SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 1

SiteGround is a highly acknowledged hosting provider in the online space. 

From performance and security to customer support and features, there are many things that people love about this hosting provider.

But how do you know all these aspects are actual?

You can’t just go with the words and invest your money in it.

Hence, we have developed detailed and unbiased SiteGround reviews to help you decide better. 

Here you go!

SiteGround Hosting Overview

  • Founder: Ivo Tzenov
  • Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Employees: 500
  • Hosting Plans: Shared, Cloud, WordPress, and Reseller

SiteGround Pros 

SiteGround Offers Affordable Premium Hosting

SiteGround offers premium hosting services with top-notch support and valuable features. There’s everything you need to build and grow your website. It claims to deliver ultra-fast sites with Google Cloud, SSD-based storage, and a robust network. 

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 2

SiteGround offers various hosting services such as web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress and WooCommerce, Enterprise, etc. 

SiteGround offers free SSL, a fully managed WordPress hosting, site, and domain management, along with a reliable email service. When it comes to pricing, it has one of the cheapest plans available out there, starting with just $6.95/month. 

SiteGround New Control panel

SiteGround provides a popular and innovative control panel. You can manage your hosting account via a web interface and not through a console. It helps task accomplishments faster, and non-techies can also set websites easily.

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 3

Performance of SiteGround

Speaking of performance, site uptime, speed, and response times count to deliver maximum benefits to you. As per our data, we found SiteGround to exhibit 100% uptime on average. 

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 4

SiteGround has its own set of handcrafted solutions and technologies to predict and reduce site downtimes. It utilizes Linux Containers to keep sites stable even during sudden traffic surges. Their own server monitoring systems can detect issues fast and fix them while forecasting future complications along with counteracting measures. 

Furthermore, SiteGround employs anti-bot AI to combat Brute Force attacks and uses account isolation techniques to enhance server stability.

For website speed, we calculated the average loading speed to be 410ms. To achieve this, SiteGround uses SSD storage in its servers to deliver data up to 30% faster than regular HDDs. Besides, it utilizes Cloudflare for better content delivery and uses SuperCacher to optimize the caching system. 

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 5

SiteGround WordPress Setup

Setting up a WordPress site with SiteGround does not require you to be an expert. You don’t have to face hassles in downloading WordPress, installing it, and configuring manually; just a click would suffice with bits automated installer!

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 6

The system handles all these things from the beginning to help you get started faster and customize your website.

Once you have set up your site, you can log in to the admin panel and use the WordPress Starter to choose professional designs, key functionalities such as a portfolio, contract terms, a store, and more.  

SiteGround Migrator Plugin

 SiteGround offers free site transfer which you may not find in other hosting providers. You can do it easily by installing its Migrator plugin on your website, accessing Site Tools to avail a token, and then putting this into the plugin. 

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 7

This way, you can securely transfer all your content with ease without disturbing site configuration. The best part – you can migrate as many times as you want for free using the plugin. 

Moreover, SiteGround offers professional site migration where the experts will execute all the site migration work to transfer your database and websites for $30/site. 

SiteGround support

SiteGround is famous for its customer support. For this, we have been vetting the hosting provider for quite a long time, and here’s what we found:

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 8

SiteGround offers multi-channel 24/7 support via phone, tickets, and live chat. We found its live chat support really fast in responding and efficient in resolving queries if we encountered some issues. Also, both its ticket and call support are reliable as well. 

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 9

However, you get 30-day priority support in GrowBig and higher plans. SiteGround provides insightful articles in its Knowledge Base to help you with issues you might encounter. 

SiteGround Security

SiteGround offers in-built security features to protect your website from online threats and malicious codes and ensures your site's credibility and traffic. 

SiteGround maintains a Web Application Firewall (WAF) where they write new security rules constantly to stop application vulnerabilities of different sorts.  

The AI-enabled anti-bot system blocks security threats in millions on an everyday basis. What’s more – SiteGround is one of the earliest hosting providers to offer SSL certificates for free to make sure your site is safe. 

Additionally, SiteGround offers automatic updates and optimized software to future-proof your site.  

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 10

SiteGround Plan Comes With SSL & CDN

SSL certificates help protect the information stored in the user's device while accessing a website. The information may include personal details such as credit card credentials, IP addresses, and many more. Hackers may cash on the opportunity if the website is not strong enough to secure this data.  

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 11

SiteGround understands this and provides a free SSL by Let’s Encrypt on all its plans to secure every site it hosts. In addition, it offers a free CDN by Cloudflare to ensure your files get stored in your closest data center.

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 12

With its GoGeek plan, SiteGround lets you register clients as account users and provide white-label access to them for the Site Tools.   

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 13

SiteGround WooCommerce

With SiteGround, WooCommerce can quickly build a professional online store and utilize its Storefront theme. You can create a fully-functional store within minutes, even if you don’t have a knack for technical skills. 

SiteGround Review 2022: Rewritten with Latest Updates 14

You can also avail WooCommerce migration hassle-free and benefit from SiteGround’s advanced technologies to run your store and trigger better conversion rates. 

SiteGround Cons

High Renewal Rate

While the introductory pricing of SiteGround is affordable at just $6.95, its renewal rate is pretty high, as discussed in the SiteGround Pricing post. It directly leaps to $11.95 while other plans cost $19.95/month and $34.95/month/. 

Hence, it’s better to utilize the introductory plan to the maximum term, i.e., 36 months available on SiteGround. 

SiteGround Latest News

  • Domain management so you can manage your website and domain in one place. 
  • The staging tool is provided on GrowBig and GoGeek to create site copies to test modifications before making them live.  
  • Add collaborators on your site with separate logins to help you in your projects. It is available on GrowBig and GrowGeek.
  • Seamless Git integration available on GoGeek.

SiteGround User Reviews

Based on our research, we found SiteGround to be an efficient hosting service with its high-performance, security, and immaculate features to get started with your website. In addition to the above-mentioned points, you get more benefits like: if the renewal rates do not bother you much, you can go with this hosting solution.  

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