Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas – Check Out

Jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas not only bring you the best career opportunities but also offer you a comfortable lifestyle.

Hence, join us if you are looking for jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas.

1. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents serve as the bridge between the buyers and sellers of properties.

Their core responsibilities include

  • Search for properties that the clients like
  • Schedule and conduct property meetings
  • Handle paperwork and legal documents
  • Interact with clients to learn about their needs
  • Provide support and guidance throughout the purchase

To become a Real Estate Agent, you can join a real estate brokerage, get referrals from nearby networks, or work independently.

Though no formal degree is required for a Real Estate Agent, most agents have completed a high school diploma.

Furthermore, if you consider choosing a Real Estate Agent as your career, grow your communication, time management, organization, and negotiation skills.

The pay scale for a Real Estate Agent in Texas is $70k per year, but the salaries vary depending on experience and skills.

Furthermore, being a Real Estate Agent is one of the jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas, providing decent satisfaction for people living in the United States.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 1

Being a Real Estate Agent is one of the jobs that makes you feel fulfilled when helping others achieve their ownership goals.

2. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is someone who 

  • Transform raw data into information with high accuracy
  • Apply techniques to extract meaningful information
  • Translate complex data into compelling visuals
  • Presenting and bridging the gap between numbers and business decisions

To pursue your career as a Data Analyst, you must possess a bachelor's degree in Statistics or Computer Science.

However, the doors will automatically open once you master mathematics, analytical thinking, and problem-solving.

You can find Data Analyst opportunities in technology companies, healthcare centers, financial institutions, retail industries, and eCommerce.

According to Zippia, the average pay scale of a Data Analyst is $70k per year, and below is an image showing the highest-paying cities.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 2

Choosing a job like Data Analyst is fine if you are a puzzle enthusiast who can turn every number into stories.

But remember and be ready, as the role involves continuous learning throughout your career.

3. Event Manager

An Event Manager is the one who

  • Conceptualize events
  • Find the perfect venues, vendors, and contractors
  • Create marketing strategies and execution plans
  • Coordinates and manages everything on the big day

You can find Event Manager jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas in event planning companies, hotels, conference centers, nonprofit organizations, and corporate companies.

While a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, Event Management, or a relevant field is mandatory,

Companies are still looking for people with prior experience and strong organizational skills.

Every job is different, and the rollercoaster rides involved in this role are late-night work hours, last-minute preparations, handling deadlines, and unexpected issues.

As per, the average salary for an Event Manager is $70k in a year; however, it varies depending on the city.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 3

Being an Event Manager is ideal if you want to bring people together and are an expert in scheduling the time zones.

4. Human Resources Manager

In the role of Human Resources Manager, your responsibilities will encompass recruiting, overseeing employee relations, managing administrative tasks, evaluating company performance, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Entering this field necessitates a bachelor's degree in Human Resources or Business Administration.

However, some people are willing to complete a master's degree in Human resources or MBA to enhance their knowledge.

Also, note that successful HR managers are the ones who balance the goals of the organization along with the needs and desires of the employees.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 4

A Human Resources Manager, on average, can earn $70k per year – Indeed.

To be a Human Resources Manager, search for opportunities on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Indeed or check specific company websites.

Suppose you are the master able to shape the employee culture work environment and strive hard to succeed. In that case, a career as a Human Resources Manager is your coffee.

5. Economists

If you are strong enough in statistics, economics, and maths, then being an Economist is one of the perfect jobs.

As Economists, you will wear different colors of hats like collecting and organizing data, forecasting economic situations, conducting research, and consulting with other businesses.

A bachelor's degree in Economics is enough to be an Economist.

However, an Economist with a Master's degree in a specialized field like Energy, Healthcare, etc., can earn high salaries.

Although the role of Economists is highly demanding, handling uncertainties and dealing with complex economic concepts are the biggest hurdles in the journey.

You can apply for Economist jobs at government agencies, professional organizations, online job portals, and nearby known company websites.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 5

As per our research on Payscale, the average salary for an Economist is $70k per year.

6. Physical Therapist Assistant

The duties of a Physical Therapist Assistant include:

  • Operating under the guidance of a Physical Therapist.
  • Teaching exercises to patients.
  • Tracking progress updates.
  • Carrying out the treatment plans.
  • Documenting the patients' progress.

A degree in Physical Therapist Assistance and passing the National Physical Therapist Assistant exam are required to be a physical therapist assistant.

Physical Therapist Assistants work in hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, home health centers, and professional organizations.

The role helps you earn an average of approximately $70k (approximately) in a year, as per the Indeed statistics.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 6

If you need clinical experience combined with hands-on patient interaction, being a Physical Therapist Assistant is one of the most rewarding jobs.

7. Software Engineer

A Software Engineer creates, develops, and tests software applications.

Also, their day-to-day responsibilities include;

  • Analyzing the requirements of the users
  • Implement software solutions
  • Debug and troubleshoot software problems
  • Collaborate with team members and stakeholders

You can apply for Software Engineering jobs on job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor or the companies' official websites in Texas.

Additionally, being an expert in Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and SQL will help you open the door to becoming a successful Software Engineer.

A formal degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any other relevant field is necessary to be a Software Engineer.

Moreover, some employers are ready to hire candidates with excellent coding skills and experience, even if they do not have a formal degree.

According to our research on, a Software Engineer, even at the entry level, can make $70k per year. 

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 7

However, with his intense dedication and experience, he can make up to as much as $120k annually.

A job as a Software Engineer will be a fruitful choice if you are searching for challenging and unique jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas, especially in the tech industry.

8. Head Chef and Kitchen Manager

If you have the art of cooking and are looking for jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas in the food industry, then there is no way to go other than this Head Chef and Kitchen Manager.

As a captain of the kitchen, the responsibilities of a Head Chef and Kitchen Manager include the following;

  • creating the daily menus along with incorporating the seasonal ingredients
  • motivating the crew members to be productive
  • ensuring high quality in taste, presentation, and hygiene
  • managing the budgets and food inventories
  • implementing food safety protocols

To get into this Head Chef and Kitchen Manager position, a Culinary degree and a passion for cooking are necessary.

With your culinary skills and knowledge, you can expect about $70k for a year in Texas, and once you become famous, you can earn a six-figure salary.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 8

Companies like Friend That Cooks Home Chef Service, CocuSocial, 400 Gradi, and Benihana are hiring for this role.

Though this is a cautious role, you can leave your footprints on every dish with your sparkling creativity.

So grab on!

9. Writer

A Writer creates attractive content to inform, educate, or entertain audiences and contribute to the digital landscape.

As a Writer, you can find opportunities in diverse sectors like journalism, content creation, technical writing, novels, blogs, and affiliate marketing.

Being a Writer, you are about to meet deadlines, face competition, think creatively, and stay updated about the latest trends.

A formal education is not required; however, a bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, or Creative Writing is highly preferred.

Moreover, a Master's degree in Fine Arts or Journalism helps to enhance your career opportunities.

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 9

If you are about to start your career as a Writer, you can explore online platforms like Upwork, freelancer, and LinkedIn or traditional portals like Indeed and Glassdoor.

The most significant benefit of writing jobs is that they are considered one of the top freelance jobs from home without experience.

Though the salary may vary, you can easily score an average of $70k in a year if you are a specialist in a specific field.

The role of being a Writer is a practical choice for those who have knowledge of playing with words and excel in the art of completing people with their writing.

10. Customer Service Representative

A Customer Service Representative, being the first face while entering, will handle customer inquiries and complaints.

You can easily find Customer Service Representative jobs on diverse companies, job portals, and career pages.

Below is an image showing the job opportunities listed on the online platform Zippia,

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 10

But we also make you clear about the thorns you have to face while picking the paycheck, and they are;

  • sometimes boring with the repetitive tasks
  • have to deal with angry and highly demanding customers
  • involves constant learning about the changes and policies in the industry

If you are rich in patience, have a bit of attractive communication, and are hunting for one of the familiar jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas, you can be a perfect fit for Customer Service Representatives.

So, are you ready to dust off your magic and bring a smile to the customer's face !?

11. Tax Accountant

The primary roles of a Tax Accountant include:

  • Preparing tax returns.
  • Answering inquiries.
  • Helping clients if there are audits.
  • Offering services for tax consultations.

Remember that you need a formal degree in Accounting or Finance to be a Tax Accountant.

Earning a Certified Public Accountant status will also boost your career growth.

To get into this thriving economy, you can browse for openings in financial institutions, corporations, accounting firms, and massive companies.

Moreover, job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn are great places to look for!

Some top companies currently hiring Tax Accountants in Texas are Ledgent Finance & Accounting, Dexian DISYS, and EY –

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 11

Being a Tax Accountant is intellectually right if you are not just an expert on numbers but are ready to tackle the changing tax codes and research.

12. Material Engineer

Material Engineer is one of the handsomely rewarded jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas.

We say this because you can easily earn a minimum of $70k in a year, as per our research on

12 Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas - Check Out 12

As a Material Engineer, you will;

  • Choose the materials for applications based on certain factors,
  • Develop new materials with creativity.
  • Test materials to meet the performance and industry standards
  • Collaborate with other engineers, scientists, and designers.

To become a Material Engineer, a degree in Material Science, Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry is the entry point.

Though optional, a Master's degree will make you win the competition.

If you are always curious about innovations and strive to create a better future, then you can knock on the door of a Material Engineer.

Concluding Jobs That Pay 70k A Year In Texas

Finding jobs that pay 80k a year without experience or 70k a year in Texas is more than just about the paychecks.

It is about growing your talents, tackling the challenges, and the dream to achieve it.

So go through the blog slowly and decide from the list of jobs that pay 70k a year in Texas.

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