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InstaPage Vs LeadPages – A Comparison Guide 2023

Many tools come with nearly similar features and functionalities, and when you’re considering buying one of the two, the decision could be challenging. However, that choice could be eased out with a simple InstaPage Vs LeadPages comparison. That’s what we aim to do in this article.

However, before we could jump to the comparison, let’s just have a quick look at the core features of both these tools.

InstaPage Vs LeadPages - A Comparison Guide 2023 1

InstaPage Vs LeadPages – A Comparison

While the features look very similar, both tools are different on many points. Going forward in this article, we’ll mark things like separating InstaPage from LeadPages and finally come to which one would be a better buying option.

User-friendliness and Ease of Understanding

Both InstaPage and LeadPages are user-friendly with fantastic template collection and drag and drop editors to design those templates in feature-rich, informative, appealing, and beautiful landing pages.

However, the way these drag-and-drop editors work is very different. LeadPages provide a grid view for editing the templates. This means that you can separate the rows and columns on your landing page template design and then keep dragging elements to where you want to put them in the design.

InstaPage drag-and-drop builder provides for a more free-form page building. It has Instablocks that convert the entire landing page template to blocks, and then you can create the design as per your needs. Moreover, you can even save these blocks for future reference and later pick a block for another design. This essentially saves time and effort.

Comparing the two, the ease of use and understanding depends on your personal preferences. If you like free-form designs, you’ll love InstaPage. However, if you want a more organized selection, LeadPages would be good.


Both the tools are on a very similar standing when it comes to performance. The tools have amazing features, templates, and widgets which help create beautiful pages and drive conversions.

Not only can you add widgets, but there are ways to add good lead magnets. That adds to the prospects of lead generation and conversions.

One great thing with LeadPages here is that it has alert bars which shoot up the chances of leads converting to your clients and customers as these bars pop-up offers and discounts on the screen, which seem very lucrative to the visitors, and they quickly click and convert.

Besides giving an amazing performance, both the tools are excellent for analyzing performance. You can easily see conversions and post-clicks on the dashboard, perform A/B split testing, and even integrate with other analytics tools.

As for the insights, InstaPage has the upper hand because it shows more metrics than what LeadPages does.

Overall, both the tools are great with their performance.

Integration with Other Tools, Software, and APIs

Both InstaPage and Leadpges come with seamless integration abilities. They can integrate well with many different APIs, tools, and software and easily sync your business operations to meet end-to-end organizational goals.

LeadPages is even feature-rich to integrate with your website bringing all your landing pages to the website.

Both the tools are amazing with their integration and collaboration capabilities.


This is where the biggest difference comes in. InstaPage is on a very higher-end here, and LeadPages gets the edge. 

The cheapest plan of LeadPages starts at $37 a month, and it goes even down to $27 a month if you pay annually.

The lowest plan at InstaPage is $299 a month; an annual subscription takes it down to $199 a month.

Even the highest plan of LeadPages, when taken yearly, costs less than the monthly plan subscription of InstaPage.

One of the best ways to drive leads and conversions and increase sales is to direct your target audience to an attractive and appealing landing page through clickable PPC and social media ad campaigns. This calls for a landing page builder tool or software.

Now you can use many tools available over the web. But two of the tools that are very popular and almost on an equal standing are InstaPage and LeadPages.

So, there’s a vast gap in the pricing of both tools. However, the pricing of InstaPage is justified considering it has a lot to offer, and it is in better standing than LeadPages for most of the features, especially the necessary ones like analytics and user-friendliness.

InstaPage Features

Instapage Home

InstaPage is known for its beautiful template collection and the drag-and-drop editor that helps build beautiful pages using the templates in no time at all.

Here are some of the core features of InstaPage. If you are not satisfied with the information, you can directly visit Instapage 2022 review.

Drag and Drop Editor

We can keep saying about it, and there shall be no end to its praises. InstaPage has a very intuitive drag and drops editor with a grid view that you can use to create landing pages in blocks. This provides significant ease in page building, and your work will be finished within minutes.

Huge Collection of Templates

Can’t think of a design for your landing page? Well, with InstaPage, you don’t have to either. InstaPage comes with a vast collection of landing page templates that you can pull and design as per your needs and requirements.

Intuitive Customization Features

Do you want uniqueness in your landing pages? InstaPage has got you covered for that as well. With a bit of CSS knowledge, you can build and customize your landing pages from scratch. From custom design to custom fonts, custom blocks, and integration, you got it all with InstaPage.

Seamless Integrations

Integrating your landing page builder with other APIs, tools, and software is essential to sync your business operations and have collective results. InstaPage helps perform seamless integration with software and platforms like Zappier, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc., to meet your end-to-end integration needs and requirements.

Analytics and Tracking

You need to keep a constant check on the performance of your landing pages and advertisements. It’s only when you know the post-click and conversions that you can measure the success or otherwise of your ad campaigns and find ways for improvement. InstaPage provides excellent analytics and tracking features with an intuitive dashboard showing all the necessary metrics and providing much-needed insight into the performance of the landing pages.

A/B Testing

You could get fixed on several designs for one ad campaign. In that case, you will need to analyze what would work the best. InstaPage helps you with that through its A/B testing feature for split testing and coming out of a fix.

Real-Time Collaborations

Running an ad campaign is teamwork. So, you’d need to keep your team in the loop for every task you’re doing. InstaPage provides real-time collaboration features using which you can easily share the designs and other related things with your team and work together on the landing page design, even from remote locations.

Landing Page Hosting

You need a hosting service to make your landing pages live over the web. With InstaPage, you don’t need to go anywhere else, as you can directly host your landing pages on InstaPage.

LeadPages Features

Leadpages Home

The feature list of LeadPages is more or less similar to InstaPages. Here’s a quick look at everything LeadPages offers.

Drag and Drop Editor

Designing your pages on LeadPages is easy with its simple drag and drop editor that you can use to dump elements in pre-designed templates.

Huge Template Collection

LeadPages consists of a template directory of more than 130 templates to choose from. With that huge collection, you’d never fall short of designs for your landing pages.


LeadPages is great for integrating your landing pages with various tools, software, and APIs. Not only could you link it with your ERP and CRM systems, but you can also achieve payment gateway and shopping cart integrations.

Push the Landing Pages to Website

LeadPages easily integrates with your website, which turns out to help push your landing pages directly to your website and enhance the prospects of lead generation and conversion further.


You don’t need to go anywhere else to host your landing pages. LeadPages is capable enough to do that for you.

Analytics and testing

You can easily test and analyze the performance of your landing pages with a full-fledged dashboard providing all the necessary insights. Additionally, you can get more insights by integrating the analytics dashboard with other analytics software.

Furthermore, you can even check and test performance through A/B split testing and find what landing pages come off as best for your goals and purposes.

Alert Bars

These are unique features that increase the prospects of lead generation and conversion by many times. You can easily create alerts that promote your offers and discounts, ultimately luring the visitors to conversions.

Website Building

LeadPages is not just a landing page builder, but you can even create a full-functional, feature-rich website on this software.

So, that was quite an overview. Looking closely at the features list of both the software, it’s pretty clear that they’re more or less the same. The difference, however, comes in the quality of the features that both tools offer. So, let’s go on comparing them.

Final Words

Both InstaPage and LeadPages are great tools for use. They have very similar features, yet they are very different. What’s better depends on your preference and needs. One significant differentiating factor is the price. If you’re low on budget, LeadPages will turn out to be the only option for you. However, if you have advanced needs and budget is not an issue, you can go for InstaPage or LeadPage alternatives.

I hope this InstaPage Vs LeadPages comparison was helpful, and you’re closer to your buying decision!

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