How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023?

Millions of blog pages are running on the internet, so you need to choose a name that defines your brand and resonates with the audience.

A blog’s name is the first thing a visitor reads, and you only have a few moments to make that visitor your loyal reader.

The following article will define how to choose a blog name. So, let’s go!

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 1

The 8 Best Blog name ideas are

1. Mom blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 2

If you plan to start a blog related to mothers, you can take inspiration from famous mother blogs on the internet like Motherly, Mom. Me, Babble, BoyBakery, and many more.

A mother blog’s name can be a little touchy and personal where you can write about your experience as a mother. All these mom blogs have defined their purpose and narrowed down their niche. You need to focus on your targeted audience and choose a name that resonates with your topic. 

2. Lifestyle blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 3

A lifestyle-related blog should have a name that is very classic and sleek. If your blog’s name is clumsy or very simple, then it might not match the blog’s content. You should avoid names that might demean your audience and hurt their feelings.

You can list all your competitors’ blogs and brainstorm how your blog can be different from theirs. A lifestyle blog is the trendiest type of blog right now; your blog name needs to have a unique touch that forces people to follow your page.

Some famous lifestyle blogs are,,, and These blogs are perfectly named and give an essence of the type of content posted inside.

3. Fashion blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 4

Fashion blogs are booming these days, and they have a very large audience. In contrast, it is the most competitive type of blog, and you need to take extra care while naming it.

Many popular fashion blogs like Flare, Pop sugar Fashion, Who What Wear, the curvy fashionista, All the pretty birds, Dappered Style mail, Fashion bomb daily, MODELS, and many more. You can take inspiration from these and create a unique name for your blog that defines your brand.

4. Travel blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 5

A travel blog is all about writing about places that you have visited or want your audience to see in the future. If you plan to start a travel blog, you should choose a funky name and connect the audience to your posts.

Let’s take a look at some of the most hyped travel blogs:

  • Legal Nomads
  • Alex in wonderland
  • The blonde abroad
  • View from the wings

When you read all these names, it is clear that they are travel blog titles and what they convey to their audience. You need to develop a blog name that attracts your audience and separates you from other blog owners.

5. Food blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 6

Food blogs have become a trend, and many people are starting their blogging journey by writing about their favorite dishes.

According to statistics, one out of every four people chooses to eat fast food every day, explaining the high demand for food. There are thousands of food blogs in the market; you need to come with a unique blog name that will create a special place for you in the mind of the readers.

You can take inspiration from top bloggers like serious cats, foods, a smitten kitchen, Gimme some oven, Pinch of yum, etc. All these blogs are unique and are doing well online. 

6. Beauty blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 7

The beauty industry will never be outdated with the launch of multiple products every day. Beauty blogs are followed mainly by teenage to middle-aged women and men who need an instant solution for all their problems. 

So, while choosing your blog’s name, keep in mind the age you will target your posts. Here is a list of 5 famous beauty blogs that both women and men diligently follow:

  • Into the gloss
  • New beauty
  • My beauty bunny
  • Glow recipe
  • Function of beauty

The beauty market is very wide; you need to narrow down your niche to a selected topic that your blog will cover. The narrower your place is, the lesser competition you will face in the market.

7. Weight loss blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 8

People are always searching for methods to reduce weight within a time frame. It is a prevalent topic, and many blogs are already writing on this. If the competition is high, you need to play smarter and start this by choosing a name that quickly denotes what your blog is all about.

Choose a blog name that effortlessly defines your audience and the blog’s purpose. You can take inspiration from the healthy foodie, body rebooted, A black girl’s guide for weight loss, a fit girl’s diary, and so on. All these blogs easily resonate with their name.

8. Teaching blog name ideas

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023? 9

If you are searching for a name for your teacher’s blog, you will first define your targeted audience. Your blog’s title should reflect the subject, class, and age you focus on.

You can take inspiration from these blogs:

  • Teach for us
  • The teaching palette
  • A year of reading
  • Youth voices
  • Top teaching

5 Tips to How to Choose a Blog name

1. Determine your niche

A niche is a particular area or topic you are an expert in and holds extensive knowledge to publicly write or talk about.

Your blog’s name should have the essence of your niche so that when a person reads the name of your blog, they must get a gist of all the topics you might include.

For example, if your blog’s name is, the readers will expect you to write about grammar and words. But, if you write a technical topic on that blog, your audience might not resonate with you and doubt your credibility.

Choosing a niche is very important before deciding a blog’s name. Your place should cover the topics you like, and you can write about them without feeling bored. 

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2. Choose your target audience

After you have decided your niche, the next thing would be choosing your target audience. It can be based on gender, age, geographical area, or other diversification.

For example, “Corporette” is a fashion and lifestyle blog covering corporate women in different sectors. It shares women’s achievements and writes blogs on topics mostly related to women.

In the same way, we have SPORTBible, which focuses only on sports. The blog provides the latest news and updates on the sports industry.

Determining an audience will help you analyze the mindset and interest you want to target. So, you can create content that provides value and eventually build loyal customers.

Narrow your target audience to the point that you eliminate all your excessive competitors; like this, it will become easy for your blog to reach the right audience. 

For instance, if your blog talks about exercise in women, you can narrow it to the point where you only provide yoga exercises for pregnant women. So, when anyone searches this keyword on google, your blog will be among the first few searches.

3. Analyze your competitors

You must list all your competitors and analyze their blog names. Look at your competitor’s naming pattern and how your blog’s name can be different from theirs.

Ensure you are not copying or mimicking any of your competitors’ blog names. Copying names will reduce your authenticity and brand value in the market.

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4. Go for a blog name generator

If you don’t have enough time to research and follow all these steps, the best way would be to use a blog name generator. These websites help you find blog names that are available in the market.

There are various blog name generator websites available on the internet, apart from Wordoid. So, even if you don’t select any of the names suggested, you now at least have an idea of the types of titles you can take inspiration from.

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5. Simplicity is the key

Always choose a name that can be easily pronounced so that it remains on your reader’s mind for a longer time. This doesn’t mean that you choose a name that lacks professionalism. There needs to be a balance between simplicity and jargon.

If you use a word that people can’t even pronounce, then there is a high possibility that they will instantly forget your blog. Also, if you select a specific and casual name, your reader might question your knowledge. 

Go for something short and crisp. Do not extend more than three words in your blog’s name. Make it catchy and google friendly so that people can easily search it.


Now, you can efficiently structure your blog’s name by following all the hacks mentioned above. You can make a list of your competitor’s blog names if you need any inspiration.