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InstaPage Pricing Plans 2023

Digital marketers and PPC specialists always have their eye on landing page builders like InstaPage.

Now you can have a look at InstaPage Pricing Plans. So, let’s go through them.

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InstaPage Pricing

The InstaPage Pricing Plans are

Building Plan – $299/month ($199/month, if subscription is annual)

Building Plan is the basic and fixed price plan offered by InstaPage.

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Instapage's building plan has many intuitive and excellent features that shall be perfect to meet your beginner requirements for landing page creation.

Here’s an overview of all the features you shall get on subscribing to this plan.

No Limits to Conversions

Get as many conversions as you like. Without any limits put on the conversion numbers and rates, you can scale up your business like a skyrocket, and you never have to worry about any penalties, as is the case with most landing page builder software out in the market.

Customer Success Manager

Not sure about how to go on with your landing page? Difficult to make the best use of the features available at your hands? Well, you need not worry at all. A dedicated customer success manager is available as a constant touchpoint to advise and guide you through the entire process and platform.

Design Reviews

Not sure how good your landing page design is? You can easily get it reviewed by the expert team. With the built-in collaborations, you can easily get suggestions for landing page design and optimization and come up with the best designs that convert.

Performance Analysis and Testing Features

InstaPage has amazing features for performance analysis and testing. You can easily perform A/B testing to compare different landing pages and their performance. Additionally, it has a full-fledged analytics dashboard in which you can see detailed metrics regarding leads and conversions and analyze the performance of your ads and landing pages.

Not only that, you can even keep track of clicks received on your ads with a post-click score and connect those ads based on post-clicks using an AdMap.

Speed Optimization Features

The page loading time matters a lot on your landing pages. The pages need to load as quickly as possible. So, you must optimize the landing pages for speed. Thankfully, InstaPage comes with advanced features for that. With a Thor Render Engine, the software delivers the fastest speed and minimal load time for your landing pages.

Personalization and Customization

Although these features are pretty limited in this plan, you still have some options to personalize your landing pages. The plan provides AMP pages to make the landing pages mobile responsive and ensure that users have great experiences from whatever device they’re using for access and exploration.

Moreover, the plan provides for Dynamic Text Replacement Feature, which helps change the keywords on the landing pages based on user search terms.

These features add enough personalization to the pages you create.


The options here are limited; however, you can still have a Zapier and Hubspot integration which is good enough to link your landing pages with different automation and marketing tools and applications.


InstaPage is great at maintaining the security of your landing pages. It provides SSL certification and is GDPR compliant, which makes it a very safe and secure platform to work.


Some other unique features include Instablock and Real-Time Visual Collaboration, using which you can improve the design of the landing pages a lot.

The Instablock feature helps design the landing pages in different blocks to save for future use and reference. The visual collaboration feature allows sharing the landing page designs with the team in real-time so that everyone can give suggestions and come up quickly with a beautiful and attractive design.

So, these are all the features that you get with the Building Plan offered by InstaPage. Another significant part about it is you can test all these features with a 14-days free trial before you finally take the subscription.

Converting Plan – Custom Pricing

Converting Plan is a more advanced, feature-rich, and result-driven plan.

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It comes at a custom pricing based on your business-specific requirements. There’s no free trial for this plan. However, you can get in touch with an expert and demo how it works and how far it will be beneficial for your business and its needs.

This plan includes all the features available in the fixed-price Building Plan. In addition to those features, you get more advanced features and functionalities such as more options for analytics and speed optimization, a higher scope for integration, better customization and personalization, and a lot more.

Here’s a look-through at additional features that you get with this custom InstaPage Pricing plan.


In addition to Zappier and Hubspot integration, this plan also integrates software, tools, and applications like Salesforce and Marketo. Moreover, you can get custom integration. So, whatever the integration you need, this plan’s got you covered.


Keeping customization to its core, this plan provides personalized experiences over and above what you could get with the basic plan. Be it editable text, custom design, custom fonts, or any other customization need, you got it covered. All you need to do is get in touch with your customer success manager, and they’ll help you out with your requirements.

Not only could you personalize the landing pages, but there is also one-to-one ad-to-page personalization with which you can customize the posts for every visitor, adding up to the experiences and conversions.

Analytics and Performance Testing

This plan has extended features for analytics and performance testing as well. It provides Guaranteed Uptime- Converting SLAs to keep the landing pages up and running and Heatmaps that constantly visualize visitors’ behavior and conversions. All this works well for keeping a constant check on performance and enhancing it regularly.


The plan has additional security features like SSO, and direct lead bypass that ensure only authorized access and visitors’ data is collected only in a CRM with such access. Additionally, an audit logs feature helps troubleshoot any problem or security breach.


In addition to all these extended features. You can get more data about your visitors with ease, editable global blocks to better reflect the changes you’re making to the pages. A dedicated launch team with page migration and design services to help scale your landing page clicks and conversions.

This custom plan is excellent with all these features, and taking a demo will be worthwhile.

Which is the best Instapage pricing plan for you?

InstaPage Pricing Plans are divided into two categories. The first is the Building Plan, suitable for starting when your primary focus is creating customized, optimized, and clickable landing pages. This plan is priced at $299 a month. However, there’s a 33% discount if you subscribe to the plan annually, in which case the cost would come as $199 a month.

The second is a more aggressive, more advanced converting plan entirely customized to your needs and requirements. You can discuss with InstaPage experts, get a demo, and finally price the personalized plan. You can also go ahead to know more about the InstaPage review 2022 to choose better.

So, that was all about InstaPage Pricing Plans and the features you get with it. I hope this helped solve your queries and you’re closer to your decision about subscribing to InstaPage!

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