Make Money From Canva

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva

If you doubt you could make money from Canva, here is our quick answer: Yes!

Making money from Canva is kid's stuff when you know how to use the platform to attain its maximum potential.

Read on

This blog post will explore 15 effective methods to make money from Canva.

1. Sell Customized Templates

When we planned to list how to make money from Canva, the first and foremost idea that struck our minds was templates!

You all might know that we can choose from the bundles of existing template designs and customize templates on Canva, 

But do you know that you can sell a customized  Canva template?

You can sell any customized templates to your clients that might be useful for them for their

  • Instagram story templates
  • Pinterest pin templates
  • Resume templates
  • Website templates
  • Newsletter templates
  • Presentation templates

You must create customized templates with attractive design elements and sell them online on Etsy, Design Bundles, Fiverr, Shopify, and Teachable.

For instance, on Design Bundles, sellers post more than 8,000 Canva templates with pricing for sale.

Consider selling Canva templates for $15. If you get 100 buyers monthly, you earn $1500, a satisfyable passive income.

Likewise, if you gain popularity over time, you can sell Canva templates for over $25.

But don't forget that Canva is not a “get rich quick” process. 

You can also market your templates on social media channels, Pinterest, and other groups to inform people about your services.

If you already have your website, then you need to create templates and post them on it so visitors can choose to buy.

Beyond this, you can participate in the Canva Creator program, promoting your templates by connecting with Canva users inside the platform.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 1

However, to create templates on the Canva design tool, you must create an account and know the design basics.

Though a free Canva account is sufficient, you may need to switch to the Pro account, which only gives some advanced editing functions and graphic options.

Designing a unique set of templates with compelling designs will make you stay ahead of the crowd when you use this method to make money from Canva!

2. Join The Affiliate Program Of Canva

If designing is not your forte, that's fine. You can still make money from Canva using the things you already have.

Yes, you heard it right!

If you have an active social media account, blog, podcast, or YouTube channel with a large audience, then you can become a Canva affiliate.

However, understanding what affiliate marketing is and how it applies to Canva is necessary before you begin.

Promoting the Canva affiliate program is relatively easy; it entails promoting the Canva Pro subscription plan to your followers or subscribers.

And so when they sign up for the Canva Pro plan, you will earn a commission from Canva.

Moreover, Canva says that they are ready to collaborate with people who actively create content on 

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

What is so advantageous about the Canva affiliate program is that affiliates have no joining fees or minimum sales requirements.

Regarding the commission and payment, Canva paid up to $36 when a follower signed up for the Canva Pro plan using an affiliate link.

Suppose you wish to track your performance and sales or withdraw your earnings. You can utilize Canva's user-friendly dashboard.

Even though affiliate marketing is the simplest way to make money from Canva, the program is highly competitive.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 2

Note that Canva is not accepting applications for affiliates and plans to accept applications in March 2024.

3. Design Social Media Posts For Companies.

Today, most companies use social media channels to increase their online presence and market products and services.

For this reason, companies, businesses, and even small startups primarily focus on creating impressive social media posts.

Therefore, you can use this opportunity to create a social media graphic for those companies.

Luckily, Canva allows you to create social media posts for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 3

To make money from Canva using this method, 

You can use the social media templates that are already available or create your designs.

Consider reaching out to your preferred brands to inquire if they require social media posts, and be sure to outline your pricing.

Depending on the brand's needs, you will design for a project and earn a one-time commission or work on a recurring project and earn recurring commissions.

Alternatively, you can hunt for opportunities on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

But if you have gathered your loyal clients, you will not need to apply on other websites to get clients.

Creating social media content for clients using Canva offers a lucrative opportunity, with earnings starting at $300 and exceeding $2000 monthly.

Besides, you can also expand your services,

  • By offering captions, scheduling their social media content, or
  • By managing the social media accounts of your regular clients to make money from Canva.

4. Offer Graphic Design Services

If you are interested in designing, you can effortlessly make money from Canva by offering graphic designs to customers.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 4

Most companies, businesses, and even individuals outsource unique graphic designs for social media, marketing, and websites.

Hence, you can use this chance to sell your custom design to them to make money from Canva.

Also, this is one of the best methods to showcase your design skills and creative capabilities.

You cannot charge more when you are a beginner with no experience and knowledge.

But once you have some clients and get with the flow, you can set rates based on the complexity level of your graphic design and the demands.

For instance,

You can advertise services at specific prices, such as $1000 monthly or $20 for graphic design.

To kickstart your graphic design services on Canva,

  • Allocate one hour daily to send 20 to 30 personalized emails or direct messages informing individuals about your graphic design services.
  • Sign up for an account on freelance job websites.
  • Join Facebook groups and advertise your graphic design services.

At last, share your recent works on every social media platform you use to find customers.

By following these habits, there are more chances that you will find your customer within a month.

5. Become A Canva Youtuber

One of the exciting ways to make money from Canva is through your YouTube channel.

It is true because we have seen many YouTubers easily earn hundreds to thousands of dollars from their single YouTube channel once they have established a decent number of subscribers.

People always look for YouTube tutorials on using templates or designing Canva posters.

So, you can use your skills to teach them via your YouTube videos and make money from Canva.

In addition, if you are looking for second income options, you can create Canva video courses and upload them to sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.

Once you upload the Canva tutorials, you will generate passive income whenever a user purchases your Canva course.

Similarly, you can monetize your Canva YouTube videos by signing up for Google ads or partnering with Canva.

Becoming a Canva YouTuber is the best choice if you have been a Canva user for a long time, are an expert, and are interested in educating others.

However, to succeed as a Canva YouTuber, you must follow specific content marketing strategies.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 5

Create catchy titles and share every video with your Facebook and Instagram users to reach a wider audience.

Your Canva design tutorials should be simple, appealing, and easy to understand for YouTube users.

6. Create And Sell Digital Products.

Nowadays, every educator, marketer, writer, and influencer is selling digital products like downloadable materials.

Either they make it or hire people for it. 

Hence, you can use this chance by creating digital products for them to make money from Canva.

You can either do it as a freelance option or join their team to create a digital download.

Whatever option you choose, Canva helps you create digital products such as ebooks, guides, and presentations.

You can also create & sell other digital products, such as digital planners, journals, calendars, digital arts, and on-demand workshops.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 6

But before you create the digital product to make money from Canva,

  • You must explore profitable niches like health, education, food, and technology. 
  • Then, pick the niche where digital downloads are mostly sought after.
  • Next, choose the type of digital product you are going to create. 
  • Suppose, for example, an ebook. 
  • Search across the Canva templates, select an ebook design, and start creating.

For help, refer to the free course “Create and Design Digital Products using Canva” on Coursera.

Wait, your work is not done. It does not matter if you are creating it for a client.

But you must market your digital product to sell it on your site or other platforms. Only with an effective marketing strategy can you make money from Canva!

7. Design And Sell Logos

Every business wants a unique and memorable logo design. That's where Canva comes in!

You can make money from Canva simply by designing and selling logos for these companies, brands, website owners, and businesses.

You can offer logo design as a freelance or a part of the graphic design service.

Suppose you encounter moments of creative block. Fear not. Canva's extensive library provides thousands of logo templates to inspire and guide you.

To make money from Canva, you can also use trusted platforms like Upwork, 99Designs, Dribbble, DesignCrowd, and Fiverr. 

However, you should craft your portfolio to showcase your previous logo designs or some examples to find potential clients.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 7

Generally, a logo design cost anywhere between $40 to $100.

But once you get a 5-star rating and positive reviews, you can start selling logo designs for more than $100 to medium and large enterprises.

Sometimes, if Canva does not meet your logo design needs, consider supplementing it with other tools to elevate your creativity. 

Adobe Express is a reliable option for such situations.

Our tip here would be to remember the importance of originality and avoid copying from others to protect your reputation and business integrity.

8. Sell Printables

One colorful way to make money from Canva is by designing and selling printables that are helpful for professional and personal uses.

Moreover, printables are in high demand nowadays as people use them more often to keep everything organized.

Most bloggers, educators, and coaches use Canva's predefined set of templates to design printables.

However, you can also create using your ideas and test how different color combinations or font varieties work in your printables.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 8

Now, what are the printables you can make in Canva?

Using Canva, you can design and sell a variety of printables like 

  • Coloring pages
  • Planners
  • Activity books
  • Journals
  • Wall arts
  • Cheatsheets
  • Recipes
  • Stickers
  • Booklets
  • Checklists.

Whatever the printable you choose to sell, thoroughly research the current trending topics and design accordingly to increase your earning potential.

If you have a website with some followers, you can list these printables so that customers can pay for an item and download it instantly from your website.

Alternatively, you can sell it on online marketplaces like Shopify, Koji, and Etsy if you do not have a website.

Although selling printables is highly challenging and requires an investment,

If you have a strong sense of creativity, style, and productivity, this way to make money from Canva will make you win!

9. Start An Online Canva Course.

Though Canva has become an inevitable tool, many people still need help learning how to use it, designing templates, and accessing its latest features.

Therefore, you can create an online course about Canva and its usage.

Once you have the course ready, you can sell it on online platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable to earn money online from Canva.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 9

Otherwise, if you already have a blog, you can start writing about Canva and educate your audience about how to access its features.

If you don't have one, here is our post on how to start a blog; read it and create your blog today.

If your course material succeeds, you will gain more followers, and they will consider you an expert in Canva!

Our simple advice for making your course successful is to start with the basics and write a simple, easy-to-read script.

However, remember that the content you produce should make the audience learn, realize the benefits of Canva, and help them work on Canva.

Finally, this way to make money from Canva would be easy for people interested in launching their courses with expertise in Canva.

10. Create And Sell Ad Posters.

Another tempting way to make money from Canva is to create and sell ad posters for startups, companies, or enterprises.

As more people start businesses today, every company must establish itself by marketing itself effectively to win against the competition.

That's why,

Most businesses nowadays focus on advertising on various channels, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, to attract billions of people.

Here comes the role of Canva!

You can design visually alluring ad posters for these corporate companies and businesses and charge your rates.

You can set your price for a particular ad poster or tie up with the company for all its advertisements.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 10

Partnering with a company is easy if they are impressed with your poster designs!

But don't get tensed; with Canva by your side, you can surely make stunning designs that impress your clients.

You can also find poster design jobs on websites like Fiverr, LinkedIn, and Upwork or contact clients directly.

11. Be A Freelance Canva Designer.

If you like working independently from home or hunting for freelance jobs from home, then becoming a Canva designer is the right career for you.

Often, companies and firms need social media presentations, banners, and business cards for their businesses. 

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 11

But they search for freelance designers rather than full-time employees for these purposes.

Since they require the designs only for a single-time project or whenever needed.

Hence, you can contact them and offer your services as a freelance Canva designer.

Above all, before you get started, you have to figure out your design level, what you can do, and what your charges per design are to the companies.

Alternatively, you can promote Canva designer services on a freelance platform like Fiverr and Upwork.

You can find clients here by signing up for a profile and adding links to your past projects and samples.

Similarly, you can come across various services you can offer on these platforms, like ebook covers, posters, editable templates, and more.

Our tip to get the first client on these freelance sites is to apply for as many as possible.

And once you have one or two projects done, along with some good reviews, then nothing can stop you.

Although being a freelance Canva designer is one of the most demanding jobs online for beginners, it is also the most profitable way to make money from Canva.

12. Create Video Content And Sell

Most people need to be made aware that Canva has a simple, easy-to-use, and appealing video editor that helps make money from Canva.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 12

In detail, Canva's video editor helps you create videos quickly and allows you to post them on other platforms.

The video can be of any type: short-form content for your Instagram stories or long-form content to publish on your YouTube channel.

The most significant advantage of this free video editor is that it is entirely free.

So, small businesses and companies can use the Canva's free editor if they cannot afford the price of marketing agencies.

Thus, Canva helps you eliminate the need to 

  • Pay for professional video editing software for your business
  • Pay for a professional to create and edit videos for you

Now, to make money from Canva, 

Once familiar with creating videos on Canva, you can make a portfolio of your work samples.

With that portfolio, you can offer your services on freelancing platforms or any other professional network like LinkedIn.

Businesses like Airbnb, hairdressers, restaurants, and bars use Canva to create marketing materials and ads for their social media channels and use them to showcase their products to social media users.

13. Create And Sell Websites For Businesses.

Every e-commerce store, enterprise, or company maintains a website for their business. Typically, they rely on freelance designers or website creators for the design process. 

Therefore, you can create and sell websites to these enterprises, companies, and stores.

Website design used to be daunting, but today, with the help of Canva, it is possible to design in minutes.

Yes, using Canva, you can create a beautiful, mobile-friendly, and professional website within minutes.

To get started, go to Canva, browse the website templates, and refer to Pinterest for some references.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 13

Initially, you can design simple websites for your clients, like a single web page with a few customizations.

Once you are on track, experiment with different pages, fonts, color schemes, menus, icons, and layouts to match the client's needs.

However, you can access only millions of photos, videos, and advanced editing features with a Canva Pro account.

You can hunt for website design works on LinkedIn, 99Designs, Upwork, and Creative Market.

Consequently, you can also stay in touch with the professionals to find clients looking for website designers.

Canva is more than just a tool to design logos, graphics, and posters. So start exploring every nook and corner and use it to make money from Canva.

14. Design Infographics

Companies, startups, and website owners use infographics to convey information in a way that is easier for the audience to understand.

And undoubtedly, Canva serves this purpose well.

Hence, you can use Canva to create an infographic design and sell it online to clients.

You can do this as a freelance service or partner with a company to work out all their infographic collections.

If you have an idea for a freelance infographic service, consider using platforms like Fiverr, 99Designs, or Upwork.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 14

In addition, if you possess a website, explore the opportunity to curate and market infographic designs as digital offerings.

As already said, you have to show how skilled you are in creating infographics by sharing a portfolio of all your infographics to get some clients in the initial stages.

We admit that we recently created some infographics using Canva and published them on Pinterest to impress many users.

So why don't you try!?

15. Create Travel Itineraries

Another exciting way to make money from Canva is by generating and selling travel itineraries.

Usually, people use travel itineraries to plan every detail (such as the transportation charges, duration, and booking details) of their upcoming trips.

You can create travel itineraries based on your previous travel experiences, travel templates, or as customers request.

You can also infuse a travel itinerary with your stunning storytelling visuals with an available set of icons, illustrations, maps, and other hidden gems in Canva.

With Canva, you can download your travel itinerary in multiple formats, like PDF, JPG, and PNG. This allows customers to print or save their itinerary for offline use.

Additionally, you can sell travel itineraries and related digital products on sites like Etsy and Thatch.

15 Ways To Make Money From Canva 15

Etsy showcases a diverse selection of over 1,000 travel itineraries, with prices ranging from $8 to $5000 and beyond.

The perfect thing about Canva regarding travel itineraries is that it lets you click on every page in the itinerary. Thus, users can enjoy an interactive, mobile-friendly experience.

Final Thoughts – Make Money From Canva

We hope we have covered every possibility to make money from Canva.

Whether you choose to be a freelancer, create your own business, or look for a side hustle from home,

With a bit of patience, platform knowledge, and a passion for designing, you can make the maximum profit from Canva.

Even this business model may replace your income from a 9-to-5 job, so whatever you choose, have fun and keep experimenting!

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