7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 – Which is Best For You?

Welcome to this guide, where we explore various Jasper AI Alternatives. Throughout this article, I will:

  1. Present you with a compilation of 7 Jasper AI Alternatives that can serve as substitutes.
  2. Provide a detailed comparison between each of these tools, giving you valuable insights into their features and functionalities.
  3. Share my personal experiences with each tool, offering you firsthand information to help you make an informed decision.

If you feel that Jasper doesn't meet your requirements, fret not! Simply refer to the list below to discover the best options available to you.

1. Copy AI

I would recommend Copy AI as the overall best Jasper AI alternative in my personal review. If you are a copywriter, then Copy AI is a tool that you will love. It already has a huge community of content writers, copywriters, and marketers who have been able to generate highly optimized copies with the tool.

7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 - Which is Best For You? 1

All you need to do on Copy AI is select the kind of copy you wish to create, enter the relevant information, and just wait for a few minutes to allow the tool to generate the copies.

The tool will generate as many as ten copies at once. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always create more results, depending on the number of credits you have in your account.

The good part is that it helps copywriters, content writers, and content marketers alike. You can generate different copies for your advertisement content, social media content, etc. Still, you can even use the tool to create titles, introductions, conclusions, content outlines, and other ideas for your blogs. Additionally, you can leverage different formulas and templates for creating sales copies.

So, the scope for using Copy AI is very vast, and the best part is that you can start using it for free. You get as many as 90 credits when you sign up and can explore more than 90 different tools on the platform. So, if your writing needs are limited, you might not even have to tie yourself up with monthly or yearly costs.

Moreover, even the paid plans are not very costly if you have your operation at scale. The Pro plan only costs $49 a month, which is pretty affordable compared to Jasper. Nonetheless, unlike Jasper, this tool cannot help you with long-form content. So, if you primarily write long-form content such as affiliate content and product reviews and descriptions, you might want to look for some other alternative.

Check out Copy AI Review here.

2. Copysmith AI

Another overall best Jasper AI alternative, Copysmith AI, is suitable not just for writers but also for marketers and entrepreneurs. This tool has excellent features and functionalities to help you create any content you want.

7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 - Which is Best For You? 2

From helping you brainstorm and generate content ideas to helping you write ad copies, social media content, blog articles, and even the other long-form content types like product reviews and product descriptions, Copysmith AI has templates for all these requirements.

In fact, you can choose from a list of more than thirty different templates on the platform, and this number keeps growing. Moreover, the platform also has multilingual support, so you can write in many languages. However, this multilingual support doesn’t work very well-currently and is still under development, so you might not get as good results in other languages as you get for English.

So, in templates and multilingual support, Copysmith AI is not as good as Jasper AI; however, you can still try it as a good alternative, especially if budget is a concern. 

While there’s no free version of the tool, the pricing plans are incredibly budget-friendly. The starter plan costs just $19 a month and packs the tool's major features and functionalities in itself. For more advanced features, you can also move on to the higher plans, especially if you want to have unlimited words, given the fact that, in the starter plan, the number of words is limited to 20000 per month.

Additionally, in the higher plans, you will get expert assistance from the tool, which will make it more beneficial, and you will be able to generate better and more optimized copies.

With all these features and functionalities, Copysmith, even though having fewer templates and inadequate language support, Jasper poses a good alternative, something you can definitely try.

Check Copysmith AI Review here.

3. AI Writer

The next cost-effective Jasper AI Alternative is AI Writer. If you are someone to whom research is essential, AI Writer will probably be the best writing assistant for you.

7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 - Which is Best For You? 3

We all know how long research takes and how hectic it gets to generate research-based content. With AI Writer, it’s all easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

This tool can create any type of content, short-form or long-form, and that too based on thorough research, in no time at all. You have to give the tool a headline, and you shall have the research-based content on your screen within minutes.

What makes it better for research than any other AI Writing tool is that it provides citations for the research, and you can verify the authenticity of the content that this tool generates.

In addition to creating all kinds of content, this tool is great for content rewriting and editing. So, if you have pre-written pieces of content that need remodeling, you need not look any further than AI Writer.

Another major benefit of using AI Writer is its ability to create SEO-optimized content and even coach you for the same. So, it’s a writing assistant in very true terms, and you can take your writing to the next level with it in no time at all.

Moreover, the pricing plans are also very favorable. Even in the basic plan, you get all the features, which costs only $29 a month. The only difference between the plans is the availability of writing credits.

So, all you need to do is look through your writing needs and requirements and choose the plan that meets them well. Moreover, whatever plan you buy, you get additional 2-months free. So, that’s an added bonus.

Besides that, if you’re not sure about putting your money into this tool without even trying it out, you can avail of the free trial, be satisfied with the tool, and then take a subscription.

4. ContentBot.ai

Another excellent Jasper AI Alternative for every professional in the digital space, especially when it comes to content creation, is ContentBot.ai. This is a tool for all kinds of digital creators.

7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 - Which is Best For You? 4

The tool has many different writing templates and around 35 different writing tools that you can use to generate high-quality content optimized for the search engines. The type of content is not a constraint with this platform either. From writing the smallest of ad copies to creating long-form content like product descriptions, you can rely on ContentBot.ai to do it all.

Moreover, you can quickly generate high-converting, informational, and knowledgeable blog articles. When we talk about blogs, one of the most prominent features that sets ContentBot.ai apart from all other AI-based writing assistants is its automation for suggesting new writing ideas and topic inspirations.

Besides that, the language support is phenomenal on ContentBot.ai. Whatever the languages that Google Translate supports, you can find the support for them on ContentBot.ai. So, the scope for writing in multiple languages is vast for this writing assistant.

Additionally, the tool supports content editing, paraphrasing, and spinning. So, in addition to creating content from scratch, you can also use this writing assistant to modify your existing content and make it better.

Furthermore, the fascinating thing is that you get all these features at just $59 per month. Also, if you would like to give the tool a try before you finally tie yourself up for a monthly subscription, you can take a Prepaid plan at $1 per 1000 words.

In addition to such a reasonable and affordable pricing plan, you can always find opportunities for discounts.

With all these things, it’s a must-try tool, and who knows that it might work even better for you than Jasper AI.

5. Writesonic

Another comfortable writing assistant, just like Jasper AI, and a good alternative for all professionals and entrepreneurs in the digital space is Writesonic.

7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 - Which is Best For You? 5

Like Jasper AI, this writing assistant can generate any form of content while also equipping you with the means to edit that content as well as any existing content that you might have.

As such, you can use this tool to write ad copies, social media content and captions, blog posts, affiliate content, long-form articles, and more. Moreover, the tool is designed to write content optimized for search engines. So, you will get excellent results and conversions from any content you generate using Writesonic.

However, the major highlight of this tool that makes it much different and beneficial compared to any other writing assistant is its unique pricing model. Of course, the tool has monthly and yearly pricing plans. However, if you do not wish to bear monthly charges, then you can use the pay-as-you-go model of the pricing available on this tool.

This pricing model is mostly available for cloud solutions and services. So, having the same for a writing tool is something cutting-edge. When you take up this model, you need to pay only when you avail of some service, in this case, when you use the tool for content generation.

So, if you don’t have everyday needs, then tying yourself up in a monthly subscription can be disadvantageous. Alternatively, the pay-as-you-go model will be very beneficial as you won’t have to worry about recurring charges.

Moreover, you get ten free credits as soon as you sign up. So, that’s an added bonus with the tool.

Now, talking of the monthly subscription, it starts at as low as $19 per month. So, the tool is budget-friendly either way, making it an excellent alternative to Jasper AI.

6. ClosersCopy

One of the most feature-rich writing Jasper AI Alternative is Closerscopy. This tool is not only equipped with multiple writing templates for the creation of all forms of content, but it’s ideal for marketers as well, given its 300-plus frameworks for marketing.

Additionally, there are thirty different tools for other marketing automation and workflows. So, you can leverage a lot with this tool.

7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 - Which is Best For You? 6

All you need to do is choose a suitable template and let the tool generate the content for you when it comes to content creation. Additionally, you can edit the generated content and other pre-written content that you might have.

What makes proofreading and editing better with ClosersCopy is the in-built thesaurus in the tool. With this thesaurus, you can significantly enhance the vocabulary of your content and make sure that it doesn’t sound too bland or too technical, full of jargon.

Additionally, the entire platform comes with a writing wizard that takes you step-by-step with the entire writing process while also providing you necessary insights into the style and emotions of writing to make the content look more realistic.

To add to all these excellent features and functionalities is the multilingual support available on the tool. With this support, you can write in more than 120 different languages. So, just like Jasper AI, this writing assistant opens up a lot of scope for writing for you.

The best part yet is that you get all these phenomenal features and functionalities at just $49.99 per month. Whatever you choose, the features and functionalities will be the same. The only difference comes with the availability of writing credits. There are more plans too that you can take up.

So, you need to determine your monthly content generation needs and requirements, and then you can choose a plan accordingly. Additionally, if you choose the yearly plan, you can even save 30% on the costs. The only requirement is to have a budget to bear a huge cost at once.

7. Rytr

Rytr is one of the most budget-friendly and economic Jasper AI alternatives you can ever find. For starters, the tool is available for free; however, the writing credits are very limited in that case. But the paid plans are priced very low, much lower than Jasper AI, making it an excellent alternative to the tool.

7 Best Jasper AI Alternatives 2023 - Which is Best For You? 7

However, before we get into how much it costs, let’s look at the features of this tool. As a matter of fact, the tool has more or less the same features as Jasper AI. You need to choose a writing template, provide your context, and let the tool do the writing for you.

You can choose from thirty different use cases when it comes to templates. Additionally, the tool has multilingual support, and you can write in about twenty different languages. These numbers are continuously growing as the tool makes an effort to upgrade and enhance its features and functionalities.

Besides all the writing templates and language support, you can also use the tool for proofreading, content-editing, and paraphrasing. Additionally, you can ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of the content by using its in-built plagiarism checker tool.

With all of these features and functionalities, it’s a good writing assistant at your disposal. Of course, the tool is not as good as Jasper, given that Jasper comes with many more template options and much higher support for languages; however, if you look at the pricing plans, then this tool is good to go with, especially if you are under a budget.

Talking about the pricing plans, the basic plan of this tool starts at only $9 a month, and the pro plan costs $29 a month. This is much less than what Jasper AI costs. Additionally, you get two months of free access to the tool with these subscription costs. So, that’s an added bonus.

So, even though a little less feature-rich than Jasper AI, it’s a good tool, and you can definitely give it a try.

Which is the Best Jasper AI Alternative For You?

Among all the alternatives, I would recommend Copy AI as the overall best Jasper AI alternative for you. Next, you can go for Copysmith AI for premium features. When looking for affordable AI Alternatives, pick Contentbot.ai and Rytr.

So, these are all some alternatives to Jasper AI. Some are better, while some as less good than Jasper, but all these writing assistants are unique in their own ways and can help take your writing next level.

With such AI-based assistants, content generation really becomes a breeze, and while it’s not an end in itself, these assistants are surely a means to an end. However, they do cost a lot, at least some of them, and it’s easy to lose your credits sooner rather than later, so you need to be very careful when choosing an assistant for yourself.

You need to carefully consider your writing needs and requirements, see how many words you need to generate on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, and then decide on a tool and its pricing plan.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you in finding out some of the best Jasper AI Alternatives and you are right on your way to purchasing a writing assistant that suits you well.

Happy Writing!

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