How To Get Millions Of Traffic From Google [New Research]

Update: The post was written on 2015 and not updated to 2018, please navigate to other contents at BloggingIO

Web Traffic.

That too millions of traffic from Google and its related products.

Who dislikes this?

That's what this post about. You are going to learn How to fetch millions of traffic from Google and its products. Have a cup of coffee and get ready to store knowledge on getting traffic from Google.

Often  I see some queries like

How to get traffic from Google ?

how to increase website traffic through Google?

How to get millions of traffic from Google?..etc.

This post is truly a Flagship post which I wrote back in 2014 and was the top post of the year. Today, I have updated the post for 2017 and beyond.

Getting millions of traffic from Google products alone. It's not just a statement and if you could dream it, you can do it.

How to get traffic from google

How to get traffic from Google?

1. How to Get traffic from Google Search Engines

Search Engine Google is basically enough to drive crazy traffic when search engine optimization is done in a highly professional way.SEO plays a vital role in getting traffic from search engines. For WordPress users (If not install it) use Yoast SEO plugin.Follow up the advanced Yoast SEO plugin settings and follow up the On-page and off-page SEO tactics. Now wait and watch how your organic search is increasing day after another.

2. How to Get traffic from YouTube

You should know that YouTube, a product of Googe is the most visited video site in the world according to Alexa.

In fact, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day –

Whenever you’re writing a blog post, add videos to your post.If you’re reviewing a product, then record videos and upload it to YouTube. Enjoy those tons of traffic to your blog post.

yoast Google Search

Look at the screenshot where Yoast is the Competitive Keyword, and a video is appearing on Google page one.

There are some of the best video making software's which enables you to create a video in less than 60 seconds with simple drag and drop features.

The  checklist you should follow to fetch traffic from Youtube

  • Make your Video between 5-10 minutes.
  • Create a perfect video title and descriptions with SEO in mind.
  • Make use of Tags.
  • Mainly use video XML sitemap for faster crawling.
  • Share your video on multiple social sites.
  • Include your site or blog post URL in the video description.

3. How to Get Traffic from Google plus

One of my favorite quote about Google Plus is

Don't underestimate the power of Google plus #socialmediatips

— MohanRaj (@bloggingio) June 12, 2014

If you share blog posts at google plus, then it will be indexed faster than your website.Just in case, you’re posting something new and if you get few +1s and shares then think of those traffic from google plus.

For a keyword  “ways to make money online.”

It’s a competitive keyword with Kc Value of above 50 in KWFinder. But you can see Google Plus Posts appearing in search results.

ways to make money online Google Search

Google has updated Google Plus in recent times. Still, it's generating a good number of traffic for my niche websites.

The checklists for Google Plus Traffic are

  • Make your Keyword appear first in Headline Tags
  • While posting add with your circles and Also Check Email options to get more click
  • share your content with Google Plus communities
  • Use Images to your Google Plus post
  • Make use of #hashtags.  

Here comes an excellent video from Google, explaining how Google plus plays a vital role to drive targeted traffic to your site

4. How to Get traffic from Google News

Google News, subsidiary of Google will bring tons of free traffic, if you follow the steps carefully

Watch the video about what Google says about traffic from Google News


5. How to Get traffic from Google Images

Google Images delivers traffic if you add Images to your blog posts.There are certain criteria to drive traffic from Google images. It includes

  • Use ALT tag- add a proper Keyword so that your website will get indexed
  • It’s a case study which says adding low-sized Images for Better Rankings
  • Check whether your WordPress SEO plugin is indexing Images or not
  • Else use Images XML Sitemap Plugin
  • Use long tail Keywords to get your Images Indexed Easily

6. How to Get traffic from Google Plus Local

If you’re running a web designing or app development company or else a blog, you can drive traffic from Google plus local.

Look at the below image where I searched for web design in Chennai

From the results, check at the bottom and click “Add your Business.”On the next page simply add your details and get traffic from Local Visitors when someone searches for your niche related keywords.

Get your business on Google

7. How to Get traffic from Google AdWords

AdWords is one of the Google product used by publishers to find targeted keywords. For business or even a landing page on your website, you can use AdWords and drive crazy traffic to your site.

Recently Google updated its ad placement blocks in search engine results for publishers. It's a good thing for business owners who rely on Google AdWords.

If your Adwords is properly done, the visitor clicks on the ad and your website will get traffic.

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8. How to Get traffic from Google Base

If you’re running an e-commerce site or having product sales page, then you can use Google Base.

As per Google, Google Base aka Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is the place to upload your store and product data to Google and make it available to Google Shopping and other Google services. Please configure your account with the following information, which may be displayed publicly. You can change this information later by visiting the Settings page of your account

Follow the link and sign Up with your Gmail account.Upload your product feeds and you can see such an example in the below shot.

nokia lumia 520 Google Search

9. How to Get traffic using Google Feedburner

Google Feedburner drives the RSS feeds from your website and sends your latest articles to your Mail List.The service is offered by Google for free of cost. Everyone is aware of Feedburner since there are plenty of tutorials about how to setup Feedburner account.

How to get traffic from Google Feedburner is simple as just create a feed with your google account.

10. How to Get traffic using Google Helpouts

[Update] – Unfortunately Google killed this awesome platform beneficial for learners and experts.

Google Help outs is a new initiative from Google. It’s a kind Of Find Help-get Help pay for Help.

If you’re specialist at making money online, then you can give a Free Help out video tutorial about “How to make money online”.

Helpouts by Google

In the above Image, some free Helpouts are highlighted.

By providing free help-outs, ask people to sign up or visit your blog for more updates or Tutorials.Though you can't expect mass traffic from it, you can get stable Traffic from it.It will also give your blog some attention from your visitors.

11. How to Get traffic from Google Trends

If you’re doing your SEO in a right way, then you can rank your post on Google page one.So what’s the use of it? When people visits Google trends for Example

Google Trends

Check the Image, Android L Is trending and if you click, it redirects to Google search Page results of Android L. If you have written an article about it, then you can increase your search traffic and thus leads to increase in SERP rankings too.

12. How to Get traffic from Google Groups

It's one of the oldest and fine traffic producing way to your website.

If someone asks how to get traffic from Google, then you can show this blog post to your team to get the most possible traffic sources for your blogs.

13.How to Get traffic from Google Chrome push notifications

Google Chrome version 42 has rolled out and push notification system by which users will get notified when a site publishes a new blog post. You will get a notification even if the website is not opened up in your browser. Emil at venture beat covered up how to configure such things for your website.

I wrote this article in 2014 and now most sites using push notification system to drive traffic to their sites. Some sites which uses such push notifications are Shoutmeloud, Viperchil etc.,

14. Get traffic from Google Android app

You know how awesome Android operating system. Harsh from Shoutmeloud created an android app for his site getting more than 40000 visits per month. Hire a Freelancer and make a stunning app and if people love your content, no one is going to stop you from getting million visitors.

15. Get traffic from Google Blogger

Blogger, one of most widely used blogging platforms is still in the race competing against WordPress. As you may be aware that still many people using blogger to make four figure income per month and its best for short term niche sites.

Your answer for How to get traffic from google can be learned from this blog post.

16. How to Get traffic from Knowledge Graph

Have you ever noticed this kind of highlighted results?

knowlege graph for seo

This is nothing but Knowledge graph which fetches the best sites which optimize for knowledge graph.Neil covered about Knowledge in his blog and this is really a worthy mention here.

Even if your site is on 4th or 5th and following best optimization for knowledge graph then Google will show your results above all the sites like mentioned above.


I hope the Post will help you to know how to get traffic from Google and its products.What are things you suggest to my blog visitors regarding getting additional traffic from Google?

  • Updated October 31, 2018
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