Kinsta Vs WP Engine

Kinsta Vs WP Engine – Which Managed WP Host is Good?

Kinsta Vs WP Engine

After using both Kinsta(Personal usage Review) and WP Engine (Personal usage Review) for more than a year, I came up with this post, Kinsta Vs WP Engine since there a lot of buzz with Kinsta in recent time.

I used my unbiased brain, to write up with the most exciting things between Kinsta Vs WPEngine and here we go for more info.

Kinsta Vs WP Engine – History

Powered on Google Cloud, Kinsta is a reliable Managed WordPress Hosting provider and has been around since 2013. Also, Kinsta is believed to have the industry's best speed and security-based technologies.

With over 90,000 active customers, WP Engine is a pretty popular Managed WordPress Hosting company too.

The web hosting company started back in 2010 and it offers a perfect mix of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions.

Kinsta Vs WP Engine – Pricing

You can start with Kinsta for as low as $30 while the lowest plan in WP Engine starts at $35/mo.

However, resources-wise, you can expect to get more out of WP Engine such as powerful tools, 35+ StudioPress themes, different free add-ons, 60 days money-back guarantee, 2 additional free months on annual prepay and more

The other Kinsta plans are Pro for $60/mo, Business 1 for $100/mo. Business 2 for $200/mo, Business 3 for $300/mo, Business 4 for $400/mo, Enterprise 1 for $600/mo, Enterprise 2 for $900/mo

The Higher WP Engine plans are Growth for $115/mo and Scale for $290/mo. In case, you need resources more than that, you can contact the sales team and ask them to get you a customized plan.

Kinsta Vs WP Engine – Datacenter Locations

As far as data centers locations are concerned,

Kinsta provides users with 19 data center locations to choose from

while WP Engine offers users 18 data center locations in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia to choose from.

Kinsta Vs WP Engine – Support

If we consider Customer Support, both Kinsta and WP Engine offer a pretty reliable service 24X7.

Kinsta offers support via live chat and tickets while WP Engine offers support via one to one live chat and Support Garage which is actually the WP engine knowledge base. Also, it offers phone and email support.

Needless to say, both the hosting companies have incredibly knowledgeable executives.

However, WP Engine has a slight leading edge over Kinsta for the fact that Kinsta does not have phone support.

Kinsta Vs WP Engine – Other Features

As far as CDN is concerned, both the hosting companies offer free Global CDN. While Kinsta partnered with KeyCDN, WP Engine CDN is powered up with Cloudflare.

If we consider site transfer, Kinsta allows you to transfer sites from a few selected hosting companies only.

In the WP Engine, you can transfer as many sites as you want using the WP Engine Automated Migration WordPress plugin.

However, the only thing you need to bear in mind is that your site should be a transferable site, and also, you need to keep in mind the number of websites your account will allow you to host on it.


A lot of people find it absolutely difficult to figure out the actual differences between Kinsta Vs WP Engine for the fact that both the Managed WordPress Hosting companies have performed remarkably well over the years and are highly reliable.

The WP Engine plans are comparatively a little more expensive than those of Kinsta but it’s worth it considering the fact that it offers a lot of additional features.

Another great thing about the WP Engine is the fact that it offers a 60 days risk-free trial while most of the hosting companies are offering only 30 days money back guarantee.

We suggest you give both the hosting companies a try and choose the one that you find most convenient to use.

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