Kinsta Vs Bluehost Compared

Kinsta Vs Bluehost

Confused between Kinsta Vs Bluehost? Here is the updated post you need to checkout.

Kinsta and Bluehost are two web hosting services that are extremely popular and extensively used all over the world. This is probably the reason that it is not easy to differentiate between these two services and decide which one is the best. 

In fact, both are good at their individual level. However, a lot depends on what you are looking for and the features that your project requires. 

In this post, I tried to give you a clear picture of both the services by having got really deeper into some of the most important aspects of both the services. 

I am pretty sure that as you go through this post, you will have no difficulty in choosing the right hosting for your project.

Kinsta Vs Bluehost Overview

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting platform that started back in 2013. Kinsta has the advantage of running on the Google Cloud Platform. 

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Further, Kinsta service is characterized by advanced technologies relating to performance and security. Kinsta customer support team is also very reliable.

Started in 2003, Bluehost happens to be one of those few companies that had contributed brilliantly to this industry over the years since advanced hosting providers were quite a few back then. 

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What is commendable about this provider is that it has always tried to keep things pretty user friendly alongside keeping them advanced. 

Bluehost comes with powerful features and the provider is also one of the hosting services recommended by WordPress.

Kinsta Vs Bluehost Features

1. Performance

Performance is always a big deciding factor when it comes to choosing a web hosting service. For that, I bought a hosting account from both the providers and hosted a demo website on each platform.

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I monitored the performance of my demo websites for 6 months by keeping up with the uptime and the speed every 5 minutes. According to the test, my Kinsta website recorded an average uptime of 99.99% and a speed of 281ms. 

However, my Bluehost website recorded an average uptime of 99.99% and a speed of 450ms. Kinsta is the clear winner in terms of loading times.

2. Site Migration

Site Migration is another important aspect to check and a feature that you would certainly need if you have already got an up and running website with lots of traffic and you want to carry on with the same website but from a new platform. 

You can always transfer a website from one hosting platform to another. However, the method may vary from platform to platform. 

Kinsta keeps Site Migration simple for the customers by offering free professional site migration wherein your website data, databases, and email account will be transferred by the Kinsta experts. They will also take care of your DNS settings. 

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Kinsta offers unlimited site migration from above hosts.

However, if you need free professional assistance for more than 1 free professional site migration service, you will have to opt for Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans. With Pro, customers can have 2, Business comes with up to 4 and Enterprise offers 5 free professional site migration service.

Site Migration in Bluehost does not work the same way as in Kinsta. Bluehost allows users to transfer their websites from the old hosting platform to Bluehost using the Bluehost FTP which is offered for free. 

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However, if you are not too comfortable with doing it on your own and if you fear that it may cause downtime, you can hire Bluehost professional site migration service. Unlike Kinsta, Bluehost doesn't offer free professional site migration and it will cost you $149.99.

3. Security

Kinsta offers extremely powerful security features to protect your website from every single vulnerability. Kinsta security features include DDoS protection, Hardware Firewalls, SSL Support, and Constant server monitoring.

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Bluehost service comes with advanced security features too that include SSL support, SiteLock, Domain Privacy, and proactive monitoring to offer customers a very secure hosting environment. 

However, unlike Kinsta, these security add-ons are available for additional charges only. 

4. Developer-friendly Features

Kinsta offers many good features to keep things easy for the developers and the features include Staging environment, WP-CLI, SSH, Git, and Change PHP versions.

Bluehost does not offer as many developer-friendly features as Kinsta offers and some of the features that it offers are SSH access, log file access, and cron jobs.

5. Support

Kinsta customer support has done a good job so far in assisting the customers with their technical difficulties through Live Chat and Ticketing. However, Kinsta has not come up with phone support as yet.

Bluehost has offered a brilliant customer support service so far through 24×7 phone, Live Chat, and email.

While Kinsta priced premium offers the very quality of support basically inhouse team while I get connected with outsourced staffs most times.

Kinsta Vs Bluehost Pricing

Kinsta has as many as 10 plans for the customers to select from. The lowest plan starts at $30 and includes 1 WordPress install, 20,000 visits, 10GB Disk space, Free SSL & CDN. 

By selecting the highest plan of $1500, customers can have 50 WordPress installs, 3,000,000 visits, 250GB Disk Space alongside all the other important features.

You can also use Kinsta Google Cloud hosting for Woocommerce sites and also utilize the global data center to choose the best managed WordPress hosting in Australia, India, and UK.

Apart from that, customers can also contact the Kinsta sales team to get a customized plan in case you need more resources than what is offered by the available plans.

Bluehost offers you 4 shared plans to select from; Basic for $3.95/mo, Plus for $5.95/mo, Choice Plus for 6.95/mo, and Pro for $13.95/mo.

Basic comes with 1 website support, 50GB SSD, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Free SSL. If you need more than 1 website support, you can choose any of the higher plans. Further, with higher plans, you can have advanced features such as Domain Privacy + Protection, and Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic.


As I compared Kinsta and Bluehost, I found Kinsta with a leading edge over Bluehost at many places such as performance, security, and site migration. 

Even though Bluehost service apparently looks affordable, it is important to bear in mind that Bluehost charges additionally for security add-ons while Kinsta offers these security features for free. 

Further, Bluehost does even offer free professional site migration and for transferring a website with expert assistance, customers will have to pay an additional charge.