Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 – Which is Best For You?

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Within this article, we'll thoroughly compare Jasper AI vs CopyAI across various aspects, including features, templates, languages supported, pricing and value, user interface, and much more.

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Jasper AI vs CopyAI – Introduction

What is Jasper AI?

In recent years, the AI copywriting software product Jasper.ai has become a coveted item. In the simplest terms, a copywriting helper is simply Jasper.ai. This tool can be used to build a wide range of marketing assets.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 1

Jasper Ai is simple to use and allows you instant access to data from major search engines, allowing you to provide more relevant and engaging content to your audience. Jasper Ai also includes a sophisticated algorithm that can help you uncover trendy themes and keywords, as well as optimize your SEO efforts by proposing new terms. For more information, see our in-depth Jasper Ai Review.

What is CopyAI?

Copy.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered content creation platform that claims to help users create better content.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 2

Copy.ai is a content writing service for small businesses that can't afford to hire a copywriter or an in-house editor. They advertise themselves as an “automatic creativity tool” for “generating marketing copy.” Bloggers, marketers, copywriters, social media managers, and others, according to Copy.ai, can all benefit from their product.

Developing digital ad copy, website copy, eCommerce copy, sales copy, social media content, and blog content is feasible. Copy.ai, an AI copywriting product powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, is used by over 250,000 individuals. It creates an effective duplicate in 30 seconds. CopyAI also has various other features that can help you make better content. 

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Jasper AI Vs CopyAI – User Interface

Jasper AI User Interface

Jasper is always capable of writing more or coming up with various new ideas.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 3

It tries to imitate human behavior as closely as possible. It gives you comments on what you've written and tips for how to improve it. This AI will continue to deliver feedback even if you stop giving it instructions.

You can do that with the program, so it's not horrible. I also asked Jasper to write an introduction for this hypothetical blog entry.

Jasper.ai is a highly intriguing and unusual product! It gradually learns how to behave more like humans over time, making it an excellent tool for enhancing your writing style, regardless of the subject matter!

CopyAI User Interface

Copy.ai just employs forms on its UI, which isn't very appealing. Jasper.ai, on the other hand, incorporates both forms and editors. As a result, you'll be able to develop more varied material.

However, the software as a whole has a simple and user-friendly design. All of the templates are simply accessible, and the dashboards can be used to conduct various tasks. On the dashboard, you'll see essential information after logging in to the software.

The templates are neatly labeled, making it simple to locate and utilize them as needed. While Jasper offers many templates to pick from, CopyAI just has a handful, which limits its application.

Editor’s Opinion

In my opinion, I would suggest Jasper AI has won. As I have personal experience using Jasper AI, I would definitely say it has a great user experience. But, I do not deny any point about CopyAI, but comparatively, Jasper AI won the race for a better user interface.

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Jasper AI Vs CopyAI – Supported Languages

CopyAI Languages

Input and output languages are available in Copy.ai. It allows you to type in a total of 25 languages. The AI will then write your copy in one of the 25 different output languages that you choose.

This implies that Copy.ai will convert your text from one language to another. You can, for example, input in US English and choose German as the language for Text.ai to write your copy in.

You can request a new language even if the language you desire isn't accessible in the 25 languages it supports. I'm not sure how straightforward it will be for Copy.ai to add the language you asked for.

Jasper AI Languages

Input and output languages are also supported by Jasper.ai. You can text in 24 different languages, and Jasper.ai will write in 26 other languages.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 4

Editors Opinion

Copy.ai has more input languages, whereas Jasper.ai has more output languages. The only thing they have in common is that they both translate copies from one language to another.

So, when it comes to output languages, Jasper takes the throne, and when it comes to high input languages, CopyAI strikes.

Jasper AI Vs CopyAI – Templates

Jasper AI Templates

Over 50 complex templates are available on Jasper.ai, which you may utilize to create whatever type of copy you desire. Templates are available for social media copy, digital copy, website copy, product descriptions, report writing, video descriptions, etc.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 5

The fields in these templates vary. Some fields assist the AI in generating high-quality content for you, depending on the type of copy you wish to write.

If you sign up for the Jasper pricing plan, you'll receive fresh, unique templates every month at no extra charge.

CopyAI Templates

Template-like tools are available on Copy.ai. It comes with a variety of tools for writing any type of copy.

Although Duplicate.ai's features are less potent than those of Jasper.ai, they are designed so that you can quickly produce whatever copy you want.

Digital ad copy includes things like Facebook headlines, LinkedIn ad copy, Google ad copy, etc. The same is true for social media tools, such as creating Instagram captions, Tiktok Brainstorm topics, and YouTube video titles, among others.

Editor’s Opinion

When it comes to templates, Jasper AI and CopyAI take the same place, in my opinion. But, when you consider the highest number of templates, CopyAI is my choice. But, if you prefer customizing and creating your own templates, I would choose Jasper AI.

Jasper AI Vs CopyAI – Ease of Use

Jasper AI – Ease of Use

In general, Jasper's content is its most vital selling point.  There is just no comparison to Jasper's cutting-edge technology. Here are the benefits of Jasper AI. 

  • Rich in simplicity and flexibility 
  • What you're after is a beautiful outcome.
  • You desire more advanced technologies.
  • The higher-priced plans should offer a lot of benefits.
  • Long-form content includes blog posts and articles.

CopyAI – Ease of Use

Although Copy.ai is perhaps the most straightforward way to utilize the software, it is also the most expensive. The secret to getting success in almost every situation is to use templates. Here are the benefits of CopyAI.

  • It's even easier to use if it's even easier to use.
  • You care about a good outcome as well.
  • You are unconcerned about the type of content you publish on your site.

This information should assist you in choosing between Jasper.ai and Copy.ai. Artificial intelligence-based copywriting software is becoming increasingly popular.

Editor’s Opinion

I hope both the tools are the winners here in terms of ease of use. The only difference is that Copy.ai divides its tools into categories, similar to how templates are organized.

 I am satisfied with both Jasper AI's performance and CopyAI’s. So, ease of use is guaranteed on either of the AI tools.

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Jasper AI vs CopyAI – Long-Form Content

Jasper AI Long-Form Content

Jasper.ai not only writes long-form writing, but it also writes 99.99 percent original copy that takes very little time and effort on your part.

The Jasper AI assistant is designed to aid you in writing long-form content such as blog entries, reports, and novels.

CopyAI Long-Form Content

Long-form text, such as blog entries, reports, and novels, can be written using Copy.ai. You don't need to upgrade to a higher plan to compose long-form material because this capability is available on the Pro and Team plans.

However, you will need to devote a significant amount of time to guide it so that it produces high-quality writing for you.

Editor’s Opinion

Without any doubt, I would recommend Jasper AI for creating long-form content. When it comes to CopyAI, they cannot create entire long-form blog posts. But Jasper is a pro in it. So, definitely go for it!

Jasper AI vs CopyAI – SEO Integration 

Jasper AI SEO Integration

To help you improve your long-form material, Jasper.ai connects with Surfer SEO through API. This is an advantage if you rely on organic search engine traffic to drive people to your website. You can use Surfer to optimize your copy within the Jasper interface once you've finished composing it with Jasper.

The number of subheadings, paragraphs, and words in your material should be determined by Surfer. It also indicates which keywords should be included in your copy and how many times they appear.

Before and after you apply the ideas, keep track of your content score on Surfer. Your content score will improve if done correctly.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 6

CopyAI SEO Integration

Copy.ai does not work with any SEO software. If you want to optimize your blog article to rank for competitive keywords, it is inappropriate. It's fine if you don't want to rank for competitive keywords.

Editors Opinion

Jasper has made a brilliant integration with the powerful Surfer SEO tool in SEO and other AI integrations. It is a most-wanted tool for both bloggers and marketers. Knowing it well, they have designed their integrations very well. But, CopyAI does not integrate with any other tools or software. 

Jasper AI Vs CopyAI – Plagiarism Check

Jasper AI Plagiarism Check

To help you improve your long-form material, Jasper.ai connects with Surfer SEO through API. This is an advantage if you rely on organic search engine traffic to drive people to your website. You can use Surfer to optimize your copy within the Jasper interface once you've finished composing it with Jasper.

The number of subheadings, paragraphs, and words in your material should be determined by Surfer. It also indicates which keywords should be included in your copy and how many times they appear.

Before and after you apply the ideas, keep track of your content score on Surfer. Your content score will improve if done correctly.

CopyAI Plagiarism Check

Unlike Jasper, Copy.ai does not feature an in-built plagiarism checker. It also doesn't work with any of the plagiarism detection software.

Although there has been no evidence of plagiarism in the copy it has produced thus far, you can check for plagiarism using Copyscape outside of the Copy.ai interface. In addition, unlike Jasper users, you do not receive a discount.

Editor’s Opinion

With its powerful Surfer SEO integration, Jasper AI takes care of both the Grammar check, SEO analysis, and Plagiarism check. But, CopyAI does not have any third-party integration or built-in tools to detect plagiarism in the content.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI – Formatting

Jasper AI Formatting

More formatting options are available on Jasper.ai. It contains an alignment tool that allows you to center, left, or right align words.

You can use italics, bolding, underlining, links, and bullet points and modify the headings to H1, H2, and italics. You can format your copy on Jasper.ai instead of moving it to Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

CopyAI Formatting

Formatting tools are available in Copy.ai. You can use bold, italic, bullet points, and links and edit the H1 and H2 tags. It lacks an alignment feature that allows you to align words to the left, right, center, or justify.

You may need to copy and paste your copy into Google Docs or Microsoft Word to make these changes.

Editor’s Opinion

Jasper AI strikes my mind when it comes to flexible formatting. But, in the case of CopyAI, you need to copy and paste your output or content into Google Docs or Word to make your formatting easier. 

Jasper AI Vs CopyAI – Words Credit

Jasper AI Words Credit

There are three pricing options for Jasper AI – creator, teams, and business plan. All of them offer you limitless word generation.

So to conclude, the Jasper AI pricing plans allow you to create unlimited words of content per month.

CopyAI Words Credit

Copy.ai has only one pricing plan, which costs $49 per month and includes limitless word credit. However, keep in mind that CopyAI does not allow you to write articles, books, or other long-form content. CopyAI is the greatest tool for you if you don't want to write articles or other long-form content.

Editor’s Opinion

Though CopyAI cannot aid you in writing long-form articles, including books, the word credit they offer for just $49 per month attracts the users. But, Jasper AI does not provide unlimited word credit plans to its users.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI – Pricing

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper.ai offers the following pricing options:

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 7

Starting at $49 a month, the Creator Plan is a great way to get started.

Short-form material, such as tweets, headlines, and product descriptions, works well with this strategy. You can write unlimited words every month for $49 per month.

Advanced features like Jasper Command, SEO Mode, Plagiarism Checker, Recipe, and others are missing, making it difficult to generate high-quality content in less time.

The Teams Plan costs $125 per month.

You'll need this strategy if you want your team members to work with Jasper. All features that aren't available on the creator Plan are available here.

If you subscribe to Jasper's annual plan, you will receive a discount. There's also a 5-day money-back guarantee if you're unhappy with it.

CopyAI Pricing

Copy.ai offers three different pricing options.

Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023 - Which is Best For You? 8

The plan is entirely free.

A credit card is not required. You will receive up to 2000 words for a month with a single user seat. This approach, in my opinion, is for you to check out Copy.ai to see if it's what you're looking for.

$49/month for the Pro Plan

You have unlimited credits with the Pro Plan. This means that you can write as many words as you wish. Copy.ai has an advantage over Jasper.ai, which provides you more than 90 copywriting tools.

Enterprise Plan ( Best for large teams) with custom pricing

To acquire personalized pricing, you'll need to contact Copy.ai's sales team. It lacks advanced capabilities like Grammar and plagiarism checker integration compared to Jasper.ai's plan.

There's also no Jasper Command, which allows you to compose long-form, high-quality material in less time.

Its collaborative feature is ideal for large groups who want to work together on complex writing assignments and a live group video conference.

Editor’s Opinion

I would say Jasper is worth every penny you spend. Yes, its plan starts from $49 per month, which helps you write articles, long-form blog posts, and other forms of content. But, CopyAI, though it offers unlimited word credit, cannot create long-form articles with it. And moreover, Jasper AI has powerful commands that have made content creation easier for the users.

How to Pick up the Right AI Copywriting Tool For You?

The tool you use will be determined by the type of content you're writing, your budget, and other factors. Before deciding between Jasper AI and CopyAI, keep the following points in mind:

  • Usability: Software and tools must be “easy-to-use” to be used. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use them. These tools are designed to help you write faster. Therefore they must be straightforward and straightforward to use.
  • Content Template: Both the Ai Writer offer a wide range of templates. Templates are frameworks for creating high-converting short copies with the Ai Writer. The purpose of employing a template is to assist you in producing particular short(er) outputs for your specific use case.
  • Price: When choosing an AI Writer, price is a big consideration. The price charged in exchange for the feature supplied by each of them is the most important thing to consider before deciding.
  • Supported languages include: All content writers don't need to write in English. If you write content in a language other than English, this is a critical consideration.
  • Integration: If you're using additional tools as part of your marketing strategy, you'll need to ensure they're all working together.

Wrapping Up Jasper AI vs CopyAI: Which is Best?

My Personal favorite is Jasper. As both are copywriting tools, you can take their free trial for granted and go with the one that suits you the most. 

New AI Copywriting tools like Jasper AI and CopyAI can help you generate better content. These AI aren't here to take the position of content writers; instead, they're here to improve the way they work, whether it's through faster writing or more originality! 

Each has its own advantages; one may speed things up, while another may occasionally offer some funny banter (depending). There is no right or wrong answer when selecting which kind is ideal for a given situation because they are both excellent at something. However, Jasper AI is my personal fave.

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