How To Download Instagram Reels [Multiple Ways]

In this article, you can learn how to download Instagram reels so that you can edit, watch them later, or share them with your friends and followers. 

Downloading Instagram reels is utterly effortless when you have the built-in feature on your Instagram app.  

But what if you do not have the feature? Fret not; 

We help you download your own as well as other's Instagram reels through several methods, like 

  • Downloading Instagram reels using the Instagram app
  • Downloading Instagram reels through screen recording
  • Downloading Instagram reels through stories
  • Downloading Instagram reels using a third-party application
  • Downloading Instagram reels on a desktop/laptop 
  • Downloading your own Instagram reels 

Let us explore one by one.

How To Download Instagram Reels Using Instagram App?

Downloading an Instagram reel is pretty straightforward if you have an Instagram application on your phone.  

Besides, we recommend you update your Instagram app on the phone as we will share the latest features, which are only possible through the updated Instagram app.  

Open your Instagram app.

Open the Instagram App

Choose a reel that you want to download. 

Choose the real to download

Click on the Share icon, which you will find at the bottom right corner of the reel.

Click share button

Select Download

Click download

Your video will be downloaded, and you can check it on your phone 

You downloaded the real

Remember that only reels from public Instagram accounts can be downloaded by you, and they can even turn off your ability to download an Instagram reel if they want privacy. 

Keep in mind that this method applies only to Instagram users using the mobile app.

How To Download Instagram Reels Through Screen Recording?

Another uncomplicated way to download an Instagram reel without the involvement of any third-party software is by simply turning on your screen recording feature.  

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, below are the steps. 

If you have an Android 

Go to your Instagram app

Open the Instagram App

Select the reel that you want to download 

Select the reel to download

Now swipe down from the top

Swipe down

Search for the Screen recording button on the status bar 

Find the screen recorder

Click on it and start recording 

Click Screen Recorder

Once the reel is over, stop your screen recorder

Stop the recorder

Thus, the Instagram reel is recorded and saved on your phone gallery.

If you have an iPhone

  1. Open Instagram app on your phone
  2. Find the reel that you like to download 
  3. From the reel's screen, swipe down from the top
  4. Search for the Record button and start capturing the reel
  5. When the reel is over, stop the recording 
  6. The Instagram reel video will be automatically saved on your camera roll, and you can watch, share, or use it whenever needed. 

How To Download Instagram Reels Using A Third-Party Application (Instagram Reels Downloader)

Downloading and using a third-party app from your Google Play or app store may add a little bit of extra work but save you time on trimming and editing the videos from the above-mentioned “Screen recording method.”  

Make a mental note that only some third-party Insta reels downloader work well. Some Instagram reels downloader may be ineffective, while others may prompt you to watch the in-app ads, and a few might require a subscription. 

So, considering all these, we have brought a few third-party reels video downloader like InstDown, InSave, SaveInsta, and Video Downloader, which are working well for both iOS and Android device.  

All these apps work similarly and here we illustrate using the InSave application on mobile.

Just open your Instagram app on the phone

Open Instagram

Select the reel which you like to download 

Select Real in Instagram

Copy the reels URL by clicking the Share icon at the bottom right corner.

Copy the link of Real

Open the third party app that you installed on the phone

Open third party app

Paste the reel's link in the respective space provided

Past the real link

Then press the Download button

Click download

You can confirm the downloading process of the insta reel in the “Download” folder on the third-party app.

Watch the real after download

Thus, you have downloaded the IG reel to your camera roll.  

How To Download Instagram Reels Through Stories? 

If you wish to download an Instagram reel without any third-party Instagram video downloader, it is possible because of your Instagram stories.  

Downloading reels via stories is our personal favourite as it is quick, simple, and only takes you a few seconds. So, without making you wait further, below is our step-by-step procedure;  

Go to your Instagram app on your phone

Open Instagram

Select the reel that you want to download 

Select the real to download

Tap on the Share icon at the bottom right corner of the reel

Click share

Click on “Add to story.” 

Click on Add to story

Then press the three-dot icon appearing at the top right corner (nearer to the music icon) 

Press the three dot icon

Select the “Save” option to save reels.

Select the Save

Then, Discard your Instagram story. 

Discard your Instagram story

You will be notified that your Instagram reel has been downloaded, and you can confirm this on your “My Files” folder or “Gallery” on your phone.  

How To Download Instagram Reels On A Desktop Or Laptop? 

If you are a person who uses Instagram more on a laptop or downloads reels to edit further using software on the laptop, then you must know how to download reels on a laptop or desktop.  You can download an Instagram reel either using a Chrome extension or using an online tool. 

Follow the below instructions, 

Head towards the Chrome web store and find “Instagram downloader,” or to make it simple, follow this link: IG Downloader

Download IG Downloader

Then click on “Add to Chrome” and add the extension to your browser 

Click Add to chrome

On your Chrome browser, go to the Instagram website and sign in to your account

Enter username and password and click login

Find the Reels section on your Insta feed page and select the reel to download

Go to reels section

Finally, tap the “Download icon” above the Like icon on the reel

Click download button

You can note that the video has been downloaded

Video downloaded

Moreover, you will be notified or prompted to choose where to save the Instagram reel on your laptop or desktop. 

How Do You Download Instagram Reels No Watermark?

When you have simply downloaded your Instagram reel, you can find a little logo added to the video. If you want to get rid of the watermark on the video, you have to use a video downloader.

As per today’s scenario, there are so many video downloaders available online, like Repost, iGram, and Snapinsta.

Let us explain to you the easiest way to download Instagram reels no watermark, using your web browser.

Go to your Instagram account.

Enter username and password and click login

Select the reel that you want to download

How To Download Instagram Reels [Multiple Ways] 1

Copy the reel’s link

Copy link

Go to the iGram website on your browser

Open igram website

Paste the link of the reels on the respective box

Past the link in box

Then click on download

Click on download

You will see the video without any watermark and click the download video option at the bottom of it.

Now your video has been download

What's highly beneficial is that the downloaded reel is already in MP4, so there is no need to convert Instagram Reels to MP4.

How To Download Your Own Reels On Instagram? 

In case you have posted reels on your Instagram profile and wish to download Instagram reel for offline purposes, then here are the steps;  

Go to your Instagram app on the phone

Open Instagram

Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner

Click your profile icon

On your profile page, click on the Reels icon 

Click Reels icon

Select the reel which you would like to download on your phone

Select reel you want to download

Click on the Share icon appearing in the bottom right corner

Click share button

From the popup menu emerging, click “Download.”

Click download

Now, you can check the downloaded reel on your gallery. 

How To Save Instagram Reels? 

Go to your Instagram app on the phone

Open Instagram

Choose the reel that you wish to save

Choose the reels to download

Click on the three vertical dot icon

Click three dot

Tap on the “Save” icon 

Click save

The Instagram reel will be added to the “Saved folder” on your Instagram account.

Moreover, to confirm or view your saved reel from Instagram,  

Go to your Instagram feed page. 

Instagram feed page

Click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner

Click your profile icon

Tap on the “hamburger icon.” (a three horizontal line icon)

Click the three horizontal lines

Select “Saved” from the list of options

Click saved

Now, you can watch all your saved reels and Instagram posts with multiple photos as a collection.

You can see the reels you saved

Can You Download Instagram Reels Video? 

Of course, the answer is Yes. It is possible to download Instagram reels.  

If you are an Instagram app user, there is a quick built-in option to download an Instagram reel. But remember that you cannot download other people's reels earlier as it is the latest feature introduced.  

Alternatively, if you do not have the feature, you can follow our other methods mentioned in the article to download an Instagram reel.   

Furthermore, no matter where you are or what type of OS you have, you can do an Instagram reels video download in gallery, and we have also discussed the steps for it. 

Bottom Line

Instagram reels are the hottest feature that boosts your profile growth and helps you reach a larger audience even by uploading a short video. 

Often, Instagram users like you wish to download Instagram reels online to

  • Share them on other social media platforms 
  • Use them for inspirational references 
  • Repurpose them later 
  • Watch them offline with your friends and family members
  • Show them to their Instagram followers vs following.

So, use any of the above methods to download an Instagram reel and share the latest news!

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