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5 Best KWFinder Alternative 2023 – Which is Best?

KWFinder, a fantastic keyword research tool, has many advanced keyword research features. But, all of us get it well.

Are you searching for the best KWFinder Alternative for your Keyword research tasks? If yes, then hit here to know about the KWFinder alternative list from our expert team.

5 Best KWFinder Alternative 2023 - Which is Best? 1

The Best KWFinder Alternative in 2023 is

1. SEMrush

Among the KWFinder alternative, I would recommend SEMrush as the best keyword research tool. SEMrush is also one of the most popular SEO tools vouched by leading digital marketers and SEO specialists.

5 Best KWFinder Alternative 2023 - Which is Best? 2

With a set of 40+ tools for SEO, SMM, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and every other aspect encompassing digital marketing, SEMrush is not just a keyword finder but a complete SEO and digital marketing solution.

SEMrush has a huge keywords directory that constantly keeps growing, and you can research up to 500 keywords every month using this tool. That gives you brilliant exposure to find the most ranking keywords and create the most exhaustive list to help you with your content plan and SEO strategy.

Not only does SEMrush help find keywords, but it also presents them with relevant metrics as to search volumes, competition, etc., to help you analyze them and understand their usage and relevancy.

Additionally, SEMrush has competitor research tools that help you find the competitor keywords. You can quickly get insights into what your competitors are doing, what keywords they are ranking at, and with these insights, you can easily stay ahead of your competitors.


  1. Find up to 500 Keywords every month.
  2. Extensive competitor research tools to provide insights into what keywords the competitors are ranking at.
  3. Detailed metrics with regards to search volume, competition, etc., to make the keyword research more meaningful.
  4. Create extensive and exhaustive keyword lists containing your preferred and relevant keywords, so it’s easy to create your content and SEO plan.


Of course, SEMrush is free to start with advanced features and functionalities limitations. The subscription to SEMrush is quite costly when compared to KWFinder. However, that’s also because while KWFinder is designed explicitly for keyword research, you can perform end-to-end SEO using SEMrush.

The basic plan for SEMrush starts at $119 per month, and this price goes to as low as $99 per month if you take the subscription every year. Besides this, the tool comes with a Guru plan @ $229 per month ($191/month, if taken yearly) and a Business plan @ $449 per month ($374/month, if taken annually).

All these plans come with a money-back guarantee under which you can claim a refund within 7days if you’re not satisfied with the tool.

2. WriterZen

Next, I would rate WriterZen as the second overall best KWFinder alternative for you. It is an all-purpose tool for content writers and content marketers. WriterZen has an intuitive, innovative, and feature-rich content generation that helps you plan content with SEO and rankings in mind.

5 Best KWFinder Alternative 2023 - Which is Best? 3

WriterZen helps find the most relevant keywords with its keyword explorer and helps find relevant and trending topics, generate catchy titles, and create optimized content using those keywords.

Moreover, you can build and import keywords lists to remain more accessible, and you are at ease in planning content and SEO strategies.

Additionally, you can maintain the one aspect that’s very important to ace your content game – uniqueness. WriterZen comes with a plagiarism checker to help you eliminate any content collapsing with already existing content.


  1. Keyword Explorer helps find the highest-ranking keywords at scale.
  2. Keyword Importer helps to import keyword lists to provide higher accessibility to relevant keywords.
  3. Topic Discovery helps find the most trending topics related to the keywords and gives a headstart to content generation.
  4. Content Creator helps create optimized content with attractive titles and the right keyword placement throughout the content structure.
  5. Plagiarism Checker helps maintain the uniqueness and authenticity of your content.


WriterZen has two monthly plans that cost $70 and $100. However, if you make an upfront payment for the entire year, the same plans will cost $49 and $70 per month.

Also, if you’re not satisfied with the results you get from this tool, you can claim a refund once at any time. The WriterZen team processes this refund within 48 hours without any questions asked.

3. SerpStat

Coming to my affordable KWFinder alternative, I would rank SerpStat next. SerpStat is not just a keyword research tool but a complete SEO solution. It is one of the most affordable tools for achieving end-to-end SEO goals and purposes. Serpstat will become your SEO companion when used right.

5 Best KWFinder Alternative 2023 - Which is Best? 4

SerpStat has a collection of 30+ SEO tools and solutions which help in extensive keyword research, competitor research, website audit, content audit, rank tracking, and a lot more.

SerpStat has the ability for keyword research with an excellent collection of the most competitive and relevant keywords. The directory keeps growing by the day. As such, you can build exhaustive keyword lists with the most relevant keywords along with detailed metrics on search volume, competition, and other parameters.

Not only could you find keywords particularly relevant to your site, but you can also find competitor keywords through competitor analysis and see their highest ranking keywords. This helps you stay ahead of the competition.

With all these features for keyword research, SerpStat is great for enhancing the performance of your website in terms of SEO and content optimization.


  1. Extensive keywords directory with more keywords constantly added to it helps with thorough keyword research relevant for strongly optimizing your content.
  2. Competitor analysis tool helps find and analyze competitor keywords to stay ahead of the competition.
  3. Create an extensive keywords list with detailed metrics as regards search volume and competition and easily plan your content and SEO strategies.


SerpStat can be the most affordable SEO tool that you’d ever find. The SerpStat plans start at $69 per month, and the highest price goes to $499 per month. Moreover, these prices are further discounted if you take a yearly subscription in place of monthly ones, in which case, the basic plan would come to as little as $55/month and the highest plan to just $399/month.

Read our detailed SerpStat Review here.

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another affordable KWFinder alternative with extensive in-depth keyword research and analysis features. With SE Ranking, you can easily find relevant SEO and PPC keywords. You can also group them together in different keyword lists with their capabilities.

5 Best KWFinder Alternative 2023 - Which is Best? 5

Not only can you find the keywords, but you can analyze them and efficiently optimize the content on your website.

You also get competitor keywords in SE Ranking with detailed metrics on the highest-ranking keywords, search volumes, competition, etc. It is the primary thing that helps the user stand ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, in SE Ranking, you can analyze your own keywords ranking with the Keyword Rank Checker feature and continuously optimize the content for better performance.

Here’s a more listed view of all the features of SE Ranking.


  1. Excellent SEO features that aid website audit, link building, and a lot more.
  2. Extensive keyword research for SEO, PPC, and competitor keywords.
  3. Keyword Rank Checker to see and analyze where your website stands among the crowd.
  4. Keyword Grouper to help categorize the keywords based on usage and relevancy and create extensive lists for future use.
  5. Social Media Management and Analytics features.


The range of plans is very vast in this tool. Its plans start at $31 a month, and the highest plan costs $151 a month.

You can subscribe to any plan based on your requirements monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. Whatever the subscription period you choose, you get discounts as you go for more periods, with the highest value being 20% for an annual subscription.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, one of the premium KWFinder Alternative, is a popular SEO tool that no digital marketer would miss a mention. Count me in too! Ahrefts has amazing capabilities for link building. It provides space to 20trillion plus backlinks and still counting, this tool is seen as a boon for SEO.

5 Best KWFinder Alternative 2023 - Which is Best? 6

Ahrefs has fantastic features that help perform end-to-end SEO from the initial SEO audit to strategy building, execution, monitoring, tracking, analytics, and everything in between.

The capabilities of Ahrefs for keyword research have a unique keyword directory that helps find relevant keywords both from your website and other competitor websites, along with detailed search volume, competition, and other metrics. With this, you can easily create exhaustive keyword lists and plan your content and SEO strategies. 


  1. It has the fastest website crawler that helps rank websites on top pages in no time.
  2. It has backlink creation at its core which helps generate amazing results from SEO.
  3. It has an extensive keyword directory and keyword planner using which you can create rich keyword lists with related and high-ranking keywords along with detailed metrics on search volume and competition.
  4. It helps with competitor research so you can also analyze competitor keywords and see how they’re ranking on the search engines and accordingly plan your content and SEO strategies.


When you look at the Ahrefs plans, the most basic program starts at $99 a month, and the highest Enterprise plan goes to $999 a month.

Now, these look costly; however, you can really find the tool worth its value with what you get.

Is KWFinder the best Keyword Research tool?

KWFinder is one of the best Keyword Research tools available in the marketplace, with constantly growing keywords in its database, support for competitor keyword analysis, local keyword research, and a lot more.

Not only does KWFinder help you find the highest-ranking keywords, but it also helps with tracking and analytics so that you can create the most relevant keyword list and create a robust content and SEO strategy that will definitely help in higher rankings the SERPs.

However, you may not want to rely on only one tool for all your Keyword Research, or it could also be that you don’t find KWFinder meeting your specific requirements in particular, or you may probably feel that it’s costly.

Which is the Best KWFinder Alternative for You?

Among the other KWFinder alternative, I would recommend SEMrush as the best alternative for KWFinder. It is not that additional options are inadequate. Instead, comparatively, SEMrush gives you excellent keyword research reports at an affordable price.

Next to SEMrush, if you are a content writer willing to boost the ranking of your blog through keywords, then I would recommend you go for WriterZen. It is an all-purpose tool handy for content creators. You can try out all the KWFinder options, including SE Ranking and Ahrefs. Then, make your choice that suits your website better. No alternative is less here.

Keyword Research and Analysis plays a crucial role in scaling up your SEO game and bringing expected results in the form of top rankings. So, you must have the right tool in your hand. KWFinder comes as one of the best tools; however, knowing the alternatives is always good. Taking back, if you wish to know about KWFinder Review, do not hesitate to do that.

I hope this article has helped you know at least some KW Finder alternatives, and you’re all set to up your game with extensive keyword research and fantastic content optimization.

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