How To Delete Highlight On Instagram Using Laptop

How To Delete Highlight On Instagram Using Laptop?

Deleting a highlight on your Instagram profile can be done in two ways: 

  • Using the Instagram app on your mobile phone or 
  • By visiting the Instagram website on a web browser using a laptop.

But before proceeding to delete, 

Deleting the Instagram highlight requires you to learn some tutorials, like 

  • How to delete a single story from a highlight on Instagram
  • How to delete a highlight from Instagram 
  • How to delete multiple highlights from Instagram  

Now let us start with how to delete highlight on instagram using laptop without wasting any more minutes. 

How To Delete Highlight On Instagram Using Laptop?

If you would like to delete a particular highlight from your Instagram profile, below is the quickest procedure.

Step 1 – Open your web browser.

Open the Browser

Step 2 – Navigate to the Instagram website.

Go to instagram web page

Step 3 – Login using your username and password

Enter username and password and click login

Step 4 – Click on the More option (a three horizontal lines icon) on your screen's bottom left corner.

Click the hamburger icon

Step 5 – From the list of options appearing, click on “Your Activity.”

Click Your activity

Step 6 – On this page, choose “Photos and videos.”

Click photos and videos

Step 7 – Navigate to the “Highlights” section.

Click on highlights

Step 8 – Now click on “Select.”

Click select

Step 9 – Then, choose the highlight that you like to delete from your profile

Select highlights to delete

Step 10 – Click on “Delete”

Click delete

Step 11 – Click on “Delete” again

Click delete again

Now, the selected highlight will be deleted in no time and unavailable for your close friends and follower list.

How To Delete A Single Story From Highlight On Instagram Using Laptop?

If you wish to delete an Instagram story highlight that you no longer need in your profile, then here are the steps,

Step 1 – Open a web browser on your laptop

Open the Browser

Step 2 – Go to Instagram website 

Go to instagram web page

Step 3 – Log in to your Instagram account using your username and password

Enter username and password and click login

Step 4 – Tap on the profile icon on the bottom left corner of your newsfeed page.

Click on profile in website

Step 5 – You will see the list of stories highlight below your profile description

You can see the highlights

Step 6 – Click on the highlight icon that you would like to delete

Click the highlight you want to delete

Step 7 – Then click on the three dots icon appearing at the top right of a story to get more options

Click three dots icon

Step 8 – A pop-up appears with options to delete, edit, and so on. (By clicking on the Edit option, you can edit highlight names, and so on.)

Pop up shows options

Step 9 – Click on Delete to delete the story from your highlight.

Click delete you want to remove

However, Instagram users can repeat the same procedure for all or multiple stories in a particular highlight and delete that insta highlight completely.

Furthermore, if you wish to delete multiple highlights on Instagram, there is also a straightforward step.

How To Delete Multiple Highlights On Instagram Using Instagram App?

Step 1 – Open Instagram app on your phone

Open Instagram

Step 2 – Tap on the profile picture icon at the bottom right corner

Click your profile icon

Step 3 – Click on the “three horizontal line” icon appearing at the top right corner

Click the three horizontal lines

Step 4 – From the list of options appearing on the pop-up menu, choose “Your activity.”

Choose Your activity

Step 5 – Scroll and search for “Highlights”

Click highlights

Step 6 – On this page, you can sort the number of highlights you created based on dates.

You can filter by date

Step 7 – Then click on “Select” located at the top right corner

Tap on select

Step 8 – Now, choose the highlights that you want to delete

Choose the highlights want to delete

Step 9 – Click on “Delete.”

Tap on delete

Step 10 – Instagram will further prompt you to confirm the deletion process

Confirm the deletion process

Step 11 – Click on “Delete” again

Tap on delete again

Bottom Line

Adding an Instagram reel, Instagram highlight covers, editing the cover image or deleting Instagram stories highlights or Instagram posts are the trendiest features we all use to stay active and updated on a social media like Instagram.

Besides the Instagram highlights, Instagram quiet mode and vanish mode are some of the interesting features you must try if you haven't yet!

Finally, we hope that you have learnt how to delete highlight on Instagram using laptop and removed your old stories!

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