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Jasper AI Boss Mode Review 2023

Jasper Ai is an impeccable writing tool helping content writers and copywriters create high readability content. Recently, Jasper Ai has introduced a boss mode that has added to the tool's efficiency and speed of writing. 

Read the entire article to learn about Jasper Ai Boss Mode, its features, and its benefits.

What is Jasper AI Boss Mode?

Jasper AI Boss Mode is an advanced version that significantly enhances the functionality of Jasper. With 50+ templates and features like Long Form Text Assistant, Voice Dictator, and Document Editor, Jasper AI is doing wonders for writers, and it’s not stopping to get better.

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In addition to the Jasper AI Long Form Text Assistant and Document Editor, the Jasper AI Boss Mode is equipped with Jasper commands. These commands help you take complete control of Jasper and intuitively instruct it to create exactly the content on your mind.

Jarvis AI Template

All you need to do is open the Long Form Text Assistant in Jasper, Create a New Document, Tell Jasper what to write by typing in a writing command and then you can just sit back and see Jasper complete your article within minutes.

With this capability, you can achieve immense pace in content creation and grow your base as a writer.

Moreover, Jasper commands are not the only advanced feature available with the Boss Mode. It comes with many more additional features and benefits than that. Let’s have a look at them.

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Jasper AI Boss Mode Features

Jasper AI Boss Mode majorly unlocks the Jasper commands feature that adds pace in content generation and provides you more control of the Jasper bot. Besides that, you have nearly the same features as the Jasper Unlimited Pro Version, except that the limits tend to be much higher in this mode.

Here are all the features you get to unlock and benefit from in the Jasper AI Boss Mode.

Higher Limit for Content Lookback

Jasper limits the number of characters you can see above the cursor in the document. The limit for this in the Unlimited Pro version is up to 500characters.

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However, the Boss Mode increases that limit by almost four to six times, and you can quickly look back at up to two thousand or three thousand characters.

In this case, you have more chances to have a complete go-through of your long-form content and make edits more efficiently using the document editor.

Workspace Documents

You can generate different parts of the content on Jasper in other templates. For instance, when you’re writing a blog post, there’s one template that you could use for blog introduction and yet another one that you could use Jasper for the blog conclusion.

Here is an example for blog conclusion.

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Similarly, there are different templates to construct the body of your blog post too. The same goes with other content forms like emails, affiliate content, and even small copy content.

Combining all these content into one single document could be a task. But the workspace documents features of the boss mode cover you for that by helping you seamlessly combine all your scattered content in a single folder.

AI Outputs

When you’ve got so much content in your hands, it must remain organized. Every client is important to you, and you don’t want to mix their projects.

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With Jasper AI Boss Mode, you can save different projects in different folders, ensuring that everything is well-organized and exactly where it needs to be.

More SEO Oriented Content

You can integrate Jasper with Surfer SEO. This helps you create more optimized content oriented towards SEO. With that, you can ensure higher rankings for your content and get the best results from it in the form of more leads and conversions.

Multilingual Content Generation

Jasper AI is equipped to write in 25 different languages, and you can easily translate content from one language to another in minutes. This helps with multilingual content generation, and speech never acts as a barrier for you even when you do not know it well.

Jasper AI Boss Mode Pricing

Jasper AI Boss Mode comes at $119 per month, just $10 more than the Unlimited Pro Version.

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So, for just $10 more, you get features worth a million dollars. Moreover, if you take a yearly subscription, the cost even goes down to $99 a month, not to mention that you get a 2months free subscription.

So, you don’t really need to pay much, and it would be an excellent catch for making you play big in the content industry.

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Final Words

Jasper AI is an excellent tool for content and copywriter, and with its Boss Mode, it only got better and more valuable.

If you’re a content writer, copywriter, freelancer, SEO specialist, digital marketing professional, entrepreneur, or agency and have some extendable content writing requirements, Jasper AI Boss Mode will be a blessing to you.

So, are you taking up this fantastic tool? If yes, here is your guide for Jasper AI's free trial in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assist you in writing blog posts, social media posts, high-converting ad copy, emails, landing pages & sales funnel copy, product descriptions, website content, catchy headlines, scripts, stories, and books, among other things.

How do Jasper AI Boss Mode works?

Giving Jasper additional vision expands its context, writing better-quality, more relevant copy. Jasper will read 2000-3000 characters above where your mouse is in the document when BossMode is enabled. When it's not turned on, Jasper will only read 600 words.

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