Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 – Does It Save Your Time?

Jasper AI is not revolving around content writing alone. It is also for copywriters. All the copywriters out there might have heard about the Jasper PAS framework. 

Do you know Jasper helps you with that too?

Yes, you heard it right. Let us discuss how to create content with the Jasper PAS framework.

What is Jasper PAS Framework?

PAS Framework in Jasper is nothing but the Pain, Agitate, and solution for a problem. You need to know the pain and agitate the content to solve the readers as a copywriter. Before entering the steps, let us get into details. 

Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 - Does It Save Your Time? 1

The Problem-Agitate-Solution paradigm is a tried-and-true copywriting method that engages readers by stressing human responses to maximize conversion rates. By recognizing the problem and agitating it, the Problem-Agitate-Solution structure aids in the development of innovative marketing concepts. 

As a result, the reader feels their agony and purchases it to urge them to buy something else or begin using your product/service.

How to Create Content With Jasper PAS Framework?

Kudos to all the Jasper users out here! If you are on the Jasper Trial for free, you can also enjoy Jasper's benefits for writers like you and me. 

Log in to your Jasper dashboard and go to Create New content

Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 - Does It Save Your Time? 2

Then go to New from template – > PAS Framework

Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 - Does It Save Your Time? 3

Now, you can see the inputs screen where you need to provide enough information to Jasper to better understand your writing need. 

Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 - Does It Save Your Time? 4

Now that you have learned how to create content with Jasper PAS Framework, why not try it now.

Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 - Does It Save Your Time? 5

Remember to give enough attention to all fields.

Here is another example,

Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 - Does It Save Your Time? 6
Create Content with Jasper PAS Framework in 2023 - Does It Save Your Time? 7

Applications of PAS FrameWork

Time-tested and practical procedures that serve as fill-in-the-blank templates build writing formulas. As a result, each copy will be unique even if numerous authors use the same formula.

You don't have to look like everyone else because you're writing for a different audience, product, and so on.

It can be used in,

  • A new perspective is necessary when a new product enters the market and fails to address a customer's pain point adequately.
  • To increase awareness of your company's offerings to generate new business.
  • To develop new marketing concepts or make changes to an existing campaign.
  • You've come to the right place if you need material for your social media platforms, email campaigns, or website.

Here is the detailed view of the PAS Framework.


What drives people to make purchases? They're dealing with a problem or a source of discomfort. Copywriting is a highly emotional process. It's essential to keep this in mind.

If people aren't sticking around to read your content, they can't think of a compelling reason to do so right now. They must be able to see the value right away.

You'll be able to stop them in their tracks if you can precisely identify a problem they're having. You don't need to provide viewers with any more information just yet. All you have to do is make a connection with their issues.

There is one catch, though: you must absolutely nail it.

You can't make assumptions about the problems you think your target audience is having. You have to be very certain.


Worsening the bad sensations and suffering caused by the condition is agitation. As a result, it necessitates explaining why it hurts. You've progressed from simply stating the issue to articulating how it feels to experience the pain and where it comes from.

‘Value vs. feature' statements are a term you may be familiar with. Focusing on the benefits encourages customers to consider the product and its components beneficial. If you haven't done so before, here's a quick cheat sheet: Only if the consumer benefits from a product feature is it worthwhile.

The polar opposite of the value/features statement is agitation. Instead of presenting a feature, you describe a problem. Instead of emphasizing the advantages, you'll focus on the disadvantages.


The PAS formula's final step is to solve the reader's dilemma. The final component of the problem is the solution.

However, before you start writing your advertisement/email/sales page/(or whatever medium you use to promote your product), you should demonstrate the problem you're about to solve to your reader. The negative sentiments you'll be removing.

Once you've established this, you can present your solution to the problem (a.k.a. your product).

However, you cannot discard all of your previous work to prepare your readers for this section. You may now speak directly to the problems your product solves now that you've introduced the features/benefits of your product. 

Do I Recommend Jasper To Content Using PAS FrameWork For You?

Of course, I do! Though you need to pay attention in giving inputs, it is one-time research. Relying on Jasper is the best decision that I have ever made. It takes care of all my content needs, including PAS Framework.

Happy writing! Understanding and addressing the problem seems excellent when it comes to customer relationships. Jasper will definitely help you with this. You can also go ahead with Jasper AI Review for further details.

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