LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi – A detailed Comparison

LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi - A detailed Comparison 1
LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi

Are you interested in knowing more about LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi? If yes, then continue reading. 

Learnworlds and Kajabi are both standalone sites for online courses with powerful integrated tools to help run your online business.

When it comes to LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi, LearnWorlds is right for you if you're going to set up an entire online education. This puts an emphasis on successful course functionality, and allows you to build an infinite number of courses. Kajabi is more universal and enables you to deliver a broad range of digital products.

Comparison of LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi

Features Comparison

Learnworlds and Kajabi are both packed with a lot of features. Even though they seem to place a very different focus on what they work on. This produces some very unique strengths and weaknesses for each platform.

Course Building

In course creation, both platforms offer basic features, unlimited hosting for videos, PDFs, and text. Although for starters, LearnWords has a clearer pathway as to how you can start creating courses, while Kajabi may appear more complicated due to generalized tools. 

Major differences of LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi are mentioned below:

LearnWorlds Course Building – Rating: 5/5

  • Interactive Videos and Transcripts
  • Course Player
  • Exams/Assessment
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Copyright Protection

Kajabi Course Building – Rating: 4/5

  • Exams/Assessment
  • Quizzes (Limited)
  • Assignments
  • Course Player

Course building in Kajabi is powerful and flexible, but compared to LearnWorlds, it is lacking when it comes to student interaction tools.

Website, Landing Page Builder & Design Comparison

Both LearnWorlds and Kajabi offer an easy to use system to build, customize and white-label your elearning website. There are differences after considering both the Kajabi review and the LearnWorlds review that little to know:

LearnWorlds Website Building – Rating: 5/5

  • Branding and Identity
  • WordPress Plugin (For SSO)
  • White Labelling

Kajabi Website Building – Rating: 5/5

  • Branding and Identity
  • WordPress Plugin (Showing the course cards on a WordPress Site)
  • White Labelling

Both Kajabi and LearnWorlds give you a lot of versatility with pre-made templates to build your website.  Although there are core features, and implementation that differs significantly between the two platforms. 

Sales and Marketing Comparison

Both platforms offer main features you need to market & sell your online courses like payment gateway, multiple payment methods, membership, SEO optimization, affiliate reporting and a lot more. While here are major differences:

LearnWorlds Sales and Marketing – Rating: 4/5

  • 1-Click Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing

Kajabi Sales and Marketing – Rating: 5/5

  • 1-Click Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Pipelines (Sales Funnels)
  • Automations & Events (time-based emails)

The difference comes from the email marketing features. Kajabi has more advantage as they are a great all-around-marketing automation tool. They come with built-in email marketing capabilities, sales funnels and event-based automations.

School Administration and Security Comparison

LearnWorlds and Kajabi both offer many options on managing and reporting on your students like dashboards, sales data reporting, data exports, reporting and analytics.

LearnWorlds School Administration & Security – Rating: 5/5

  • Different Admin Levels
  • Customizable Student Login Options
  • GDPR & Data Security (Full GDPR compliance toolkit)
  • Control who can communicate with whom in private messages

Kajabi School Administration & Security – Rating: 4/5

  • Different Admin Levels
  • GDPR & Data Security (Basic GDPR Security)

LearnWorlds is the winner when it comes to your online school's admin and security choices. This is because they offer more advanced online course platform features than Kajabi.

Support and Training Comparison

Both LearnWorlds and Kajabi offer great satisfactory customer support and are readily available 24/7. You will receive guaranteed support on your money worth. 

LearnWorlds Support and Training – Rating: 5/5

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Onboarding Calls 1-1
  • Email Support
  • Mobile ready

Kajabi Support and Training – Rating: 5/5

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Onboarding Support 1 by 1
  • Email Support
  • No Phone Supported

Both online platforms guarantee you the best customer services and are readily available whenever and wherever you are. There is little to know on their differences, both LearnWorlds and Kajabi have an expert team that provides full solutions to any issues you may encounter.

Pricing Comparison 

Coming to the pricing of LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi, LearnWorlds offers lower pricing points than Kajabi. While both channels provide tremendous value for money.

LearnWorlds Pricing

Learnworlds has three different plans to choose from and custom plans in partnership with LearnWorlds expert team. It offers a wide range of availability for different clients, from newbie to professional creators.

  • Starter Plan – $24 per month 
  • Pro Trainer Plan – $79 per month
  • Learning Center Plan – $249 per month
  • High Volume & Corporate Plan – Custom Pricing

LearnWorlds however, charges you $5 for every course sale you make. But overall, LearnWorlds pricing is pretty low and very affordable than Kajabi. Fortunately, LearnWorlds also offer up to 20% off of their pricing plans if you subscribe at LearnWorlds annually and have bills yearly. 

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi pricing plans are also similar to Learnworlds, Kajabi offers three main plans for you to choose from. Each plan offers different functionalities that will be mentioned later.

  • Basic Plan – $119 per month
  • Growth Plan – $159 per month
  • Pro Plan – $319 per month

Unlike LearnWorlds, Kajabi has no transaction fees. There are 0% charges even in their lowest tier basic plan. Kajabi pricing is a lot higher than LearnWorlds pricing but Kajabi guarantees you great service for what your money is worth. 

Kajabi also offers more affordable pricing plans if you are billed yearly than on monthly plans.

Final Review

While they may share some similarities under LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi, they are used to serving a different segment of the community, and both excellent at what they do. To sum this up and help you choose which one is right for you, keep in mind the following considerations.

LearnWorlds is an easy to use learning platform that gives you the capabilities to offer the best learning experience to your students, employees and customers. It offers all the tools you need to create, manage, sell, and deliver your online education, but also customize to which one works well with your brand.

Kajabi is a more generalized platform and best for anyone looking to sell a wider range of digital products and other offerings. It offers a lot more in terms of marketing than Learnworlds, with built-in email, funnel creation, and better automation. It includes everything that you’ll need to run your business, so you won’t need any additional plugins or apps.

Final Takeaway

When you indulge in knowing more about the Learnworlds and Kajabi, you can enter into the posts that define more about Learnworlds vs thinkific 2021 and Learnworlds vs Teachable. Make your search more useful! Cheers!

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