How To Convert Instagram Reels To MP4?

Converting Instagram Reels To MP4 becomes an inevitable process, especially if you share your favorite Instagram reels or Instagram photos across various social media platforms. 

You can convert an Instagram Reel to an MP4 file using your PC or smartphone, and several methods are available online. 

So, without making you wait further, let us see how to convert Instagram Reels to MP4 in detail through this article.

How To Convert Instagram Reels To MP4 On PC?

Converting an Instagram reels video to MP4 on your laptop or desktop PC is effortless, requiring only a few clicks. 

Though some tools allow you to download Instagram reels video first and then convert them to the required format, we help you with a few tools that let you download straight into the required MP4 format. 

The steps are;

Step 1 – Open Instagram website on your PC browser (for example – Google Chrome or Brave).

Open the Browser

Step 2 – Login using credentials

Enter username and password and click login

Step 3 – Click on the “Reels” icon appearing on the left side pane

Go to reels section

Step 4 – Select the reel which you want to download 

Selected the reel to download

Step 5 – Click the “three dots icon” in the reel's bottom right corner.

Click the three dots

Step 6 – Choose “Copy link” to copy the video link.

Click copy link

Step 7 – Search for any reputed high-quality “Instagram reels Downloader” or “Instagram video downloader” and head toward their page to download reels.

But to save time and simplify the process, visit this SaveInsta reels downloader or on your browser.

Open saveInsta

Note here we are explaining the process using the SaveInsta mp4 converter, but the steps are almost similar for, too.

Step 8 – Paste the URL of the reel which you have copied earlier

Past the link in saveinsta

Step 9 – Then click on the Download button

Click download near the link

Step 10 – Again, click on “Download video.”

Click download again

That's all. The platform already downloads your reel video in MP4 format, reducing the extra work of searching for a converter online.

Your video has been download

Most importantly, you can further edit your converted video by adding your favorite music or stickers if you feel Instagram music limited.

How To Convert Instagram Reels To MP4 On Android Or iPhone?

Method 1 – Using your Instagram app

Step 1 – Go to your Instagram app on the phone

Open the Instagram App

Step 2 – Tap on the reels icon located at the bottom of your insta feed page

Click reels icon

Step 3 – Choose the reel which you want to download

Choose the reels to download

Step 4 – Click on the Share icon appearing at the bottom right corner of the reel

Click share button

Step 5 – Then tap on “Download”

Click download

That's all your Instagram reel video will be downloaded in your gallery. Note that the Instagram reel video downloaded will be in MP4 format, so conversion is unnecessary.

Remember that the option “Save video” differs from “Download.”

Method 2 – Using your screen recording option

Step 1 – Navigate to your Instagram app on the phone

Open the Instagram App

Step 2 – Select the reel which you want to download in MP4

Select the reel to download

Step 3 – Swipe down from the top while you are on the reel screen

Swipe down

Step 4 – Here, by searching the status bar

Find the screen recorder

Step 5 – Click on the “Screen recording” button to start recording your insta reel video

Click Screen Recorder

Step 7 – Wait until the entire video gets recorded then Click on “Stop”

Stop the recorder

Your video will be recorded, and you can view the video on your camera roll. The recorded reel video will be in MP4 format, so you do not want to change its format for sharing it with your friends.

Why Should You Convert Instagram Reels To MP4?

Instagram user converts their favorite reels to MP4, as the opportunities and benefits are limitless when they do so.

MP4 is a universally popular and acceptable video content format that can be used across almost all platforms.

So, if you convert your Instagram reels into MP4, you can distribute your favorite content to all others, including people who do not have an Instagram account. Finally, the best part is you can watch the video even if you have deleted your Instagram account or could not recover Instagram account.

Moreover, downloading your Instagram reels in MP4 format lets you use the video in your

  • work-related presentations
  • assignments
  • other social media platforms
  • future offline reference.

Considering all these purposes, converting the Instagram reels into MP4 is essential.

Essential Tips For A Hassle-Free Conversion Of Instagram Reels Video

Before starting your conversion process, ensure you have a solid and stable internet connection. A poor and weak internet connection gives you low-quality outputs and interruptions while converting the reel video.

Furthermore, keep an eye on the size of the converted video before you download Instagram reels. This is because a large file takes longer to download the Instagram video. Also, some tools might have size restrictions while converting, so always check the video size.

It is essential to close all the background tasks or unused apps while converting so that the process will be fast. In other words, ensure that the system mainly focuses on the conversion task and that the resources are not utilized for other background applications.

Final Words

We hope this article about converting your Instagram reels video into MP4 helped you download your reels effortlessly.

However, personally, we advise you to choose a trustworthy online platform or mobile-based app for conversion so that you don't want to worry about your privacy.

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