How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress

If you are a new user or planning to get Divi but want to see a live demo of how it works with WordPress continue reading further.

Divi Builder consists of two components: the standard “Back-end Builder” and the front-end “Visual Builder.” Both configurations enable us to create precisely the same kinds of software of the same functionality and construction settings. The only distinction here is the interface. 

Download Divi Builder as Wordpress Plugin

  1. Once you've downloaded Divi Builder from the official site, you will receive a file of file which has to be uploaded on Wordpress website.
  2. Go to Wordpress Dashboard plugins, then add a new link. Choose file where usually found at Downloads file.
  3. Install the Divi Builder and confirm the plugin activation by adding API from your Elegant Themes dashboard.
How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 1

Back-End Divi Builder

The Back-end Builder operates from the inside of the WordPress Dashboard which can be used along with other normal WordPress configurations.

It lies within the WordPress UI and substitutes the regular WordPress mail editor. It's good for making radical changes even when you're inside the dashboard, and it's subjected to the dashboard and deemed as a block-based representation of the official site.

The Back-End option helps you to add Google Maps API and also helps you to optimize Divi Website builder.

Visual Divi Builder

The power of Divi resides within Visual Builder, a drag and drop page builder which enables users to create almost any website design by integrating and coordinating content elements.

The builder contains three major building blocks: sections, rows, and modules.

Utilizing these in conjunction helps you to create an infinite variety of page templates. Sections are the biggest building blocks, and groups of rows are accommodated. Rows are mounted within parts used to hold modules. The modules are placed within the line. 

Enabling Divi Builder

  • Login to your Wordpress admin page then, edit posts or pages in which you will find the green button below the page title labeled as “Use Default Editor”. You may also find the page builder in the purple area below the buttons which consists of rows and sections.
How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 2
  • Switch page builder and click into “Use the Divi Builder”. The button will be immediately colored as blue if you chose to use “Visual Builder”. 

Now you could access every featured offered by Divi Builder. Know that, Divi is a resource-intensive theme. All that customizability and the wide variety of choices it offers you like a web builder will come at the expense of choosing good hosting.

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Overview of Divi Builder

Once you logged in, you can use any pre-designed layout or start from scratch.

How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 3

You can access any of the 150+ layouts packs like below. There are no limits for usage. You can design your own layout and save it which you can call from “Your Saved Layouts” and “Your Existing Pages”

How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 4

I loaded the Divi Builder Demo and its time to see how the sections works. Use the + icon to load sections.

How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 5
How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 6
Choose between Regular, Specialty and Fullwidth
How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 7
Use any column layout
How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 8
Choose the module.

Once you done with all the settings and here is the how the final step looks like.

How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 9

Go for a host that has an excellent performance record of success and is optimized for speed, and your Divi site will run smoothly and turn out the way you need it to function.

Divi Builder is collaborated with hosting companies that users trust on the basis of their personal experience.

Go for Fastest WordPress hosting as most builders take some load time, we need to pick the fastest rather than the best host.

Divi has been proven and tested on hundreds of different hosts and that has been searched as the best of all time to build hosting packages that fit well with Divi. Here are good hosting recommendations:

Here is the site hosted on SiteGround and uses Divi Builder.

How To Use Divi Builder in WordPress 10

Developers can guarantee you that Divi Builder is a reasonable choice for webmasters to invest in WordPress.

It facilitates data editing and site development to a tiny proportion of the difficulties of switching to a new theme. Advanced controls and infinite layout flexibility make it a perfect choice for web design as well.

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