Instagram Music Not Working

Instagram Music Not Working Today November 2023 (How To Fix?)

If you face an error with the Instagram music search or the app shows an “Instagram music not working” message, then it might be mainly because;  

  • You are using the older version of the app
  • You have recently changed your account to business or professional
  • You might be in a location where the Instagram music feature is not accessible 

Suppose these are not your troublemakers, but you are still experiencing the Instagram music not working. Don’t worry. We are here to help you.  

Read the article thoroughly, and you will find your issue fixed by the end. 

How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working?

Please note that the following methods are in no particular order. 

1. Change Your Network Connection

You might be unable to use the search bar to find music or face difficulty finding the Instagram music sticker, but do you know these are all because of a poor internet connection?  

Most of the issues in social media are because of unstable or disconnected network connections. But without considering our knowledge, we are still looking for other solutions.  

First of all, check your network connection and test your internet speed.  

Speed test

Suppose you note that the problem is with your connection speed; try to access Instagram music using another internet connection.


Due to a poor or improper internet connection, you can also face issues like music search not working, buffering while playing music, and not finding some songs. 

2. Check Whether You Have A Music Sticker 

The first and foremost thing you have to start with is to see if you can access the music sticker and whether it is working for you. 

The music sticker is a handy feature that helps you access the Instagram music library quickly while posting a story or reel.  

To access the music library while posting, here is a detailed procedure; 

Step 1 – Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Open Instagram

Step 2 – Tap on the Plus icon appearing in the bottom middle. 

Tap on the + icon

Step 3 – Select “Story”

Tap on story

Step 4 – Choose a photo or video of your choice 

Select image or video

Step 5 – Here, search for the “Music sticker” at the top and tap on

Tap on music logo

Step 6 – Now check whether you can add music to your story as well as browse for more songs of your choice

Now you can add music

You can also add a particular song to a related post by typing the song name on the Search bar. For example, to add Apple Music, enter “Apple Music” on the search bar. 

Search for music

If you cannot access the music sticker or music library, try the below troubleshooting methods to fix music issues on Instagram. 

3. Update Your Instagram App.

If you last updated Instagram a while ago, you may have missed out on things like the music feature and Instagram broadcast channel not available.

Alternatively, a bug might sometimes be why your Instagram music is not working and Instagram keeps freezing.  

So, update the Instagram app on your phone and then try adding music to Instagram post with multiple photos. Also, we recommend you turn ON the automatic update feature so that the Instagram app will be updated automatically once the update arrives.  

Suppose you are not aware of how to update your Instagram app, here is a step-by-step procedure,  

For Android Phones

Step 1 – Navigate to the Play Store on your phone

Open play store

Step 2 – Tap on your Profile icon

Click profile

Step 3 – Choose “Manage apps and device.”

Click manage apps and device

Step 4 – Click on “Updates available.” 

Click on Updates available

Step 5 – Scroll and search for “Instagram”

Scroll down

Step 6 – Click on “Update” 

Click update

In case you did not find Instagram on the app list, then you can be sure that your Instagram app is up to date already.

For iOS Phones

  1. Navigate to the Apple App Store on your iPhone
  2. Search for “Instagram app”
  3. Click on the Update button appearing next to the app

In case you did not find the Update button, then you are already using the latest version of the app

4. Sign Out And Sign In Back To Your Insta Account

If the above method does not work for you, try restarting your session. It is because your current app cache and data are messed up, and so your Instagram music is not working. Furthermore, it could be resolved simply by re-logging into your Instagram account.  

Here is how to do it, 

Step 1 – Open the Instagram app on your phone

Open the Instagram App

Step 2 – Tap on the Instagram Profile icon at the bottom right corner

Click your profile

Step 3 – Click on the hamburger icon (a three-horizontal line icon) at the top right corner

Click Hamburger icon

Step 4 – Choose Instagram Settings and privacy 

Settings and privacy

Step 5 – Here, scroll and search for “Log out.”

Click logout

Step 6 – Instagram will prompt you to confirm. Click on “Log out” again. 

Click logout again
Signed out from instagram

Hopefully, you have signed out of your account. Now close the app and after some time, 

Step 1 – Go to your Instagram app on the phone

Open Instagram

Step 2 – Type all your login credentials

Enter login details

Step 3Log in to your account

Click login

Now, check whether you can access Instagram music while creating an Instagram post.  

Now you can add music

5. Reinstall Instagram Application.

If logging in again did not resolve your issue, your Instagram app might be corrupted. Or there may be a problem with the installation of the app.

In either of the situations, a quick way to fix the issue is to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app on your phone. Moreover, remember uninstalling does not delete an Instagram account.

Below are the steps to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app;

Step 1 – Head towards the Google Play Store

Open play store

Step 2 – Tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner

Click profile

Step 3 – Click on “Manage apps and devices.” 

Click manage apps and device

Step 4 – Choose “Updates available.”

Click on Updates available

Step 5 – Search for “Instagram” and select it.

Click instagram

Step 6 – Then click on “Uninstall.” 

Click uninstall

Once you have successfully deleted the Instagram app on your phone, give it some time.

To reinstall the Instagram app,

Step 1 – Head towards your Play store

Click search bar on play store

Step 2 – In the Search bar, type “Instagram”

Search instagram

Step 3 – On the search results, select Instagram app

Click instagram in playstore

Step 4 – Then click on “Install”

Install Instagram

 Step 5 – Once installed, open the Instagram app and sign in with your username and password. 

Click login

6. Switch Your Account Type. 

A few Instagram users reported that their Instagram music was not working correctly after switching it to a business account.  

If this is your situation, we advise you to switch your account back to a personal account.  

Keep in mind that a business account does not let you access Instagram music as it has copyright issues and a business account is created mainly for professional purposes.  

Now, here is how to switch your account to a business one, 

Step 1 – Go to your Instagram account by clicking on the Instagram app icon on the phone. 

Open Instagram

Step 2 – Click on the profile picture icon at the bottom right corner

Click your profile

Step 3 – Tap on “Professional dashboard” 

Click Professional dashboard

Step 4 – Then choose the “Settings” icon at the top right corner

Click settings icon

Step 5 – Here, search for “Preferences.” 

Select on preferences

Step 6 – Scroll and click on “Switch account type.” 

Click on Switch account type

Step 7 – Finally, click on “Switch to personal account.”  

Select Switch to personal account

Once your account has been switched to a personal Instagram account, try accessing your Instagram music. 

Now you can add music

7. Install a VPN

Social media apps like Instagram track your current location and offer services available within that region.  

Hence, you might face the “Instagram music not working problem” because of the current location, as the music feature is initially available to some countries only.  

What will you do if you are in a place where you cannot access Instagram music? 

In such a situation, you can use a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps to mask your IP Address and protects your privacy and identity online.  

Use vpn

To access Instagram music, connect your phone to a VPN and set the location (For example, New York) where you can access Instagram music.  

On a personal note, Choosing a VPN also plays a significant role, so select wisely! 

8. Check For Service Outages

While you may think that the issue of Instagram music not working is because of your side, there are times when the problem is from the Instagram server side.  

Yes, sometimes, the Instagram server will be down, or the services may be temporarily offline. And nothing is exciting that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp experience some technical issues sometimes.  

You can ensure this with the help of some sites (For example, Downdetector). To help you, just visit this link.  

Instagram outages reports

Also, you can google it and know if any other Instagram user is experiencing the same problem as yours. If there are any other user reports, then you can be confident that the problem is solely on the Instagram side, and you cannot do anything other than wait. 

9. Reach Out To Instagram Support Team

When everything goes out of your control, the only option you have is to contact Instagram support.  

The social media platform has a dedicated “Instagram help center” through the app that helps you resolve your queries and issues immediately.  

You can report your problems using the following steps on your Instagram application; 

Step 1 – Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Open Instagram

Step 2 – Tap on the profile icon.

Click your profile icon

Step 3 – Press the hamburger icon at the top right corner 

Click the three horizontal lines

Step 4 – Choose “Settings and privacy” 

Select Settings and privacy

Step 5 – Here, scroll and search for “Help.” 

Click on help

Step 6 – Select “Report a problem” and then “Report problem without Shaking.” 

Click Report a problem
Click on Report a problem

Step 7 – Choose “Include and continue.” 

Click Include and continue

Step 8 – Now, enter all your issues with respective screenshots and click “Send” to send your report.

Enter the problem and click send

That’s all. Wait for Instagram’s response.  

Lastly, there is another method, where you can create a video and add audio manually using the third-party app, save it on your phone, and post it to your insta story or as a highlight on Instagram

Why Is Your Instagram Music Not Working Today?

Creating an Instagram story, post, or Instagram reel, along with the music note or song, makes it more exciting and engaging.  

But there can be a few reasons why you cannot access Instagram story music suddenly, and here is the list; 

Outdated App

There may be a period when we have forgotten to update the app manually. Similarly, we have not enabled automatic updates for the apps. Hence, this might be a reason why you cannot make use of the latest features like music on Instagram. 

Poor Connectivity 

An unstable internet connection prevents the Instagram app from showing trending songs in the music library. Moreover, a weak connection creates buffering issues while selecting music for the story. 

Account Type 

The type of account you use to access music is one of the crucial factors to consider. If your Instagram music is not working, check whether the type of account you use is business, and if it is, change it to a personal or content creator account since business accounts have only limited features on Instagram. 


Initially, Instagram offered music features to selected countries, so it may not be available if you are not on the list of countries. 

If you are unable to use a particular music or if your Instagram music is limited, then remember that Instagram follows strict copyright policies to avoid the copyright issue. So, you may be unable to use a set of songs that do not have the copy rights reserved. 

At The Bottom Line

If you are a person who posts tons of stories and reels every day, then we can guess how frustrating it would be if your “Instagram music not working!” 

Thankfully, Instagram offers several ways to fix the issue, and we have covered everything step by step above. 

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