Liquid Web VPS Review

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 – Is This Hosting Any Good?

Liquid Web VPS Review

This is our latest review on Liquid Web VPS, the hosting plan that powers our site in the last five years.

After using and reviewing dozens of VPS hosting, I can say that Liquid Web VPS offers the right balance of performance, pricing, features and support.

I'm not saying this just by words, but a paying customer to Liquid Web for more than five years as you can see my invoices here.

Coming up next is the list of things, you'll learn about Liquid Web.

Liquid Web VPS Overview

Hosting plans

 Starts from $59 per month

Discounted Price

Starts from $29.50 per month

Customer Support

24/7/365 USA based Technical support


100% Uptime SLA


Liquid Web VPS Pros

Liquid Web VPS = Fast Performance

One of the biggest advantages of using Liquid Web VPS is its performance. You can see how fast this page loads from multiple test services.

This sites loads on an average of 250ms in the last 30 days which is quite faster as Google recommends, the response time of more than 600ms has not considered as fast loading.

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 1

Google PageSpeed insights score is 95. Any score between 95-100 is good.

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 2

Time to first byte is getting more important as it improves the initial server response time in WordPress. Since our site receives global traffic, I optimized the site to load faster from any part of the world with Liquid Web exclusive Cloudflare plans (more on this later.)

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 3

Getting good grades like above is not rocket science with Liquid Web and you just need to optimize your server setup for faster performance. Throw your questions to their best support team, they will help you to get started.

100% Uptime SLA

This is something I feel pride at using Liquid Web. None of the bigger players in the market guarantee you the 100% uptime even the likes of Google and AWS. There is no downtime in the last three months where I have hosted more than ten sites.

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 4

Combine the better performance and the highest uptime SLA, none of the host matches with what Liquid Web offers as the “Best Value for Money Hosting”

Best Ever Support in the Industry

You go anywhere online and listen to Liquid Web discussions. More than any other thing, people will say how good the Liquid Web support in fixing issues.

Most of the support agents are not trained chat support specialist but actually an experienced Linux administrators who can fix the issues on the go.

Do you know, Liquid Web offers 59 seconds SLA for live chat support? Yes, at any time of the day, you'll be connected to USA based live technical agent to solve your issues in less than a minute.

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 5

To write this post, I'm going to some of my old tickets and show you some glimpse of how their team works.

They will fix the issue, even before you're alerting them, the traditional Liquid Web Pro active monitoring system.

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 6

They go on extra mile to analyze and optimize your server which you didn't really asked for. Recently, I asked to perform some upgrades on my Liquid Web VPS server and the team not only helped me out but also taught me few more optimizations can be made for further improvement.

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 7

Free Site Migration

Liquid Web have dedicated team in handling site migrations.

Moving from someother host? Fearing about compatibility with Liquid Web setup?

You have nothing to worry and Liquid Web covered you with 100% perfect site transfer.

You just need to fill-up the form and Liquid Web team will perform a series of audit to get your websites tested. Once the validation is done from their team, you'll be asked to test and see if any issue occurs. Once you confirm, the site transfer will be completed.

Liquid Web VPS Review 2022 - Is This Hosting Any Good? 8

Since they have a dedicated migration team, you will get 100% assistance in moving your site at anytime.

Security & DDOS Protection

Every website is vulnerable to hacks and DDOS attack. With ServerSecure Advanced security and Integrated firewall, you don't need any thrid party service to safeguard your websites.

I've hosted more than ten sites with them and so far, I never faced any security issues till now. Liquid Web also offers you DDOS protection of up to 2Gbps to further protect your site from downtimes through vulnerable attacks.

Other Perks

CDN: With exclusive Cloudflare Partnership, Liquid Web offers you special packages on the paid Cloudflare plans. While their pro plan costs $20 per month, you can get the same for just $10 per month at Liquid Web.

Our site is using such a Cloudflare paid plan which comes with better loading times, access to image optimization features like Mirage and Polish.

Bandwidth: default, all Liquid Web VPS comes with 10TB bandwidth and trust me, you'll never need to upgrade to higher plans due to bandwidth limits.

Scaling: Since Liquid Web operates its own data centers, scaling up resources is a simple thing. You can upgrade to higher Cloud Dedicated Servers or cheaper VPS plans on the go.

Seasonal Deals: Based on availability, Liquid Web offers special add-ons at no additional cost. Right now, users can get 100GB of backup storage for free which doesn't include in your plan disk space. It will be a great piece of mind for long run. You can also get bundle discount on their Business email hosting and Cloudflare CDN.

Is Liquid Web VPS Worth it? Yes.

I'm in this online industry for more than seven years and used almost every single company and I can say, no other hosting company satisfied me as like Liquid Web. You will get the right kind of performance, features, easy scaling option powered by 24/7/365 customer support.

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