Is Affiliate Marketing Legit

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit In 2024?

If you are thinking about starting a side hustle or business online, you might have been given the idea of affiliate marketing,

As affiliate marketing become a successful way to do business online in this digital world.

However, scams and rumors spreading in and around it make you wonder if affiliate marketing is legit.

To answer you in short, AFFILIATE MARKETING IS LEGIT.

But to find out why affiliate marketing is legit, what the challenges are, and what the benefits are, scroll to the end.

Straight into the topic as we guess that you know what is affiliate marketing!

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

Suppose you are a newbie to the affiliate marketing industry. 

In that case, you may be doubting whether affiliate marketing is legit or whether you can earn a living through it.

And the answer here is A big YES! Affiliate marketing is a 100 percent legit industry to make money online fast.

However, you must put in more effort to build traffic, grow your audience, and promote an affiliate product.

After that, only you can be a successful affiliate marketer who earns enough commission.

But remember that affiliate marketing is not an overnight rich scheme, though you can earn an income while you sleep or eat.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent legitimate opportunity as it helps both the affiliates and the brand owners!

Let me explain clearly,

  • Affiliates earn commissions by promoting the sales of products, courses, and services.
  • While the brand owners benefit by getting more customers with no-cost advertisements.

Furthermore, the report by Demandage shows that 8 out of 10 brands today use affiliate marketing programs to market their products and increase their customer base,

This proves that the affiliate marketing industry is legitimate and that many more brands rely on it to thrive in this digital era.

In addition, we could predict that affiliate marketing is not only a legitimate industry but also has the potential to earn an income according to affiliate marketing statistics.

Avoiding scams, tracking affiliate links, and analyzing the traffic (using Google Analytics) are valuable keys to success!

Hence, if you are about to begin your affiliate journey, we wish you the best but be aware that affiliate marketing is not a shortcut to getting rich faster.

Real Life Legit Affiliate Marketers

Though you may feel okay after reading the above, we would like to illustrate real-life examples of legit affiliate marketers with the following.

Let me first introduce you to the successful and most popular affiliate marketer, Pat Flynn.

Mr.Pat Flynn created the website Smart Passive Income (spi), which is about education and courses.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit In 2024? 1

His blog mainly concentrates on resources that help others learn about affiliate marketing and the industry.

He started his marketing career around 2008 and even said he was not an expert in the industry initially.

(If you are interested, you can get to know him more here!)

But it is inspiring as well as motivating that he earns the best and highest salary in the field now! 

Besides, it is evident from the report that he earns more than $1,00,000 per month as an affiliate income.

Next on our list is Neil Patel, a widely celebrated marketer, influencer, and author.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit In 2024? 2

He is well known for his thoughts on digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Mr. Patel's vast knowledge and experience have enabled him to work with top brands like Amazon, NBC, and HP.

What is more inspiring about him is that he works on different platforms and earns his income through blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTube, subscriptions, etc.

His website gets 4 million visits in a month, and trust me, even more than that!

This self-made individual has a net worth of $30 million and is among the top ten marketers inspiring many youngsters.


Here is a fruitful story of Michelle Schroeder, a female blogger and marketer who founded the website “Making Sense of Cents.”

She started this website in 2011, and it has reached over 20 million viewers. To learn more about her, visit

Her blogging website focuses on her financial journey and shares budgeting tips, money-making, and personal finance.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit In 2024? 3

She recalls that in the initial stages, she earned around $5k to $10k monthly, more than her previous earnings in her job.

Mrs.Michelle Schroeder mentioned that most of her earnings are from affiliate marketing (50%) and 20% from course sales.

Remember that these well-known marketers do successful affiliate marketing business by utilizing low-ticket and high ticket affiliate marketing methods.

Further, if you are eager to know the platforms or tools they use to make money on affiliate marketing, here are they;

  • Amazon Associate
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale

So now I hope you can trust that affiliate marketing is the legit model!

Tips To Find Legit Affiliate Marketing Opportunites

With more than thousands of affiliate marketing programs available online, below are our suggestions and tips to find the true ones.

1. Know About The Affiliate Partner.

Partnering with companies with good reputations, ethical practices, and positive reviews is essential as it increases your business flow.

The success of an affiliate marketing business lies in the hands of customers. So, ensure the company aims to solve the customer queries and problems.

Also, check multiple forums and discussion platforms to know the thoughts and opinions of people in the company.

2. Choose A Product That You Have Expertise In.

One of the successful marketing strategies is gathering in-depth knowledge about the product or service before promoting it.

By doing so, you can effectively advertise the benefits and qualities of the product to the audience. 

Moreover, you can answer any questions a potential customer has about the product.

What's advantageous is that, over time, you will become an expert and able to determine whether a product is of high quality or not.

3. Look After The Products Or Services You Promote

Before you select a program, double-check that its products are of good quality and its services are valuable to the audience.

Similarly, promote only the products that match your content, niche, and target audience.

For example, you have a blog about fashion and beauty.

It is irrelevant if you promote products related to automobiles or food in your content. Doing so will confuse your audience, and as a result, they will start to move away from your site.

4. Stay Conscious About The Promises Of Brands.

If you are a bud in this affiliate marketing, you might have seen several marketing gurus displaying ads like,

“Get thousands of dollars even while you are not working

Travel all over the world and still earn without working

Get richer over the night using affiliate marketing.”

Please stay away from these people in the niches at any cost. Undoubtedly, you can also avoid programs that opt for a joining fee.

5. Note The Cookie's Lifetime.

Cookies are stored on the browser of the audience and are generally used to track an affiliate referral.

Also, cookies come with a duration, and you will not earn a commission if it expires.

The longer the lifetime of cookies, the better the chances of earning a commission.

Hence, look for an affiliate program for beginners that provides a cookie with a longer lifetime, say, for atleast a month.

6. Check Out The Commission Structure.

Everyone loves signing up for a program that offers the highest commission rates.

The best affiliate program must have a transparent commission and payment structure. You can check this on a company's website or its terms and conditions page.

Right, are you aware of the types of commission structures? If not, have a look at it now!

  • Cost per click

Cost per click, also known as CPC, is one of the traditional commission methods available on the Internet. 

In this method, you will earn a commission only when the visitor clicks the affiliate link.

  • Cost per thousand impressions

It is commonly known as CPM. In this method, you will earn a commission when the ad generates one thousand impressions.

  • Cost per action

Cost per action, also called CPA, is the standard method of commission structure in affiliate marketing.

Here, you will earn a commission when the visitor makes an action, for example, a purchase or a download.

  • Cost per sale

In this method, the merchant or the brand pays you only when the sale of a product or service is completed.

Here, the payment is based on a fixed price or percentage.

7. Consider The Program's Length.

I always prefer an affiliate program that operates for a long time.

By knowing the popularity and length of an old, established program, you can be sure that you can earn more traffic and sales for more time.

In contrast, if you are about to promote a less popular brand, consider its value than any others.

8. Aware Of The Terms And Conditions

Before you jump into an easy affiliate program, you should read all the terms and conditions involved. A trusted brand or a company should have clear and transparent policies.

We say this because some companies provide payments for the affiliates only when there is an affiliate sale or visit to the page. Most importantly, the affiliate does not know this.

So, understand the terms, benefits, and payment procedures.

9. Look For Programs With A Transparent Report System.

The finest affiliate marketing program should have a clear and quality tracking system.

For instance, the affiliates should also be able to track sales, number of clicks, traffic sources, and performance in a dashboard.

Besides, the tracking system will help the affiliate plan for the strategies that require improvement and identify the success rates.

On the business side, a clear tracking report is vital to analyzing performance, issuing commissions, assigning paychecks, and detecting fraudsters.

It also benefits the brand and the affiliate in terms of communication.

Hence, always check out affiliate programs with transparent and effective tracking systems.

10. Read From Testimonials And Review Sites.

Another essential step before entering an affiliate program is to check its reviews and testimonials.

Be aware of the false claims and promises, and dig into the reviews carefully.

Sites like Quora, Reddit, and Facebook groups might help you.

Hear reviews from other affiliates or reddit users about an affiliate program.

Remember to check out testimonials from the affiliates currently working on the affiliate program.

Lastly, you can visit the company's affiliate program history by visiting its website. If there is no info on their affiliate website, search on external sources.

11. Seek Help From An Affiliate Network.

An affiliate network connects the affiliates with the brands organizing affiliate programs.

They also manage accounts for brands and affiliates, maintaining a smooth affiliate relationship.

Hence, listing you as an affiliate in the best affiliate network reduces the chances of getting involved in fake affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing Scams To Avoid

As you have hesitated to start your affiliate marketing since thinking about whether affiliate marketing is legit or is affiliate marketing a scam, 

Here, we will help with some common affiliate marketing scams so you can be far away from them!

However, you can easily identify an affiliate marketing scam without our help if you have a schooled mind in affiliate marketing.

Now, let's get in.

1. Pay And Join Programs.

If anyone asks for a fee and lets you join an affiliate program, you should raise a red flag against them.

Being an affiliate, you should be paid to promote someone's product. So if a merchant asks for a pay, you can quickly identify that they are the scammers.

2. Illegitimate Products

Scammers create affiliate links for products that do not even exist. 

They do so because they want to promote fake or low-quality products under a well-known brand's name to gain customers' trust.

Hence, thoroughly check the products, affiliate links, and product owners to avoid falling prey to a common affiliate marketing scam.

3. Missing Contact Details

You can quickly confirm this is a scam if an affiliate marketing program does not add their contact details.

Reputable affiliate marketing programs enclose their mode of contact and stay in touch with the affiliates who promote their products and services.

In addition, they will also guide the affiliate with any tools that help in product promotions.

Be conscious about checking for the contact information of the affiliate program so that you can ask for any doubts.

4. No Transparency

Ensure the affiliate program's payment terms, schedules, and policies are understandable and clear.

Before you sign anything, make sure you know how much you'll get paid, when you'll get paid, and how you'll get paid.

And be confident in avoiding those affiliate programs that are not ready to enclose their payment structure publicly.

5. High-Pressure Tactics

There are a few scammers who often use aggressive tactics.

To be clear, these scammers force you to sign up for the affiliate program, telling you that you will miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if you don't sign up immediately, or the program with maximum offers might end within a few hours.

Yet this approach is the oldest tactic; scammers use this to urge you into a situation to sign up immediately without thinking about anything.

But remember that the legit affiliate programs will not push you to an extent and give you enough time to decide.

6. Improper Website

Though this may sound funny, it's absolutely practical and accurate!

The program's website's design and quality are among the most vital signals for detecting affiliate marketing scams.

A professional marketing program always spends time and money maintaining its website to be user-friendly, precise, and speedy.

On the other hand, an improperly designed website that lacks essential details, addresses, or contains any grammatical and spelling errors will make it more suspicious.

These websites do not appear professional and may be the work of a scammer or an affiliate fraud.

7. Quick Money Promises

You can reject a marketing program that promises to help you quickly earn money.

In contrast, understand that an affiliate marketing program needs constant dedication, time, and effort to make money.

So be cautious if you come across any program stating that you can become rich quickly without any effort.

It is crucial to remember that these fake promising programs will often be advertised among social media users and mostly on social media platforms.

Therefore, research the affiliate program thoroughly and verify its legitimacy to avoid the affiliate scam.

8. Bot Traffic

Some affiliates or programs resort to bots or low-quality traffic sources to boost visits, clicks, and actions. 

However, this bot-generated traffic lacks accuracy.

Hence, ensure that your chosen program does not involve activities like these or generate fake leads that might damage your reputation.

A Final Note

If you are waiting to step out because of the confusion 

  • Is affiliate marketing legit or not, 
  • Is affiliate marketing legal,
  • Is affiliate marketing worth the hype

Don't worry; it's time to kickstart, as affiliate marketing is legitimate, worthy, and legal beyond question.

Now, on the way to winding up the article,

We could firmly say that affiliate marketing for beginners is a business that benefits both brands and affiliates.

Additionally, it becomes an attractive option due to its flexibility and passive income for people seeking comfortable work from home jobs.

Even though it requires regular attention, perseverance, and extra effort, the potential to earn an affiliate commission is continuously growing.

However, like other online businesses, you also have to face the ongoing challenges and strategies in affiliate marketing.

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