How to Sell a Blog

How to Sell a Blog in 2023?

You might be here wondering how big you can go in selling a blog. In fact, six figures are a reasonable number targeted at a well-established blog, but there is always a proper consideration on how, when, and where to sell a blog.

How to Sell a Blog in 2023? 1

Ways to How to Sell a Blog

Determine the Value of Your Blog

Online tools can be used to evaluate your blog's worth. However, if you use these tools, you can get different outcomes that raise doubts about the accuracy of these tools. Most bloggers prefer to use the Alexa rating and other parameters, which are not very accurate to give you an approximate number.

A blog's final selling value is typically compounded by monthly sales between 12 and 36. That means, during the 1-3 year span, the buyer should expect to get a return on investment. This equation would only hold up if all applicable variables and the stable revenue stream were checked out.

Old domains are also seen as a product of more excellent value. That will affect the final price, and you can change your bid a little according to the age of your domain.

First of all, make sure you are 100 percent sure you want to sell. “Seller's Remorse” is a common issue, particularly with new dealers who decide not to sell their blog when it's too late.

If the sale you make is an international one, make sure there is no legal issue regarding transferring ownership from you to your purchaser. Some countries have a policy of prohibiting the right of foreign companies without having a local director. Moreover, certain niches may be regulated differently in different countries, so be careful writing blogs such as gambling and sex-related topics.

Transferring all the assets to the new owner is another possible problem: transferring business numbers and domain ownership. It may leave you liable to pay taxes on a business you no longer own or receive revenue. Some things need to be included that were bought over time using the names of other people, for example, stock photo ownership which is critical to handle.

If the transfer of control and properties is not expected, you must keep track and move all the profits.

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When to Sell a Blog

One of the most prominent indicators that the value of your blog is increasing, it is typically unsolicited offers to sell your blog. Sometimes these deals are much smaller than your blog's actual value, so be vigilant when negotiating with those potential buyers. Of course, you can get a fair deal from time to time, but it rarely happens.

Then, when you start evaluating the importance of your blog, your blog traffic is the first thing you need to look at. If your blog has steady high traffic, which comes from organic search platforms or social media, then you're in a solid place to sell.

A significant consideration for most website buyers is getting multiple monetization methods for your blog. You'll have a much better bargaining chip in case you've tried several ways to monetize your blog.

Most bloggers seem to forget that making a reputation for a quality domain will make a huge difference when selling a blog. A poor domain becomes more challenging to develop and incredibly challenging to brand. Take this into consideration from the very beginning, and stop losing the importance of your blog.

Where to Sell a Blog

You can still sell your blog by researching and looking for prospective clients. However, if you're not interested in doing this, then you can stick to using one of the following websites:


How to Sell a Blog in 2023? 2

If you want to buy or sell a website and get it on its foundation, Flippa is the place. They have the most significant number of proposals, but no vetting process exists. Everyone can place a deal here, and when it comes to deciding the Website's price, you are on your own. Many other sellers can send you additional details, such as traffic and sales reports on the website.

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FE International

How to Sell a Blog in 2023? 3

This online platform, FE International, is for small business buying and selling. Their buyers are mostly high-end businesses, and they cover transactions starting from five figures and going up. They ensure that any transaction that goes through them is legitimate, and they guarantee an environment free from scams.

Empire Flippers

How to Sell a Blog in 2023? 4

Empire Flippers have a specific hands-on approach to selling (or buying) a website within the price range of six figures. They offer a pricing tool to help you get a fair price on the fly for your platform.

Key Takeaway

Starting a blog can be a very profitable career option, but choose to switch from blogging to something else after a while. That opens the door after a time for them to cash, but the profit is always within your concern. This is why we have drafted “How to sell a blog” to guide you on the right path.

Keep in mind that there are no exact rules in place for selling a blog. However, you must keep a watchful eye out for interesting chances. Don't hurry into things, and make sure you have all the documents you need when you actually plan to sell your blog.

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