Instagram You Replied To Their Story

Instagram You Replied To Their Story – What Is It & How To Fix?

Feeling strange and confused by the notification “Instagram you replied to their story” when you unexpectedly got it from Instagram? 

It’s okay, worry not!

In this post, let us discuss why you have been getting such a story mention notification and how to troubleshoot it immediately.

How Do You Fix The “Instagram You Replied To Their Story” Issue?

If you are in a situation where you did not reply to any of the Instagram stories highlights from your close friends but constantly receive notifications in Instagram DM like “Instagram you replied to their story,” then there are a few possible solutions for you; 

  • Though it might look funny, we suggest you ignore the notifications.
  • Secondly, you can just delete the chat from your inbox.
  • Alternatively, you can block them immediately if you have received them from an anonymous Instagram account.

How To Delete An Instagram Chat?

If you are planning to delete an Instagram chat that you consider unnecessary, then below are the set of steps you have to follow in your Instagram app; 

Step 1 – Open your Instagram mobile app. Log into your Instagram profile.

Click login

Step 2 – Tap on the Messenger icon or sticker at the top right corner.

Tap on Messenger chat icon

Step 3 – Select a chat you want to delete from your Instagram inbox and long-press on it.

Select the chat and hold press

Step 4 – From the list of options appearing, choose “Delete.”

Click on delete

Step 5 – When the prompt appears, click “Delete” again.

Click on delete again

It’s over. You have successfully deleted the Instagram chat.

Reasons Why You Get The Notification “Instagram You Replied To Their Story”

Still, none of the Instagram users nor we were sure about what was behind this problem;  

Below are some reasons we have sorted out personally from our experience. 

  • The first and foremost reason could be someone trying to hack your account.
  • Next, it could be because of the latest spam revolving around, and many Instagram users have reported this recently.
  • Lastly, it might be because of a technical issue or Instagrams algorithm fault, and the sole responsibility lies on Instagram. 

Here are some insight spotlights that help you know what the differences are;

1. Usually, when you reply to an Instagram story, you will notice the replies and messages on the sender's side (right side) in your chat.

Instagram You Replied To Their Story - What Is It & How To Fix? 1

In contrast, in this spam issue, you will notice the message “Instagram you replied to their story” on your chat's receiver side (left side).

2. Similarly, when you reply to your friend’s IG story, your friend will be notified, like “bloggingio replied to your story,” as a text notification.

Instagram You Replied To Their Story - What Is It & How To Fix? 2

But this spam notification shows an image showing “You replied to their story.”  

3. Moreover, you will not receive notifications when you reply to your friend’s or follower’s insta story.

Only your friend will be notified about your reply to their story.

Wrapping Up

Even though you are continuously notified by a direct message, “Instagram you replied to their story or Instagram reels,” your comment was removed, or something else like this from any social media platform, it is strictly advised not to click on any of the links or reply to those notifications as they are spam. 

Likewise, we suggest you be careful regarding any unexpected notifications from Instagram, as they may include links that help strangers hack your account no matter how safe you are! 

Also, Instagram is working on its best and helping an Instagram user fix the issue. 

I hope this article helped you overcome the issue, secure your personal information, and stay aware online.

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