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Instagram Restrict Vs Block – Know The Differences

If you need clarification about whether to block or restrict a person on Instagram, then you have to understand Instagram Restrict Vs Block first of all.

This post sheds some light on the features of blocking and restricting someone on Instagram. As well as we compare the highlights of both so that you can decide which is the best choice for you.

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What Does Restrict Vs Block Mean On Instagram?

Restricting is a feature on Instagram that limits the unwanted interaction between you and the person you restrict.

Tap on Restrict

If you wonder what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram,

  • They won't find when you were online or last active on Instagram.
  • Their comments are only visible to them, and you
  • Their messages are moved to the “Message Requests” section on your inbox
  • They won't be notified if you have read their messages or not 

Blocking is an advanced feature on Instagram that completely stops a user from communicating with you.

Instagram Restrict Vs Block - Know The Differences 1

What Is The Difference Between Block And Restrict On Instagram?

Even though restrict and block are the features that help maintain your privacy and prevent unwanted attention from others, both have many differences. 

Let me make it clear to you now if you are unaware!

Regarding Comments

To be straightforward, the blocked account on Instagram cannot comment on or like your Instagram posts and stories.

In contrast, the restricted accounts can comment on your instagram post, but those comments are only visible to you.

Instagram Restrict Vs Block - Know The Differences 2

If you wish to view the comment, click “See comment” and “Approve” to make it visible to the public. You can approve or delete the comment by clicking “Delete comment.”

Instagram Restrict Vs Block - Know The Differences 3

Further, you will not be notified when the restricted user comments on your posts.

Regarding Visibility

If you block a person, they cannot view your Instagram profile, search for your username, or even find you anywhere on Instagram. 

However, a restricted person can view your profile photos and videos and search with your username on Instagram. They can also see if you have commented or liked any Instagram posts.

Regarding Instagram DM

Blocked Instagram users cannot send you direct messages. 

In contrast, a restricted user can send you messages, but you don't get a notification. Their messages will be moved to the Requests section rather than your inbox. What's more interesting is the restricted person won't be able to know if you have read their messages or not.

Moreover, if you are in a group chat that includes your restricted person, Instagram informs you that the restricted person is in the group chat.

Regarding Instagram Stories

If you have blocked an Instagram account, they won't be able to view your stories.

Alternatively, a restricted account can view your stories. Besides, if they react to your Instagram story, it will be available in your “Message requests” section in your inbox.

Instagram Restrict Vs Block - Know The Differences 4

Regarding Instagram Posts And Notifications

Blocked users cannot tag you in any Instagram posts with multiple photos and stories. Instead, a restricted user can tag you in their posts and stories.

What Will Happen When You Block A Person On Instagram?

The first thing you can enjoy is freedom, as your profile completely disappears from the eyes of the person you blocked on Instagram.

Blocked account

Unlike the Instagram Restrict feature, the blocked person can neither like your posts nor interact with you in any way.

Now let us see what other things you will benefit from blocking a person on Instagram;

  • The blocked user profile will be removed from your followers list.
  • All the earlier comments and likes from that person will be removed from your profile. Note that the comments and likes won't be restored even when you unblock that person.
  • One of the significant advantages is that the blocked person cannot be able to tag you in photos or stories.
  • Furthermore, they won't even be able to mention your username in comments by using “@.” But remember, they can mention you in the comments if you have changed your username, and they know your new username.
  • The blocked person can view what you like and comment on posts of others' private or public accounts.
  • You cannot send messages to the blocked Instagram user, but the messages sent and received earlier remain in your chat.
  • Alternatively, the blocked person can send messages to you, but they won't be delivered to you. Keep in mind that you cannot receive these messages even when you unblock them.
  • Suppose the blocked person and you are in a group chat; Instagram will prompt you whether you want to leave the group chat or stay to view the messages from the conversation.

Table Comparing Instagram Restrict Vs Block

How To Block Someone On Instagram?

If you want to avoid the person disturbing or harassing you rather than thinking about deleting your Instagram account, it's time to learn to block on Instagram. Below are the steps for how to block a person on Instagram;

Step 1 – Navigate to your Instagram app

Open the Instagram App

Step 2 – Go to the user profile which you want to block on Instagram

Select the profile to block

Step 3 – Click on the “three dots icon” appearing in the top right corner

Click on three dots

Step 4 – Select Block

Click block

Step 5 – Tap “Block” from the Instagram prompt confirming you to block again.

Click Block again

How To Restrict Someone On Instagram?

Let me explain the quickest way to restrict a user on Instagram now;

Step 1 – Go to your Instagram profile

Instagram feed page

Step 2 – Search for the user whom you want to restrict

Select profile to restrict

Step 3 – Click on the three dots icon appearing in the top right corner

Tap on Three vertical dot

Step 4 – Tap Restrict

Tap on Restrict

Step 5 – Select Restrict again when the Instagram prompt appears

Tap on Restrict account

Additionally, you can restrict an account in a few other ways through Instagram settings.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Blocked/Restricted You?

Although there are no honest ways to determine if your friend or Instagram followers have blocked you, we have some tips on finding it. 

Yes, you can try searching for a username using your Instagram account; if you find them, they have not blocked you. 

In some cases, if you cannot find the username, then there is a chance that they have blocked you. 

Still, you can confirm this by checking the same username using your friend’s Instagram account. If you find the user, you can be sure they have blocked you.

In contrast, these tricks are impossible with the Instagrams Restrict feature.

To find out if someone on Instagram has restricted you, comment on one of their posts from your Instagram account and check if it is published immediately using your friend’s account.

If it gets published at once you have posted it, and you can find it from your friend’s account, then they have not restricted you.

Suppose you could not view the comment using your friend’s Instagram account; they have restricted you.

Instagram Block Vs Unfollow

Blocking an Instagram account is the most secure way to avoid interaction with a person as it ultimately makes your profile disappear from their sight on Instagram.

To be precise, they cannot send you messages, view your profile, tag in photos, or comment on your posts.

Instead, if a person unfollows you, they cannot see your posts, stories, and Instagram reels if your account is private. But they can still search for you on Instagram and send messages.


If your account is public, they can view your posts and stories without following you.

Instagram Restrict Vs Unfollow

Firstly, restricting a person will not make them unfollow your profile.

So even when you restrict a person, they can see your stories, photos, and reels. But if they send you messages, they will appear in the requests box, and you won't be notified.

If they comment something on your post, you have to approve them to make it public. Otherwise, the comments will be visible only to them and you. 

On the other hand, if a person unfollows you, they cannot view your profile if it is private. But they can send you messages, which will be in the requests box. Remember that you will be notified if a person who unfollows you sends you a DM.

When Should You Block Or Restrict Someone On Instagram?

Blocking someone is an ideal choice if the Instagram user leaves abusive, anti-social, unwanted comment or negative comments on your posts continuously or if they disturb you with hate messages/sensitive content on Instagram Direct Message and you have decided to avoid that person wholly.

Instagram restriction can be a perfect option if you do not want to block a person entirely and are willing to communicate if necessary. It is considered a sub-choice for blocking, as you won't see their messages and comments.

Final Note

At the bottom line, the decision to block or restrict account of someone from your social media platform is up to you!

It solely depends on how much access you want to give a person, whether you like to interact with them later or when needed, and if you are okay with the person when you have blocked them.

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