintaining their websites. This has been an important feature in FastComet too which they have discontinued in the recent past.

Get Free Site Transfer on HostArmada

While other companies actually charge a lot for website transfer, HostArmada has its most dedicated team of experts to help you transfer multiple sites to their platform for no additional cost and with zero downtime.

The HostArmada experts would carefully transfer all your website files, databases, and email accounts and you would not have to do even a bit all the way. Further, they will update the DNS records too, making things extremely smooth for you.

On top of that, the experts proactively monitor your site and would do all the speed optimizations on your behalf so that you could peacefully concentrate on your core business.

Free Backups and Restores on HostArmada

We are no stranger to the importance of daily backups and restore. Many companies usually charge for this service. However, HostArmada offers free daily backups and restore to keep your site exceptionally secure and keep you out of the risk of ever losing your website files unexpectedly.

Backups of your site will be automatically taken daily. Restoring any version of your site from the backups is unimaginably simple and one can do it directly from the control panel.

HostArmada Cons

Even though I could not quite find many cons about the HostArmada service, I think the starter plan has limited features. You can see it in terms of the number of websites that it supports which is just 1.

If in times to come, you need to host more websites, you may feel pretty locked away. Besides, 15GB Storage is a bit low if you are looking for exceptional performance, and if you want to host multiple sites.

I suggest you consider choosing the mid-tier plan at least if not the top-tier plan. The Web Warp supports unlimited websites and also comes with 30 GB Cloud SSD Storage. Further, it allows you to have up to 60, 000 unique visitors per month.

Do I Recommend HostArmada?

Yes. With the super cheap launch price, HostArmada provides better value for money at long run. The hosting packages offered at HostArmada are atleast three times high priced from competitors.