Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California

In this article, we will list the jobs that pay $40 an hour in California, which could be your stepping stone to settling there.

Whether you are a tech geek with a master's degree or an ultra-careful organizer without a degree, we cover jobs for everyone.

So buckle up and dive into the list!

1. Delivery Driver

Hitting the job as a delivery driver in California offers you complete freedom, flexibility, and the potential to earn 40 an hour.

More than just handling the steering, the modern delivery driver role delivers everything from hot meals and medicines to necessary grocery items.

While a formal qualification is not mandatory, possessing a spotless driving record and the capability to navigate through various road conditions is crucial.

Regarding the salary, the pay scale for a delivery driver in California differs according to the company, experience, and the nature of the job.

Foodja is one of the companies offering a minimum of $40 per hour for a Delivery driver in California.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 1

2. Speech Language Pathologist

One of the jobs that pay $40 an hour in California and expect a 19 percent growth between 2022 and 2032 is a speech-language pathologist.

Below is an image from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing the salary of a Speech-language pathologist.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 2

A Speech-language pathologist is a language detective who helps with communication disorders or those struggling to express themselves through speech.

You can search for Speech-language pathologist jobs in schools, private clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.

To kickstart your journey in this industry, a master's degree in speech-language pathology is a must. Moreover, to practice, you should get a license.

If you are ready to make some impact on others' lives and have the required degree, what are you waiting for !?

3. Patient Care Coordinator

Patient care coordinators are the ones who communicate between patients and their healthcare professionals.

Also known as care coordinators, they manage the patient's treatments and healthcare plans.

To be a Patient care coordinator, you must complete a bachelor's degree in health and human services.

Below are a few job opportunities for Patient care coordinators on,

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 3
Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 4
Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 5

Pursuing patient advocacy training programs or an advanced certificate in care coordination helps you stand out while searching for jobs.

Though not all employers require you to have a license, you can get a registered nursing license as you can also work as a registered nurse in some health centers.

4. Model

Being a model requires everything from showcasing the clothes to posing for commercial advertisements.

Thriving in the modeling industry is easily attainable in significant locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

While a formal education is not a constraint, having an attractive physical appearance, dedication to the profession, and promising acting skills are necessary.

You can open the door to being a model by communicating with stylists, photographers, and other professional models.

But be ready to face the challenges in the multifaceted industry, like competitions, timeless schedules, and maintaining physical health.

According to, Model is one of the jobs that pay $40 an hour in California, providing 52% satisfaction.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 6

5. Coding Instructor

If you have a degree in computer science and are keen on programming, then the role of Coding instructor is for you!

As a Coding instructor, you will teach and help students learn Coding and technologies.

Universities, colleges, private tutoring services, coding campaigns, and companies are ready to hire and pay more than $40 per hour for people with prior coding experience.

There are more than 100 Coding instructor jobs that pay $40 an hour in California –

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 7

Some successful tips to excel in this career are – learning from different resources to educate yourself, staying updated about recent technologies, utilizing digital tools, and communicating with other instructors.

6. Research Analyst

A career as a research analyst would be the right choice if you are good at mathematics and are keen on helping businesses with financial assistance.

A research analyst collects, organizes, and arranges raw data into information to help businesses make strategic decisions.

You can find research analysis jobs that pay $40 an hour in California in every industry, from healthcare and finance to tech.

The average salary for a research analyst in California is $42.50, and a senior analyst can earn upwards upto $72 – Indeed.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 8

Also note that factors like location of the company, experience you have, size of the company, and education level play a significant role in salary.

A bachelor's degree in statistics, business, or economics is required to be a research analyst. 

However, employees with exceptional skills and experience have more opportunities.

7. Dental Receptionist

If you are a person who is interested in doing administrative tasks, then this is one of the best jobs. 

A dental receptionist plays an essential role in the dentist's office, and some of their duties include;

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Preparing the bills of patients
  • Greeting patients and informing patients about the payments
  • Track orders and supplies
  • Handle communication via email, chat, and phone calls
  • Claiming insurance from companies

The educational qualification for a dental receptionist would be a high school diploma or GED.

Here are some of the job openings for dental receptionists,

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 9

To excel in these jobs that pay 30 an hour, you can undergo dental receptionist training or education programs, which are plenty online.

Many academic dental receptionist programs take nine to twelve months.

8. Casting and Location Manager

Being a dazzler, California offers various opportunities for Casting and Location Managers.

As a casting and location manager, you must be cautious while sifting through resumes and pay attention to detail while searching for places that match the scripts.

Connecting with professionals and participating in industry events opens avenues to discover opportunities for casting and location manager roles within production companies, studios, casting agencies, and independent filmmakers.

To be a successful casting and location manager, organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills are necessary regardless of a degree in the film industry or related field.

Moreover, having sufficient knowledge about filmmaking and the industry is essential.

Here is a screenshot showing the average salary of casting and location managers on,

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 10

As the name “Casting and location manager” implies, these unique jobs that pay well involve two roles, but some companies hire a single person for the role and provide the best pay.

9. Interior Designer

For those passionate about shaping the environment and influencing people with their decorative ideas, interior design is a promising job that pays $40 an hour.

You can apply for interior designer jobs that pay $40 an hour in California in designing firms, architecture companies, studios, and even platforms like Pinterest; Houzz provides a plethora of chances.

While an accredited degree in interior design is imperative, certain employers also value candidates with proven expertise and exceptional talents during the recruitment process.

Below is an image from showing the salary varying per California region.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 11

Get ready to dive into this thrilling interior designing path if you have skills in designing and attention to detail that transform your dreams into reality.

10. Homekeeper

Homekeepers are the modern-day workers who transform messy places into sparkling homes.

Their responsibilities include deep cleaning, laundry, organizing, decluttering, and maintaining a cleaning routine.

You can get jobs that pay $40 an hour in California by looking into platforms like TaskRabbit, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Thumbtack or visiting local cleaning agencies.

Currently, there are more than 800 Homekeeper jobs on LinkedIn,

Top 10 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California 12

There is no space for formal education in this cleaning industry; however, you must be physically fit and have some stamina to perform the housekeeping tasks.

Due to the increasing demand for homekeeper roles in California, the chances to earn more than or equal to $40 an hour are high.

Becoming a homekeeper is a common choice if you do not have a degree but need to earn $40 an hour without a degree.

Concluding Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour In California

Remember that this list of jobs is not just a random numbering! 

We researched across several portals and organizations and refined it with high accuracy.

So, pick your job according to your talent, experience, and skills from the above list.

Furthermore, you can check out websites like Indeed, Flexjobs, and other online job boards to get your dream jobs that pay 80k a year in California.

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