Liquid Web Vs WP Engine

Liquid Web Vs WP Engine

Summary: The new Liquid Web Managed WordPress on par comparable with WP Engine in most cases.

Liquid Web tops with performance, pricing and enormous resource allocations where WP Engine scores good in better support and easy to use User Interface.

Being an user of both Liquid Web and WP Engine for years, I can neatly conclude what's the difference between them.

I'm comparing some of the in depth technical details which most writers don't understand and only a real user of both platform can cover with.

Liquid Web Vs WP Engine – Performance

Here is my recent test of uptime and speed (response time) of both Liquid Web and WP Engine Starter plans.

Liquid Web Vs WP Engine 1
Liquid Web

Liquid Web Vs WP Engine 2
WP Engine

Liquid Web site recorded 100% uptime and 245ms response time while WP Engine site records 100% uptime and 303 ms.

You can't really find fault on both hosts on performance but what about pricing? Liquid Web plan starts from $19/month while WP Engine plan starts from $30/month.

Here is the starter plan comparison.

Liquid Web
WP Engine
Sites Allowed
2 TB

There is no second thought, Liquid Web is the clear winner with less pricing + 2x more resource on what WP Engine offers.

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Liquid Web Vs WP Engine – Control Panel

WP Engine is the clear winner here. Let's rewind back to some history.

It's 2010, WP Engine was launched at industry first Managed WordPress hosting with custom control panel, while Liquid Web WordPress plans was launched in 2016.

You can clearly see the head start here.

In 2020, WP Engine was more than a managed WordPress host like, they offer many inbuilt applications which track page load time and alerts site owners if anything goes wrong.

WP Engine calls it as WordPress Digital Experience platform.

Liquid Web Vs WP Engine 3
my WP Engine Dashboard.

Coming to Liquid Web, the control panel is good but not as polished as WP Engine.

While most tasks can be done in one-click but it takes more than three clicks in WP Engine but still I feel like Liquid Web needs some improvements.

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Liquid Web Vs WP Engine Support

It's a tie when it comes to support. Liquid Web promises to offer a live chat response in less than 59 seconds and that's why I was their customer since 2015. On the other hand, WP Engine offers 24×7 live chat within the dashboard and they're excellent.

Liquid Web Vs WP Engine – Locations

WP Engine uses Amazon and Google data centers for hosting their customers. so, you will be getting a wide range of options to choose from anywhere from the world.

Liquid Web Vs WP Engine 4
WP Engine Server Location + CDN

On the other hand, Liquid Web operates its own data center in US, UK and Australia.

While WP Engine provides options, the uptime guarantee is 99.95% while Liquid Web offers 100% SLA.

I bet you won't find any other host offers 100% SLA in recent times.

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Liquid Web vs WP Engine – Others

The features only available with Liquid Web

Visual Comparison Tool – Your site will be scanned before and updating a plugin. If your site breaks, the update will be reverted back.

Staging & Production Sync – You create a staging site and also regularly works on production site! With one click you can sync them

Stencils – Create a stencil of your existing site, keep it as base and develop a new site as quick as possible.

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The features only available with WP Engine

Geo Target – Show location based contents for users coming to a single post.

Genesis Themes – Access to all Genesis StudioPress themes for free deployed easily with them.

Page Performance – Automatically monitors page load time and gives you solid data to work on.

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Even after writing this much content, I'm still not sure of picking one host, thus I end by buying both the hosts at the lowest price.

If you ask me for crisp conclusion,

Choose Liquid Web if you need a simple managed WordPress Hosting that offers better performance and affordable pricing.

Choose WP Engine if you're looking for more than a host like what WP Engine calls Digital WordPress Experience.

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