Kadence Theme Review 2022 – Is This New WP Theme Any Good?

Kadence Theme Review

Kadence is a promising ultra-fast WordPress theme with the most powerful features in the market.

This Kadence Theme Review talks about their features, pricing, support and gives you an idea of whether you should buy this theme or not.

Kadence Theme Review

Kadence Theme Overview

Kadence is a WordPress theme used to build a customizable web page and is a high-performing theme that loads at lightning speed. It helps in reducing the loading time of a website and also lowers its bounce rate.

Kadence Theme Home

Using a Kadence theme will ensure the accessibility of your website on all types of devices, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or desktop. 

The theme’s interface has a drag and drops functionality to edit your site without learning to code. The layouts in the Kadence theme can be customized, whether it is your website’s header or footer. 

If you want a set pattern, then the theme also provides various layout options in both the free and paid versions. Apart from this, the Kadence theme allows you to add social icons to your website so that your content can quickly reach a vast audience.

The theme offers a global color palette to the users aiming to make their website look more attractive. It also provides global typography to its user and the color palette, giving them varied choices to choose for their website’s texts, style, and size.

Kadence Features

1. Performance and starter templates

Kadence is a lightweight, high-performing WordPress theme. It doesn’t involve any heavy Javascript files, has inclined SVG icons, component stylesheets, which will improve your website’s loading speed incredibly.

Furthermore, you can get starter templates to start an exquisitely designed website, whatever be our needs like blogging, agency, ecommerce, online course, and more. 

Starter Templates

Since I have an unlimited site license, I installed the Kadence theme on my demo WordPress site hosted on Cloudways. I’m adding reports from speed testing tools which gives you a clear idea of how faster the Kadence themes are:

GtMetrix (Texas, USA)

  • Performance: 100%
  • Structure: 99% 
  • LCP: 405ms
  • TBT: 0ms
  • CLS: 0
Kadence GTMetrix Test

In the PageSpeed Insights, Kadence Theme scored 99 on mobile and 100 on Desktop

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 1
Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 2

2. Header Add-ons:

Kadence provides 20 header add-ons that you can use to customize your website. Every add-on is precisely designed to enable easy navigation and to give your website a very professional look. By simple drag and drop, Kadence helps to design the header with the most available designer options. 

Header Elements

Some of the add-ons are:

  • An account icon: The user can set an account icon on the top right corner of the website, which also comes with a drop-down functionality. You can place different elements in your drop-down menu, guiding your reader to visit your website’s various content pages.
  • Search box: Adding a search bar eases out the process of navigation. The user can quickly type and search on your website. You can also change the width and length of the search bar.
  • Contact element: Your website should have a clean contact page for easy communication from your readers or business leads. Kadence allows you to add your email, phone number, and home address on the website’s footer.
  • Divider: Kadence is a very customizable WordPress theme, and you can easily construct a divider to make your website look a lot more presentable. A divider can be created by the drag and drop method of the theme.
  • Extra buttons: If you want your website to have some shortcuts to simplify the navigation process, you can also create personalized button icons. This will make your website look a lot more presentable and neat.

3. Hooked elements

With the help of hooked elements, you can add content blocks anywhere on your website, present only for a specific time frame.

The hooked content can be distinctly used for different posts on the website. The user can also build a custom 404 page and place custom content on your footer or header.

I created a hooked element to display a banner before the content starts on a single post, visible on the entire site and all devices. 

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 3

Now, the banner is displayed across all the posts exactly what I liked to have.

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 4

By using this feature, you don’t need an Ad Inserter plugin to display ads or any coupon plugin to display coupons and deals. I find this really innovative as most of the competitors didn’t have such a thing. 

4. Ultimate menu

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 5

Kadence lets you create an ultimate drop-down menu that will display custom text. The user can highlight icons and tags of the website’s menu. 

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 6

Like the account icon header bar, your menu bar will also simultaneously present an icon. You can also fully tailor the background of your dropdowns.

5. WooCommerce add-on

Kadence theme smoothly integrates any WooCommerce website, and it makes the site look more presentable in front of your prospective buyers.

Some of these add-ons are:

  • Customize shop page- It allows users to build their shop with a custom page builder or blocks. You can place items according to your requirement and not just depending on a fixed layout.
  • Attach a side cart- You can place a personalized sidecar with the help of Kadence. When a customer adds a product to your WooCommerce website, Kandace will automatically open a side cart for an easy checkout process.
  • Toggle widget – A toggle widget is a small box that contains titles. So, you don’t have to go through the entire webpage, and the customer can just click on text files to visit the required content. Through Kadence, you can create a toggle widget in a hassle-free manner only using the drag and drop feature present in the world press theme.

6. Fixed Elements

This feature extends your hooked elements and is helpful for those contents that are fixed on the page. It includes fixed footers, fixed banners, and there is an option “show by device” as well.

7. Header or Footer scripts

You can add multiple options to extend your customizability through header or footer scripts and after opening body scripts. Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 7

Kadence Free Vs. Pro

Kadence provides both free and paid versions to its users. If you want to try it out and get a gist of how this WordPress theme works, you should go for the free version.  

Free version

The free version contains six starter templates that are fully customizable and can be molded according to the user’s needs. There is a template for every writing style, whether it is business-related or even a blog.

Kadence also provides you with full access to various fonts and colors you can use while personalizing your website. The edits are available in real-time, making it easy for a user to make all the changes.Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 8

You can also enable the breadcrumb feature in Kandence through the in-built breadcrumb generator, or it can be installed from any of your SEO plugins. It simplifies navigation by directing the path to reach a particular place, and is clickable, and automatically takes you to the parent file.

Even the buttons and colors of your website can be customized, and the user can set the width, style, font, color of the buttons. The free version of Kadence will contain all the primary functions of customization of your webpage. But if you want to upgrade your portal’s detailed view, the user can go for the pro version.

Premium version

The pro version of Kadence contains many additional features along with its pre-installed free versions. The pro version lets you create a more detailed header of your website by including a divider, extra buttons, widget area, search bar, contact elements, and many more.Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 9

Along with this, you can use the hooked element feature to place text anywhere on the website. The inserted text can be timed and placed according to the requirement of the user.

Kadence can be easily integrated with a woo commerce website and help you build an excellent eCommerce page that is elegant, SEO optimized and attracts many customers.  

You can make an ultimate drop-down menu on your website. The user can also add sub menus for a more detailed look. You can set a menu icon just like the one present in the header. The mega menu is fully customizable right from the content to the background and text.

Check out Kadence Lifetime Deal here.

Kadence Pricing

As Kadence offers both free and paid versions of the WordPress theme, if you want to upgrade to their paid version for more flexibility, let me find your suitable payment plan.

Kadence Pro has divided its pricing into two broad categories, one is yearly, and another is for a lifetime. Both of these categories are further divided into Kadence Pro and Kadence Full membership.

Kadence Pro yearly

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 10

This plan comprises an annual package of all their themes offered in Kadence Pro and costs $69 per year. 

Kadence Pro can be used for unlimited sites and offers one year of updates and support. It also includes a Kadence Theme Pro license for a year. The policy gives 30 days and satisfaction guarantee to its users.

Kadence Full Membership

The full membership gives access to all the products of Kadence at $169 per year. Along with all the pro version features, it includes membership access to Kadence Blocks Pro, Kadence Woo extras, Kadence AMP.

The plan includes all the themes and plugins of Kadence. Along with the present plugins and all the future themes and plugins will be provided to the user.

Let’s discuss the other Kadence products a bit:

  1. Kadence Blocks pro: Through Kadence Blocks, you can customize your page layout according to your need. It will enable you to personalize your content separately for all devices, whether laptops, tablets, or phones. The Block theme contains a pre-installed library, which is customizable and will make your contract attractive.
  2. Kadence Woo extras: This plugin is specially made for WooCommerce users to make their website look elegant and sleek. The user can add a product gallery slider that will showcase the product’s image on your website’s side or centers. You can also add product image zoom, size charts, advanced reviews tools, and many more.
  3.  Kadence AMP (Accelerate Mobile Page): It offers mobile support to your website. All the content posted will have mobile view access. It can be used for both your regular website and an eCommerce website. Kadence AMP will allow you to add ads, support translation, and can work with all types of themes.

Kadence Pro Lifetime

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 11

It offers lifetime access to all the services included in the plan. The pricing is as follows:

  • Lifetime Kadence Pro: $269
  • Lifetime Kadence Membership: $599

All the offers are the same as the previous annual plan structure. The only difference is the validity of these plans.

When to choose Kadence Theme?

Kadence theme is suitable for both freelancers and agencies. If you are a freelancer or solo blogger, choose Kadence Pro. It comes with the most advanced features to design a professional WordPress theme. 

If you’re into ecommerce and getting a Kadence theme for your WooCommerce store, go for Kadence Membership. The Kadence Woo Extras can literally improve your sales with its advanced features.

Apart from it, their Kadence Blocks is also a great addition which I recommend as the Best Blocks plugin for WordPress for its industry-best features.

Do I Recommend Kadence Theme For You?

Kadence Theme is a Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme focused on fast website building, performance, and supports major page builders.

Kadence is a WordPress theme that is adaptable to all kinds of websites, and it will make your site look a lot professional yet beautiful. You can also test the theme by integrating its free version on your website.

Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good?
Kadence Theme Review 2022 - Is This New WP Theme Any Good? 12

This Kadence Theme Review talks about their features, pricing, support and gives you an idea of whether you should buy this theme or not.

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