Best Managed WordPress Hosting Review

15 Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2022

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Looking for Best Managed WordPress Hosting? How about recommending a host without affiliate links?

To write this post, I came up with an unusual idea. I searched for “Managed WordPress Hosting” in Google and made a list of all sites ranking in the top 20 positions and finalized a list of 15 hosting companies.

Now, I'm going to write a brief review of all Managed WordPress Hosting companies, without adding any affiliate links in the content.

Let's dive in.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services

1. Kinsta

Probably the #1 Real Managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta is completely transparent with resources and gives the utmost freedom to users in choosing favorite data center locations, powered by Google Cloud, top-notch support, free backups & restore, and got a good custom control panel.

I read somewhere, Kinsta CEO stepped in to solve an issue of a user's high traffic site. This is some kind of benefit you can reap when you choose an aggressively growing company.

While 99% of companies do a discounted sale during Black Friday or offer a coupon code for users, Kinsta never does any of this thing to please users and never looking to add users in bulk by offering discount prices. I really appreciate their business model.

There are no upsells, everything comes included even for starter plans. Kinsta Managed WordPress Pricing starts from $30/month and definitely worth a try as Kinsta got you covered with 30 days money-back guarantee and anytime pro-rated refunds after 30 days, 100% Value for money delivered.

However, the starter plans are limited and don't suit well for hosting eCommerce sites.

Kinsta coverage at

2. Bluehost

Bluehost's managed WordPress plan is somewhat different from the usual shared hosting plan. Even if the brand is getting moderate reviews, Bluehost is unstoppable in sales due to the strong brand presence.

I can say, they improved a lot here, adding a marketing center through you which can check all traffic data, social shares, etc. The major highlight is free Malware Detection and Removal (they charge additional for this feature on a shared host)

My only concerns are Unlimited (sites, traffic, storage) which makes the Managed Hosting looks like a shared host. Their Outsourced support is like Hit or Miss, you will get good or bad support based on the support agent. The pricing is so cheap at $19/month.

Our Bluehost Coverage at

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting boasts itself as the fastest WordPress host ever since its inception in 2001. You can see many new-age companies come with cache optimized WordPress installation but A2 is the very first company in the industry to offer Optimized WordPress installations.

Likewise, there are many first of its kind features from A2 Hosting. Right now, A2 added NVMe SSD drives on their servers and I don't see any other top host got this. If you are not aware NVMe is 20x faster than SSD drive and 100x faster than traditional drives.

A2 own their data centers, so they make such moves faster than other hosts which rent data centers. Coming to the core, A2 managed host doesn't have a custom panel and they use the Plesk Control panel which is not bad compared to cPanel as Plesk got some WordPress exclusive toolkit to improve your WordPress performance.

Another thing, A2 Host is the only host to offer Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Definitely, worth the money, I can vouch for A2 more than Bluehost.

The plan starts from $11.99/month and ends up with $36.88/month with unlimited websites.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the latest entrant in managed hosting space.

Okay. Do I recommend them? a big NO. GoDaddy basically a domain management company grown into other verticals as the business grows. Apart from cheap pricing and the ability to pay with local currency, I don't find anything good with them.

Their servers are slow (backing the statement after using them for a year and watching a lot of client site suffers) and no transparency in choosing data centers, a lot of technical options are hidden and I can say a more.

I can recommend it only if you are planning to get started for the cheapest price ($1/month) but their service will mess if your site gets traffic.

5. Liquid Web

Liquid Web always innovates a lot and it reflects the same in Managed WordPress hosting plans.

For example, every host offers staging sites but Liquid Web offers a sync feature through which you can duplicate your WordPress sites into a staging environment and allows you to perform changes and upgrades without affecting the production site. Once changes are done, you can sync the staging data into production sites.

Visual comparison feature does worry-free automatic WordPress updates. It checks the site before & after updating a plugin and if the site is broken after the update, the plugin update will be reversed back. I always enjoyed this feature on my site as I don't find any other host does this with ease. Can we give them an award like “Truly Managed WordPress Hosting”?

Apart from it, Liquid Web guarantees 100% network uptime SLA which even Google Cloud (99.99%) and Amazon Web Server (99.99%) don't offer.

The pricing starts at $19/month.


6. Cloudways

Cloudways is the new-age WordPress hosting company. Due to its partnership with Five cloud providers, you can get access to more than 50+ data centers globally.

They got a truly good dashboard to manage your sites, fits good to be called as “Managed WordPress Hosting”. They got all good features like free backups & restore, easy client management tools, developer-friendly. I can rate them ten out of ten for features and pricing.

Their major downside comes from support. Cloudways went through exponential growth in business, thus I think their support will let you down at a few moments. Before talking to an agent you need to chat at least a minute with the chatbot. Even after that, the support agents take a lot of time to solve issues.

But with cheap pricing of $10/month, Cloudways are definitely worth a try as most managed host plans from other companies start from $20/month.


7. SiteGround

SiteGround is great and I think most of them agree. SiteGround comes with a great mix of performance, support, and features. They recently launched their own control panel and its impressive with uber-cool features.

They don't' have a special Managed WordPress plan as they are same as like their web hosting plans (Startup, Growbig, and GoGeek)

Like Liquid Web, SiteGround continuously innovates which is evident from their recent control panel, adding Google Cloud servers, comes with own caching plugin + server-side caching. They all got the best and pricing is one important factor that lets you decide whether to choose them or not.

SiteGround plans have typical shared hosting limitations like CPU usage, inodes usage, SQL database size, etc but their renewals go high like $34.95/month. SiteGround is so brave with its pricing and so confident in their pricing.

If you are looking for head-ache free services, choose SiteGround. They won't let you down in any situation when it comes to performance and support. I'm a proud customer of them since 2015.


8. WP Engine

The very first company to introduce the concept of “Managed WordPress Hosting” is WP Engine. Launched in 2010, WP Engine set the benchmark of WordPress only company and it became a big vertical now.

Due to its headstart and the urge to innovate something new as they are a long time player made them grow as more than a hosting platform. They call their service as “Digital Experience Platform” through which WP Engine bundle things like application & performance monitoring, access to StudioPress Genesis theme to use on their sites.

WP Engine increased a price bit in 2019 but later rolled back to their old price, so you'll be getting the best value for money services from WP Engine, all at just $25/month.

9. Pagely

Pagely is an premium Managed WordPress hosting priced at $199/month as starter plans.

I never used them till now but with the price point and hosting some of the big brands and University sites, I bet they are good.

Their plan comes with Unlimited PHP Workers which is quite good. The PHP Workers are nothing but the tool that concurrent processes the requests on your site. More the users and a lot of clicks happening on your site, you need a lot of PHP Workers. If PHP Workers are maxed out, your site will throw a 503 error to new users.

But most companies hide this data while few services mention the number of PHP workers involved with the plan. So, with Unlimited PHP workers, your sites won't face any 503 errors.

Pagely uses Amazon Cloud Servers, DNS and CDN for their service, so it's quite good to choose them.

If you are running a resource-hungry site or high traffic site, go for Pagely, else you can choose between Kinsta or WP Engine. But do remember, non-US server region adds an additional $50/month plans where WP Engine uses the same $50/month but doesn't impose addon fees.

10. DreamPress from Dreamhost

DreamPress is the Managed WordPress hosting name from Dreamhost, a decade old company.

I remember they are running ads for WP Engine related Keywords like, “Why pay high amount when you can get same service for $10/month” Does it hold true?

While I started using DreamPress everything seems good but later I feel like, the architecture is similar to Shared Hosting. The site goes down multiple times every week which even monitoring tools won't record.

This type of issue occurs when other sites on the server get high traffic. Apart from these downtimes, the server behaves slowly when the concurrent users are high on sites.

Overall, I can't really recommend them even though their sales page potrays many good things about their features.

For such $10/month plans, you can choose Cloudways as they're best in that pricing range.

11. HostGator

No one got skipped using HostGator at least once in their lifetime. While I didn't experience their Managed hosting plans, it looks good on the paper.

Unlike Bluehost, HostGator Managed plans come with very limited site access per plan which I believe they truly optimized these plans. They also involve custom dashboards, automatic malware removal, cloud architecture, and enormous site traffic limits per month.

I'll be testing their WordPress starter plan in the coming days and watch this space to know more.

Though it's stated as $5.95/month, it's for 36 months while the monthly charges are around $15/month.

12. FlyWheel

The FlyWheel was acquired by WP Engine last year. Their WordPress Local environment has a great fan base among site developers.

After the acquisition, the pricing is the same as WP Engine. Both use very similar tech stacks so nothing much to say.

If you like WP Engine, Flywheel can be too an great host to consider.

13. EasyWP From Namecheap

Just like GoDaddy, Namecheap was primarily a domain management company later grown into another vertical.

They're not bad like GoDaddy. EasyWP got decent pricing on their plans. While their EasyWP was unknown to most, I used them at the very beginning of their launch.

EasyWP got one of the best user interfaces in the industry, it takes just a few clicks to launch a site and overall good for the price at just $3.88/month.

For me, EasyWP looks like a shared host with a non-cPanel based panel. However, the higher plan of $11.88/month is good as they added more resources to the plan.

On the sales page, Namecheap claims EasyWP is faster than Kinsta and WP Engine which is not true at all. Being a user of EasyWP, Kinsta, and WP Engine I can bet on this.

14. KnownHost Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

You don't see this host promoted among most sites as they pay fewer affiliate commissions compared to others.

Their Managed WP plans got two plans

  • Entry Level WP ($11.95/month) and
  • Business Level WP ($19.95/month)

The plan allows a single WordPress site and got a good tech stack like LiteSpeed, Imunify 360 for server protection, own data centers, etc.

But are they worth? No. The Acceptable Usage Policy comes with high restrictions. Here is the limitations of $19/month top end plan.

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 250,000 inodes
  • 100 Processes
  • 100 Emails limit per hour

Here is what FastComet $19 per month plan offers

  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 500,000 Inodes
  • 80 Processes
  • 400 Email limits per hour.

I'm not saying Knownhost is bad but there are better brands that offer the best value for money.

15. Pressable

Pressable is powered by the team Automattic which brought you WordPress, WooCommerce, and Jetpack.

They are competing on par with the likes of WP Engine and Kinsta, Flywheel at the price range of $25/month.

I'm not much aware of this hosting as none of my clients uses nor I tried them. I see Backlinko uses them, you can analyze his site on tools to see how they perform.

Pressable comes with LXC containers which is good and also includes their own tool Jetpack Premium and I don't want to repeat blah blah stories, you can refer their site.

This is our very first copy. The article will be updated more frequently in the coming days to establish this page as the unbiased reviews of Managed WordPress Hosting.

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