Liquid Web Vs Kinsta – Which Managed WP Host Rocks?

Choosing between Liquid Web and Kinsta can be pretty confusing which can be witnessed as many people like you search the same on internet.

By looking at specs, it is not possible to figure out the differences unless you closely study and compare their features.

At first, I congratulate for taking a good decision on choosing a managed WordPress hosting over shared hosting.

This review will walk you through all the important aspects of the two providers and by the end of this review, you should be able to decide for yourself as to which one of these two is the best for your project.

Liquid Web Vs. Kinsta: Overview

Liquid Web is a fully managed hosting provider founded back in 1997 and for the past many years, the provider has largely pleased its customers with its complex yet easy-to-use hosting that comprises Managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, VPS, and Cloud Dedicated hosting.

Kinsta started in 2013 and is known for Managed WordPress host with cutting edge technology for mission-critical sites alongside very dedicated customer support.

Liquid Web Vs. Kinsta: Performance

Performance includes both uptime and speed. My Liquid Web website has delivered a brilliant performance so far with 100% uptime and speed of 245ms on an average. As we look at the factors supporting this performance, the company uses  Nginx, PHP 7, and automated image compression.

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Liquid Web Vs Kinsta - Which Managed WP Host Rocks? 1

Kinsta uses several advanced performance-related technologies such as Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD containers, MariaDB and my Kinsta site recorded an average uptime of 100% and a loading time of 281ms. Hence, Liquid Web gives you a bit better speed than Kinsta.

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Liquid Web Vs Kinsta - Which Managed WP Host Rocks? 2

Summary: With both Liquid Web Managed WordPress and Kinsta loads under 300ms out of box without CDN, it's a tie when it comes to performance.

Liquid Web Vs. Kinsta: Control Panel

Both companies have their custom control panel. There is also no denying the fact that both are pretty easy-to-use.

Liquid Web Vs Kinsta - Which Managed WP Host Rocks? 3
My Kinsta Dashboard
Liquid Web Vs Kinsta - Which Managed WP Host Rocks? 4
Liquid Web Portal

However, as I compared, I realized the Kinsta custom dashboard is a lot more advanced than that of the Liquid Web. Kinsta dashboard comes with advanced analytics and other tools.

On the other hand, Liquid Web panel offers most features at one-click. As seen in above image, the performance can be optimized with just one click while at Kinsta, it takes few more clicks to perform such operations as it got a lot of features as mentioned in my Kinsta Review.

Liquid Web Vs Kinsta - Which Managed WP Host Rocks? 5
Performance is present in sub menu inside Analytics option.

Liquid Web Vs. Kinsta: Security

Security is yet another important factor to be considered while choosing a hosting and it is important to check in advance if the provider you are about to choose has the best security features.

Liquid Web comes with reliable security which is characterized by Automatic Plugin Updates, Free SSL Certificates, Nexus Managed DNS, Proactive monitoring to protect your site against malware, Daily backups, and a custom firewall.

Liquid Web Vs Kinsta - Which Managed WP Host Rocks? 6

Kinsta uses the industry's leading security technologies that comprise resource isolation, DDos Detection, Hardware Firewalls, and Free SSL Certificate by Let's Encrypt.

Liquid Web Vs Kinsta - Which Managed WP Host Rocks? 7

Liquid Web with an history of over 20 years won't compromise on security however, Kinsta goes one step above and offers following features which aren't available with Liquid Web.

Kinsta even created a separate page showcasing all its security features and they are proud to call it as Fort Knox like security.

Liquid Web Vs. Kinsta: Support

Even though there is no denying the fact that both support teams of both the providers have done a nice job over the years, Liquid Web support is available through 24×7 live chat, phone, and email while Kinsta has 24×7 live chat and tickets.

Liquid Web promises 59 seconds initial response guarantee through chat which is quite fascinating.

Liquid Web Vs. Kinsta: Locations

When it comes to server locations, Liquid Web consists of 3 server locations comprising Michigan (US), London (UK), Sydney (AU) and Amsterdam (NL). 

However, Kinsta has an advantage over Liquid Web here since the company provides users with as many as 23 Google Cloud Platform global server locations to choose from.

Liquid Web Vs. Kinsta: Pricing

Liquid Web plans are:

  • Spark (Lowest-tier plan): One Site, 15GB Space, $19/month
  • Maker: Five sites, 40GB Space, $79/month
  • Builder: Twenty-five sites, 100GB Space, $149/month
  • Producer: Fifty sites, 300GB Space, $299/month
  • Executive: Hundred Sites, 500GB, $549/month
  • Enterprise: 250 sites, 800GB, $999/month.

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Kinsta offers 11 different plans and here are the most popular ones:

  • Starter (Lowest-tier plan): One Site, 10GB Space, 20,000 visits, $30/mo
  • Business (Mid-tier plan): Five sites, 30GB Space, 100,000 visits, $100/mo
  • Enterprise 4 (Highest-tier plan): Hundred and fifty sites, 250GB Space, 3,000,000 visits, $1,500/mo

Now, if we compare the two pricing, Liquid Web, certainly, is more affordable and further, it offers comparatively more resources. For example, the lowest tier plan in Liquid Web starts at just $19/mo while the lowest tier plan in Kinsta starts at $30. 

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Besides, while Liquid Web offers 15GB Space on its lowest-tier plan, Kinsta offers 10GB on its Starter plan. This certainly makes Liquid Web a better option.

Things that are present only in Liquid Web:

  • Visual Comparison: To perform auto updates, the tool compares the site before and after updating a theme or plugin. If the site is broken, Liquid Web reverses the update, automatically.
  • Stencils: helps to deploy new sites faster by creating a stencil of your existing site.
  • Staging & Production sync: Even if your team is working on staging site, you can make updates to existing sites as usual. When needed, you can sync the data between two in minutes.
  • Free trial for 14 days no credit card required.

Things that are present only in Kinsta:

  • Kinsta is the only host to allow the maximum number of Google data center options to users than any other host.
  • Auto-scaling and 2-minutes once uptime monitoring
  • Prorated refund even if you've crossed the money-back guarantee.
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Choose Liquid Web if you need affordable hosting with managed WordPress features. On the other hand, choose Kinsta if you need the choice of data centers. Apart from it, both Liquid Web and Kinsta offers similar performance,support and managed options.