7 Best Hubspot Alternatives of 2021

Confused on choosing a better alternative to Hubspot?

Look no further and check the very best Hubspot Alternatives that suits your way in terms of features, pricing and support.

There is no denying that HubSpot is an extraordinary sales and marketing software crafted with excellence in order to help businesses achieve new heights every day.

Hubspot currently boasts 78k+ customers from 120+ countries. Its features and proven technologies have benefited thousands of businesses around the globe.  

But is it affordable for every business?

Given its high prices, HubSpot becomes out of reach for many startups and SMBs out there. Also, there are some more drawbacks to Hubspot other than pricing that you may want to know. 

  • Its CRM cannot add several email addresses into one contact record and cannot merge multiple subdomains from the same organization.
  • Limited reporting plan
  • Poor selection of templates for emails and landing pages
  • It cannot schedule repetitive tasks

This is why marketers and businesses look for HubSpot alternatives that suit their budget and allow them to leverage more features and functionalities that this marketing tool cannot offer. 

Best HubSpot Alternatives Services

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the Overall best Hubspot Alternative with integrated email marketing, small business CRM, and marketing automation suite of tools. Get a complete marketing solution laced with impressive features and tools under one umbrella with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign gives you marketing automation, email marketing, CRM tools, and more that are needed to boost your marketing efforts and provide better customer experience. From one-on-one training and free site migration to incredible support driven by core values, it excels in many aspects. 

This marketing solution gives you effortless subscription management, price lock of 2 years, community access, and more. ActiveCampaign services comply with high-quality standards fueled with expert deliverability. They prioritize high uptime and let you completely own all your data.

Send beautiful and personalized emails and newsletters to your contacts targeted to their interests. Other than email marketing, ActiveCampaign offers dynamic content, segmentation, and messaging. 

It lets you automate processes like follow-ups, editing different conditions, and so on using its flowchart-styled editor. Using its smart CRM, you can automate your sales processes to organize customer data at one place, manage pipelines, prompt follow-ups, and update your deals. 

Connect to your customers to solve their pain points to establish meaningful relations. You can also recommend products, ask for their feedback, and offer sales when they are engaged the most. For this, it includes features like site messaging, SMS, Engagement tracking, and segmentation. 

ActiveCampaign offers advanced reporting to analyze your marketing efforts, create integrated custom forms in order to grab emails and increase customers. It also provides a Site Tracking feature to help you understand customer behavior on your site to take fruitful actions. 

By using its Gmail extension, you can manage contacts online easily from anywhere. You can even segment your contacts based on location, behaviors, and age using its segmentation tools. Measure your marketing efforts by creating automated and customized goals. 

You can access ActiveCampaign on iOS CRM applications to perform many functions anytime, anywhere from your smartphone. 

On what grounds is ActiveCampaign better than Hubspot?

The automated CRM of ActiveCampaign is smart and robust to offer seamless sales and marketing solutions. Its features like lead scoring, drag, and drop, pipeline management is more comprehensive. 

As compared to Hubspot’s whopping $800/month, you just have to pay $9/month for the ActiveCampaign Lite plan with no CRM. If you want CRM, then the price starts at $49/month. Thus make Active campaign,

It also offers deep data integrations for ecommerce business that lets you import orders from Shopify, WooCommerce, Square, and BigCommerce. From an excellent reporting feature to conversation reports, contact trend metrics, and goal-based reporting, it has an edge over Hubspot. 

You can even sync your calendar from Google, Apple, and Outlook with CRM while HubSpot has no such feature. 

2. Ontraport

Ontraport is the affordable HubSpot alternative that comes with most features of HubSpot.

Start your automated marketing efforts with Ontraport from sending emails to creating custom pop-up forms with ease.

Its automated CRM lets you store customer insights like clicks, actions, and purchases while managing them painlessly. Personalize and design emails in your brand voice and send them with confidence, rest assured they would reach the right destinations. 

Reach your customers with SMS texts to send appointment reminders, purchase confirmations, and product offers directly to their smartphones for a quick response. It lets you create eye-catchy landing pages to showcase your product or services in order to compel them to your website. 

Using forms, you can grab visitor’s attention and collect their information as well as payments. It then syncs data to your database directly. It has a new feature – Membership Sites to let you create, manage, and launch your membership site and earn a passive revenue stream. 

Analyze which marketing plans are fruitful, store all the data in a single place, spend on beneficial lead sources using UTM data, and observe predictive data for the next strategies.  

On what grounds is Ontraport better than Hubspot?

With Ontraport you can integrate different layers of marketing channels like emails, social ads, landing pages, forms, etc. and create a fully automated funnel. 

This way, you don’t have to analyze different marketing efforts individually which saves your time and patience. Instead, you get all the insights at one place and shape your strategies accordingly. 

For ecommerce business, it offers enhanced functionalities for managing payment processing, coupon codes, securing your order forms, sales automation, recurring payments, and so on.    

It offers unlimited automation templates for free and you can personalize all your marketing efforts keeping in mind your customers’ needs which, in turn, enhances their experiences.  

You have the option to choose from a variety of responsive templates for your landing page that you can edit and then use easily. It starts at just $75/month which is a way lesser than HubSpot. 

3. GetResponse

Stay connected with customers leveraging personalized email marketing, webinars, and exquisite email templates that GetResponse offers. Its marketing automation and autoresponders simplify and accelerate the marketing processes. 

You can craft a compelling landing page to showcase offers and generate more leads and then promote it across different channels like Facebook ads, conversion funnel, etc. 

Run paid webinars and start making more money by educating others. You can even sell our products and services using effective sales funnels. This tool offers ready-made marketing campaigns through prebuilt lead and sales funnels in order to drive more growth. 

The templates it offers are editable to suit your business and you have the option to select from a panel of 26 languages. It offers real-time support and guidance across 8 languages. you can access it on mobile, conduct online surveys, track traffic generation, auto segmentation, and manage list building.

You can also use its advanced analytics, spam checker, global view and integrate so many applications to promote and scale your business.  

On what grounds is GetResponse better than Hubspot?

The most noticeable thing that makes GetResponse one of the best alternatives for HubSpot is its Autofunnel feature. You get in-built funnel templates to create your funnels efficiently including emails, forms, and landing pages. 

Additionally, it offers 180+ responsive templates for creating an unlimited number of landing pages, included in all the plans. GetResponse lets you process payments via secure gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc. 

Its basic plan starts from just $15/month while Plus plan costs $49 and it offers a 30-day free trial. 

4. EngageBay 

Leverage this comprehensive marketing tool EngageBay with useful features and sales CRM to connect, nurture, engage, and acquire customers.

Using marketing automation features like forms, landing pages, emails, a lead generation tool, and web analytics, you can save time to cut down manual and repetitive tasks. It, in turn, increases productivity and efficiency with no quality risks.

Its sales CRM with features like 360-degree customer view, deal management, and appointment scheduling lets you automate the sales process. Hence, you can manage your contacts and sales pipeline for building strong customer relationships and growing sales. 

Its free live chats help you assist your customers in no time. It also offers ticket management to track, solve, and prioritize tickets and drive insights through email reports. Additionally, you have sales tools like contact management, telephony, email tracking, and deal pipelines. 

Price: starts at $8.99/month

On what grounds is EngageBay better than Hubspot?

The price of paid plans is the biggest plus point of EngageBay over HubSpot. Its prices are reasonable keeping in mind the range of services they provide. Its Pro Plan costs just $49.99/month with no mandatory onboarding fees, unlike HubSpot. 

Also, its free plan has a plethora of useful features. So, if startups and small businesses want to start, they can consider this option and then gradually scale higher with bigger and affordable plans.  

It also lets you store as many contacts you want, add notes, check email leads, store documents, go through previous chats, and so on. This all-in-one marketing tool is helpful for businesses wanting to establish and promote their products and services. 

5. Sendinblue

With over 80,000 users from 160 countries, Sendinblue has 10+ years of expertise in helping your business grow with its impressive sales and marketing tools. 

Stay close to your customers by communicating through personalized emails requiring less designing time, SMS to save your time, and chats to help them instantly. 

It gives you wide options to personalize your marketing efforts to give that “human” touch to your customers. Its smart CRM lets you build meaningful customer relationships and manage their data in one place. 

Through marketing automation, you can send messages quickly and automate segmentation to boost performance and save time. You can also design your transactional emails and set up their engagement and deliverability to reach the right place at the right time. 

Sendinblue lets you design excellent landing pages tailored with each marketing campaign to enhance the visitor experience. Skyrocket your email contacts with customized forms capable of integrating with your website. 

You can also run Facebook ads and retarget visitors by showing them your ads while they browse different websites. Improve your marketing performance by analyzing email reports, A/B testing, and send messages at the right time through a machine-learning algorithm to save time. 

You can integrate its feature, application, and plugins with other tools to boost your performance. 

On what grounds Sendinblue is better than Hubspot?

Price is again the major reason you can consider Sendinblue as your HubSpot alternative. Surprisingly, its free plan covers features like unlimited contacts, marketing automation, web tracking, and built-in CRM. 

Also, its paid plans begin at $25/month which is, of course, a lot less than what HubSpot offers. 

Using its editor is effortless and you get so many artistic templates to choose from. Additionally, sending transactional emails like invoices, sign up mails, order notifications, and more is possible which HubSpot does not provide.  

Another unique thing about Sendinblue is that it charges based on the number of emails instead of contacts. It is fruitful for businesses with a huge contact base. 

6. Wishpond

Even though you are not a coding ninja, you can easily use the marketing tools of Wishpond to scale your business high.  

Create beautiful landing pages responsive to mobile devices using the drag and drop feature quickly in order to present your products and services. Use robust and easy customizable pop-ups, forms, and overlays on every page of your website to generate more leads. 

Conduct promos and contests in social media sites like Instagram to build followers list and engage more with them. Its marketing automation lets you boost performance and cut downtime lag so you can nurture your visitors and convert them into potential customers. 

You can also integrate Wishpond with over 30 marketing platforms like Salesforce, Zapier, MailChimp, Shopify, Slack, Gmail, Stripe, etc. you can always get actionable insights through leads tracking and its management. 

On what grounds Wishpond is better than Hubspot?

Wishpond offers advanced and rich templates for landing pages and emails with easy setup, better than HubSpot. 

Comparing the price, Wishpond is again an affordable solution than HubSpot against the same features. It costs just $49/month for unlimited landing pages, marketing automation, email drip campaigns, social media contests, unlimited accounts, and a maximum of 1000 leads.  

You can also try it free for 14 days. 

7. Keap

Using the all-in-one sales and marketing tool of Keap, you can grow your business consistently and serve your customers better. 

Its comprehensive CRM lets you collect all the required details about your customers that you can access from your device. The automated email marketing of Keap is robust that lets you work less but get results better.

You can send customized messages, schedule appointments, and track sales using its dashboard. Its marketing automation lets you send personalized emails and take other actions based on customer behavior for maximum profitability. 

Send customized quotes, invoices, and integrate your site with other apps you like. You can also analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns through detailed reporting and insights to shape your next moves. 

On what grounds Keap is better than Hubspot?

Keap is an excellent tool for email marketing automation. It lets you build sales pipelines, process payments, create beautiful landing pages, and generate invoices. 

You can also integrate it with other tools including WordPress to add a blog on your website and Databox to manage analytics. You can even integrate it with a free analytics tool like Google Analytics instead of Databox. Using Zapier, you can integrate a lot of tools as well.  

Without paying a hefty amount, you can still leverage a CRM, publish content, build your sales pipeline, create email workflow, and more. Also, the tool is way easier to learn compared to HubSpot. 

Keap is great for small to medium businesses with limited resources because they can get awesome functionalities at fewer prices. Its starting price is $79/month for 1 user, 500 contacts. 

Thus, these were our top 7 HubSpot Alternatives you can consider. All of them are great so choose the one that you find the most suitable, depending upon your business needs and budget.