Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019)

I was really excited to write about Instapage in 2019 because I was sold, thoroughly impressed over their services.

This Instapage Review is an outcome of using them for the last few months that really skyrocketed our sales through the ultra conversion landing pages and 1:1 personalization.

Apart from the above features, there are a lot more things I loved to write in this review and at the end,

You'll definitely feel like there will be no better tool than Instapage.

Instapage Review

The company got adquartered in San Fransico employs over 125 smart people across the US and UK building the product "Instapage" for world customers.

I landed at Instapage accidentally when the page builder I used earlier has some limited capabilities while our needs exceeded it.

I was searching for the next big builder, but most of the products asked credit card info to get started.

Then there is Instapage which provided me a 14 days free trial without the need of adding credit cards and even surprising they never put any limits on features, I thoroughly tested all their features and functions.

The core part revolves around these things

  • Visual Builder
  • 1:1 Personalized Page Creation
  • Team Collaboration Tool
  • Optimization Suite
  • Post Click Optimization

What's coming next at this Instapage review is about how to get started.

Instapage Templates

Once you signup for 14 days free trial, you'll be landed with this templates selection screen.

There are more than 200 visually stunning pre-built templates and trust me, you'll spend a lot of time just admiring how beautiful each and every template is built.

You can filter the templates with options like Thank You, webinar, ebook, event, app, lead generation, two-step optins etc

I choose Bookshelf template which is truly a conversion focused design which really sells the products promoted.

Once selected, just give a name and the builder options show up and these are the options to get started.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 1

While most builder offers tremendous options, it really confuses at some stage while Instapage kept it simple, within 1-2 clicks, I can able to change a block and update it as per my need.


I consider Instablocks as a major user selling point because it makes life easy as it is.

Once you can design an element, you can save it as blocks and use it wherever necessary in the future.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 2

Suppose you're designing some 5-10 landing pages for a single site, the brand kits gets repeated in every template and in case, Instapage will be a life savior for designers because you can simply call the saved blocks with just a single click.

Apart from your own saved blocks, they offer a vital set of more than 100 prebuilt blocks templates like CTA buttons, headers, features, pricing, testimonials etc.

Edit Options

The most productive thing, I noticed is the UI. Within a single to a maximum of three clicks, I can do the edits while the most similar builders, it takes more than three clicks to edit and save the changes.

Though it looks like a simple thing, a designer can understand how valuable these simplified options are.

For example, I change the image, do changes in just one to two clicks on a whole like below

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 3

Check the below sample video I recorded for this Instapage review where I used the most options as shown in the menu.

The most impressive feature was Mobile Grouping.

The problem with most other builders in the market, once you place those blocks in desktop view and if you check the demo with the mobile screen, the block arrangements looks awful while even you don't like it.

With Grouping option, you just need to drag and select the blocks and mark it as Groups, the builder will make it look awesomely arranged from mobile view.

Create A/B Test

The tool comes with an effective easy to analyze A/B testing and I created a new page with variations.

This is how the dashboard looks for A/B testing.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 4

Now since everything is ready, I'm ready to publish but before that, there are few things needs to setup.

While writing this Instapage review, I can see there are more than 50 integrations available like integrations with email marketing providers, Google Analytics etc and the whole list of integrations can be seen here.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 5

Under Integrations menu, choose your preferred option to tracks leads and conversions.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 6

Under URL, I choose the option to configure with my WordPress site and published over here

Once you install the WordPress plugin, sign in, just give an URL and publish.

Apart from WordPress, you can use Instapage subdomains or custom domains to publish your landing pages.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 7

Note: You can't able to enter meta info from your WordPress site. Inside the Instapage dashboard, head to SEO and enter the meta titles, descriptions etc and do TURN ON the option for search engine index.


Since I showing a demo, I started tracking Heatmap and below is the visual representation of clicks made and if you remember, I mentioned about group collaboration tool.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 8

Once if you enable the comment option, you can put the comments about the changes need to done and you can straight away tag the person who is responsible for further works, how good it is!

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 9

You don't need to open your task management app and put a request!

Pricing & Support

Right inside your dashboard, the live chat is available to guide you at any time and they're just a few clicks away.

Instapage plans are straight simple, you can choose between the core plan or Enterprise plan.

While you can get started with the core plan and later upgrade to Enterprise plan once you handle a lot more clients or handling own campaigns.

Concluding here, I hope you really enjoyed reading our Instapage Review where I covered almost features explained with Gifs, videos and screenshots.

There are a lot more things left out in this review which you can actually test by using our exclusive free trial link without the need of credit card, literally there is nothing to lose.

Are you looking for any further info, do share your questions, I'll try to cover up in next blog posts.

Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019)
Instapage Review: Pricing, Templates & Tutorial (2019) 10
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