Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California – Apply Now!

Are you a fresher looking for jobs that pay 80k a year in California or a professional looking to settle in California?

Whatever you are, buckle up and read this blog till the end.

California, being a home for giant companies like Apple, Google Alphabet, VISA, Netflix, Disney, Meta, and Chevron, offers many job opportunities.

So stay aware and apply for the jobs that pay 80k a year in California now!

1. Architect

If you are not only looking for jobs that pay 80k a year in California but are also willing to get a chance to shape the buildings of the future, then applying for an architect is such a good decision!

As an architect in California, you will 

  • Design for buildings, commercial complexes, residential flats
  • Collaborate with contractors to complete the construction
  • Manage the project deadlines, meetings, and budgets
  • Get the necessary permits and approvals

A bachelor's degree in Architecture is mandatory, but passing the Architect Registration Examination and some internship certificates will boost your chances.

Though California has many architect offerings, you can visit small firms, companies, and international corps in significant hubs like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco to get a job quickly.

Being an architect, you can earn $80k and even more if you are an experienced professional.

Thus, the job helps you escape the financial pressure.

Below is an image showing a few companies hiring for the Architect role,

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 1

But working long hours, dealing with arrogant or demanding clients, and adapting to the latest technologies are some challenges in daily life.

However, witnessing your designs come into reality and shape the streets and corners of California is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will get by being an Architect.

2. HR Manager

An HR Manager recruits employees, provides training for freshers, handles paperwork for programs, and solves if there are any disputes in disciplines.

Furthermore, they ensure that the communication between the employees and the company is adequate and whether there are additional needs for staff.

A bachelor's degree in Human Resources or Business Management is required to enter this industry.

You can find these jobs that pay 80k a year in California in every industry, from small healthcare startups to vibrant tech giants, by browsing LinkedIn, Indeed, and specific company pages.

While being an HR Manager is a gorgeous offer, here are some hurdles you have to overcome;

  • Balancing the company's and employee's interests
  • Staying updated about the changing employment laws and practices
  • Playing multiple roles like a cheerleader, disciplinarian, and caretaker of employees and the HR department
  • Implementing new policies to settle disputes and layoffs

According to Indeed, the image below shows how an HR manager's salary varies.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 2

3. Technical Writer

Choose this writing career if you are a grammar guru and want to help people with your friendly writing.

A Technical Writer is the one who 

  • Develop clear and accurate content, user manuals, and digital materials
  • Refine existing documents and eliminate grammatical errors
  • Collaborate with other designers, professionals, and staff to align with the project works

Even though a bachelor's degree in English or Journalism is essential, strong technical knowledge and interactive writing skills are the most important considerations.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 3

As a Technical Writer, you can enhance your jobs that pay 80k a year in California opportunities by being a specialist in any niche, like healthcare, software, engineering, or marketing.

Additionally, Writer is one of the best freelance jobs from home that are trending today!

Though the journey to becoming a Technical Writer is not a red carpet, witnessing your words making a difference in the lives of others, a secure job environment, and mastering communication are some real-life rewards for being a Technical Writer.

4. Dietician

If you are interested in curating others' food habits and willing to build a healthier community across the state, then a Dietician is for you.

A Dietician serves as a bridge between the food science and the plate you eat.

They understand your dietary needs and health conditions and provide proper nutritious food plans.

Also, educate you about food choices and healthy meal intake.

You can find Dietician jobs that pay 80k a year in California in hospitals, private clinics, schools, food companies, and community health centers by applying on Indeed and Health eCareers.

A bachelor's degree in Dietetics and a practice license are necessary to embark on this industry.

California emerges as the top choice for Dietitians, showcasing the highest annual compensation nationwide at $80,160, as per the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 4

Apart from the education qualifications, below are some additional skills to be a Dietician

  • Ability to analyze the dietary challenges and data
  • Interested in finding different food and their impact on health
  • Understanding what a client needs or prefers
  • Effectively educating the clients

5. Quality Assurance Engineer

If you are the one who is eager to produce qualities over quantities and strive to offer user satisfaction, then the role of Quality Assurance Engineer is for you.

A Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Tests and identifies bugs, glitches, and issues
  • Reports documents essential for fixing bugs
  • Communicate with other departments, designers, and project managers
  • Evaluate the software and help in providing user satisfaction 

Candidates with a bachelor's in Computer Science or Software Engineering are preferred for the Quality Assurance Engineer role.

However, strong technical and programming skills combined with certifications like Certified Software Quality Analyst and Certified Software Test Professional will increase your chances of getting hired.

Luckily, it is evident that the Quality Assurance Engineer position offers you $80k in a year, as seen in the graph below by

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 5

Although the unique jobs that pay well offer you high job security and beautiful benefits, learning about different testing methodologies, meeting the testing cycles, and checking vast amounts of data for bugs are the cutting thorns.

6. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Being a Network and Computer Systems Administrator is an exciting job that pays 80k a year in California.

A Network and Computer Systems Administrator works across diverse retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking, and Finance industries.

They are the ones who are responsible for

  • Designing networks and implementing them without fail
  • Configure and maintain system applications and accounts
  • Troubleshoot errors and minimize the failure
  • Protect networks and implement security measures.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for the role is expected to rise by 2 percent.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 6

Although the Network and Computer Systems Administrator jobs are highly demanding, solving complex issues, doing overnight duties, and keeping everything up to date are some challenges to overcome in everyday scenarios.

To embark on this Network and Computer Systems Administrator position, a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a relevant field is necessary.

However, some companies demand certifications like CompTIA Network+ and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

7. Financial Management Analyst

If you are strong enough to manage the flow of funds and examine the financial pulses, then a Financial Management Analyst is one of the ideal jobs that pay 80k a year in California.

A Financial Management Analyst is the one who

  • Build the roadmap for financial growth
  • Collaborate with other investors, executives, and stakeholders
  • Interpret the financial statistics
  • Identify the risks associated
  • Help in investment decisions
  • Track the spending patterns and pick the areas for cost reduction

A financial management analyst must have a bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Analysis.

Besides completing internships, experience in entry-level financial analyst positions and pursuing CFA certifications will make your profile highly weighted.

From our research on Zippia, a financial management analyst, on average, can earn $80k annually.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 7

Even though there is a growing demand for financial management analysts in California, people who are passionate about Finance and their concepts are highly suitable for this job.

8. Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapists are the ones who provide radiation doses to patients who have severe diseases like cancer or any other.

In detail, the responsibilities include;

  • Educating patients about the treatment plans
  • Protecting patients from improper radiation exposure
  • Operating the machines during sessions
  • Monitoring the patient's health
  • Tracking record of treatments done to the patients

Starting a career as a Radiation Therapist requires earning a degree in Radiation Therapy, followed by participating in internships or undergoing several months of training in a clinical setting.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 8

You can search for Radiation Therapist jobs in government hospitals, private clinics, and online job portals and visit nearby professionals (American Society for Radiation Oncology) and non-profit organizations.

Despite the challenges associated with the jobs that pay 80k a year in California, being a hope to fight against cancer and save people's lives will give you an intense peace and blessing while being a Radiation Therapist.

9. Learning Specialist

If you are interested in the education industry and looking for jobs that pay 80k a year in California, apply for a learning specialist position!

A Learning Specialist will

  • Identify an individual's learning style, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Create learning plans depending on different needs, goals, and styles
  • Monitor the progress of learning and develop plans to improvise
  • Research about the latest learning methodologies
  • Work closely with teachers, other professionals, and parents to create a supportive environment for the learners.

A bachelor's degree in Education, Special Education, or a relevant field is mandatory.

However, a master's degree in Education, excellent instructional skills, prior experience, and certifications like Certified Learning Specialist and Certified Academic Language Therapist will be an added advantage.

Below is an image showing a few Learning specialist jobs on the web portal.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 9

You will find Learning specialist job opportunities on Indeed, LinkedIn, school websites, and professional associations like the Learning Disabilities Association of America and the California Association of Resource Specialists.

10. Project director

The project director is a perfect choice if you are hunting for one of the highly responsible jobs that pay 80k a year in California.

A Project director, being a chief architect

  • Defines the project goals, budgets, and timelines
  • Resolving conflicts among the teams and fostering communication
  • Track the progress and performance as per the goals
  • Devising solutions to challenges in the project
  • Building relationships with stakeholders and managing the expectations

While a bachelor's degree in Engineering, Business Administration, or Project Management is essential,

Most companies recruit persons with proven experience, undeniable leadership skills, and Project Management Professional certification.

According to Indeed, a Project director is one of the jobs that reasonably satisfies the employees.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 10

11. Power Plant Operators

If you are looking for jobs that pay 80k a year in California, especially in the energy sector, then Power Plant Operator is one of the finest choices.

Some of the responsibilities of the Power Plant Operators include;

  • Control and maintain all electricity machines
  • Distribute and regulate power in a variety of generators
  • Check for any operational issues
  • Monitor the voltage and electricity flow to meet the demands

A high school diploma, technical training, or relevant experience through internship programs are mandatory to place your feet on this ground.

According to, a Power Plant Operator, on average, can earn $80k annually.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 11

Although Power Plant Operators play a crucial role in society, understanding complex systems, working on rotational shifts, and handling heavy equipment are some negative impacts of this job.

12. Payroll Specialist

A Payroll Specialist is one of the best jobs that pay 80k a year in California, to begin with, if you are interested in guiding the paychecks and building the financial stability of an organization.

Their role and responsibilities include;

  • Verifying data accuracy and processing employee information
  • Processing payroll calculations
  • Addressing queries, discrepancies
  • Communicating effectively with HR and account managers to ensure smooth transactions
  • Finding solutions to payroll issues daily

To be a Payroll Specialist, you need a bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration and some experience in entry-level payroll roles.

Furthermore, below is an image from Indeed showing the average salary of Payroll Specialists in California.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 12

California offers various opportunities for payroll ninjas, and you can apply on Indeed and LinkedIn and visit nearby companies, specific organizations' websites, government agencies, and healthcare institutions.

13. Research Scientist

If you want to be an explorer of the unknown and the discoverer of solutions to the most occurring challenges, then being a research scientist is one of the wise choices.

To become a research scientist, a Ph.D. in your area of interest, gaining some research experience, and networking with other researchers are essential.

However, being a specialized Research Scientist in fields like Biomedicine, Environmental Science, and Artificial Intelligence will make your profile highly appealing.

You can look out for Research Scientist jobs on online web portals, organization websites, and platforms like LinkedIn, indeed, Zippia, and Glassdoor.

Below is an image from the web portal Zippia showing the opportunities in California.

13 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California - Apply Now! 13

While the value of the jobs that pay 80k a year in California is immeasurable, some of the hurdles you will face in this journey are;

  • Balancing communication and technical expertise
  • Handling uncertainties in projects
  • Concentration for long hours and sleepless nights
  • Work pressures if there are not sufficient funds

Final Thoughts On Jobs That Pay 80k A Year In California

Getting jobs that pay $40 an hour, $50 an hour, or 80k in a year in California is effortless if you have the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience

And if you have read this blog!

Lol, Jokes apart,

Whether you are seeking jobs in IT, medical, financial, or any other industry, we have covered all the jobs that pay 80k a year in California.

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