Jarvis AI Pricing Plan 2021

This article aims to take you through all the Jarvis AI Pricing plans and their benefits. So, let’s get to it!

Jarvis AI Pricing Plan 

Jarvis AI has three plans to offer, viz., Starter Plan, Pro Plan, and Boss Mode Plan. Here’s everything about each of these plans in detail.

Starter Plan – $29 per month

The starter plan costs $29 a month and comes with the most basic features and functionalities Jarvis has in store.

It provides credit for 20thousand words and comes with all the Jarvis templates.

However, this plan lacks the Jarvis Long Form Text Assistant as well as the document editor. Moreover, you don’t get to look back on the words you’ve already generated. Also, with the word count limit, there’s no scope for content regeneration.

So, this plan is for only some very basic content requirements.

Who Can Benefit from a Starter Plan?

The starter plan is for some very basic content needs and requirements. Since it lacks the Long Form Text Assistant and Document Editor, this plan isn’t the way to go if you have to create blog posts, product descriptions, or affiliate content.

However, if you want to create some creative copy content or some catchy social media captions, it’s great.

Additionally, you need to look at your content generation requirements as regards the word count, as the plan puts a limit on the number of words you can generate.

Unlimited Pro Plan – $109 per month

This plan is much more advanced than the starter plan. For starters, this plan doesn’t constraint you with any word count limits. When you have this plan, you can keep generating content limitlessly.

This plan gives access to all the templates for writing, plus has the Long Form Text Assistant. So, it’s ideal for writing blog posts and affiliate content of length, even up to 3000 words or more.

It also has a document editor, so once you’re done with writing content, you can edit the same. Additionally, you can check on plagiarism and regenerate content; however, for that, you’re limited to looking back only up to 500 words.

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Who Can Benefit with a Pro Plan?

Any blogger, freelancer, or agency engaged in generating long-form content like blog posts, product descriptions, product reviews, affiliate content, etc., can benefit from the Unlimited Pro Plan.

Additionally, even if you don’t create long-form content but your copywriting needs for a month exceed the 20K word count limit, it’s more feasible to go for this plan than the starter plan.

Boss Mode – $119 per month

The Boss Mode is a new release in Jarvis AI and has amazing features over and above whatever you get in the Starter and Pro Plans.

As with the Pro Plan, the Boss mode also provides unlimited word count generation and has a Long Form Writing Assistant and Document Editor to help meet advanced content development requirements.

The highlight, however, in the Boss Mode is the Jarvis Command feature that allows you to give voice commands to the artificial intelligence bot, create templates based on those voice commands, and enhance your content generation speed by 2x-5x times.

Not only that, it has a content lookback for up to 2000 words using which you can ensure the authenticity, originality, and uniqueness of the content.

Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with the content, you can always regenerate it. Since there are no limits to content creation, you’ve got chances for unlimited regeneration of content, and with that, you can make sure the best quality content at all times.

Who Can Benefit with Boss Mode?

If you’re a content creator with highly advanced content needs and requirements, then this plan is for you. It provides unlimited content creation and regeneration abilities.

Additionally, it helps achieve excellent speed in content generation with the ability to give voice commands to Jarvis and even create templates with those commands. So, if you need to develop lots of content in limited time periods, the Boss Mode of Jarvis AI will be at your rescue, helping you stick to your deadlines with excellent, appealing, and quality content.

Moreover, it’s not only good for meeting content writing needs, but it’s great for content marketers as well, as they can run their marketing campaigns at a much faster pace by generating better ideas and content with Jarvis.

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Jarvis AI Pricing Plans – An Overview

Jarvis AI

Let us overview all the Jarvis AI pricing plan offers.

The tool has divided its services and benefits into three different pricing plans.

  1. The Starter Plan @ $29/month
  2. It’s the most basic plan that comes with a credit for 20thousand words, multiple language options, and most of the writing templates available in Jarvis AI.
  3. The Unlimited Pro Plan @ $109/month
  4. This is a more advanced plan with no limits to the number of words that you can generate. It has multiple language options and all Jarvis AI templates. Additionally, it comes with the Long Form Text Assistant, an essential feature that’s missing in the starter plan, among other things.
  5. The Boss Mode Plan @ $119/month
  6. It has all the features of the Pro Unlimited plan along with advanced features of access to Jarvis commands that help create more refined and quality content.

With all these plans, you can also get a free trial for five days, wherein you get 10 thousand words of credit. Alternatively, if you take up the plan because you don’t want to restrict yourself to 10k words for five days, and later you’re not happy with the tool, you have a 7-Days money-back guarantee. So, anyway, you won’t regret putting in your money because you can get it back if the tool isn’t working out for you.

We’ll talk about both these things in detail further, but let’s first get into more details of these pricing plans as regards the features you get with each one of them and which plan is suitable for what purpose.

More Discount with Annual Plans

Jarvis AI also offers annual plans. As such, you can make an upfront yearly payment to avail of your preferred plan option. In such a case, the cost comes down to a certain extent. 

The starter plan, when purchased annually, costs only $24 a month. The Unlimited Pro costs $90 a month and the Boss mode $99 a month.

That’s a significant saving in expenses. Not only that, you even get 2months free if you subscribe to the plans annually. So, if you have long-term needs and requirements, it’s best that you take the annual plans.

Lifetime Deal

Many writing and SEO tools come with lifetime deals, and those are very feasible and affordable for long-term needs and requirements. Unfortunately, Jarvis AI Pricing Plans do not have a lifetime deal option as yet. The yearly plans are the best discounts and deals you can get with Jarvis as of now.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You always want your money to be safe, so you may think, what if the tool doesn’t meet your specific needs and requirements and renders of no use to you after you’ve purchased a subscription?

Well, in this case, you have a bandwidth of 7days to go back on your purchase decision. Once you’ve purchased a plan for Jarvis AI, you can try out the tool for 7days, and if within those 7days you’re not satisfied, you can claim a refund, and you’ll get your subscription money back with no questions asked.

Is there a Free Trial?

Rather than putting yourself to all the hassles of refund requests and claims, you’d want an option to try the tool for free for some time. Well, you’re in luck.

Jarvis AI comes with a 5-day free trial option. However, availing of this option requires you to go through certain steps. But moving through them is easy, and you’ll be able to activate the free trial and get credit for 10thousand words within minutes.

After the Jarvis AI Free Trial 2021 period is over, you’ll automatically be charged from your card unless you don’t want to continue, in which case you’ll have to cancel your account before the trial period ends.

Is Jarvis AI Pricing Affordable For You?

Jarvis AI has taken the writing world by storm. Content writers and copywriters have been going crazy about this fantastic, AI-powered tool that helps create compelling copies for advertisements and social media posts and even helps write long-form content like blog posts, product reviews and descriptions, affiliate content, and a lot more.

Experienced and professional content experts helped develop the tool, and the way it has been programmed, you can meet end-to-end content writing needs and requirements. But nothing so good comes for free! So, you may question how much Jarvis AI costs!

Well, you’re going to be surprised by looking at the Jarvis AI Pricing plans. The starter plan comes at just $29 per month, and you get credit for 20k words. Isn’t that cheap?

There are more plans as well.

So, this was all about Jarvis AI Pricing. I hope it has cleared all your queries and questions about the tool and its pricing plans.

So, when are you starting with Jarvis AI and scaling up your content game?

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