4 Best MonsterInsights Alternatives in 2023

4 Best MonsterInsights Alternatives in 2023 1

MonsterInsights is an amazing analytics tool with seamless Google Analytics Integration, universal tracking, and performance optimization features.

However, besides MonsterInsights, there are some other analytics tools as alternatives. This article will help you know some of the best MonsterInsights Alternatives that would come as a handy solution.

The Best MonsterInsights Alternative in 2023 are

1. Analytify

In my personal opinion, Analytify is the overall best MonsterInsights Alternative with increased user-friendliness. Analytify is a highly user-friendly analytics tool that even non-technical people can understand without any difficulty.

4 Best MonsterInsights Alternatives in 2023 2

You can set it up within minutes and then have all the necessary insights you need into your website performance with real-time tracking and analytics.

It has a universal tracking feature, so you never have to leave your WordPress website, and you can still keep tracking all your PPC and other ad campaigns. Additionally, you can get statistics for all your social media activities, website pages, and other custom posts.

Not only do you get the statistics you need, but you get them in the form of easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports and charts. The bonus is you can see it all over a single screen on an intuitive dashboard.

Moreover, you can share these reports with your teams and can work in tandem to enhance performance. Another bonus is the seamless integration with WordPress, which in turn helps to manage and synchronize all your campaigns, alerts, notifications, and even your e-commerce activities.

With all of that, this analytics tool is perfect for helping you measure your performance, improve optimization, and increase your conversions, sales, and profitability.

Furthermore, getting it will not be anywhere high on budget. In fact, it costs much less than MonsterInsights plugin. The basic plan starts at $59 a year, and there are higher plans for $99 and $299 too. A better option will be to go for higher plans rather than the basic one if you want to leverage the maximum capabilities of this tool.

2. Google Analytics

Next to Analytify, I would recommend the Google Analytics plugin, the affordable MonsterInsights Alternative, to measure your site’s performance. Google Analytics is known for its excellent tracking and analytics, and digital marketers highly rely on it to measure their performance.

4 Best MonsterInsights Alternatives in 2023 3

In fact, most websites have Google Analytics integrated, and even some of the major analytics tools use the Google Analytics dashboard and integration to manage their tracking and analytics. 

With that, having a plugin like GA Google Analytics that seamlessly connects the Google Analytics dashboard to your WordPress website and supports advanced features like universal analytics tracking and global site tags would be great to meet all your analytics needs.

Not only does it support these advanced features, but it supports the more advanced Google Analytics 4 as well. Additionally, it has fantastic performance and comes with absolute ease and simplicity for users. It also has all the tracking codes in the headers and footers as well as your WordPress web pages, and you can easily customize those codes too.

The best part yet is that all these features come with the free version, and you can get a lot more when you go pro which won’t be the least bit costly as you get a personal lifetime license for just $15. The cost goes more for business and agency pro plans; however, none of it is costlier than what you’d pay to get MonsterInsights.

With all of that GA, Google Analytics is an amazing MonsterInsights Alternative that you can get with all the benefits and no losses.

3. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit, a product by Google, is another best MonsterInsights Alternative for you. With Site Kit, you can easily monitor your website performance and get the related insights right on your WordPress dashboard. 

4 Best MonsterInsights Alternatives in 2023 4

It comes with an intuitive search console that you can use to check the traffic on your website. Additionally, there is an analytics dashboard that shows charts for customer behavior and interaction on your side.

Furthermore, it has page speed insights features as well to help you check the page loading time and website speed so that you can constantly improve the speed and make sure that the users don’t bounce back from your site. Also, this tool has an easy way for you to start earning through AdSense approval for your website.

With all of this, Site Kit by Google is a complete package and serves as a great alternative to MonsterInsights. The best part yet is that it’s free and open source. So, you need not spend a penny on it. You can simply install it and start leveraging its features. 

4. Google Analytics and Google Shopping Plugin for WooCommerce

Google Analytics and Google Shopping Plugin for WooCommerce is my next recommendation for MonsterInsight Alternative. This plugin is particularly for eCommerce websites and stores, but with the features that it offers, it’s a great alternative to MonsterInsights.

4 Best MonsterInsights Alternatives in 2023 5

Using this plugin, you can easily integrate Google Analytics in your eCommerce store and even automate the shopping on your stores with remarketing tags.

Not only that, you can even sync your products with the analytics dashboard to see how the users are interacting with those products and mark the progress of the sales. In addition to that, you can even link your Google Ads and Merchant account and run better campaigns by constantly getting insights into the results and improving performance on the go.

With all these functionalities, it’s the perfect analytics tool for your e-commerce store and a brilliant alternative to MonsterInsights at least regards the tracking and analytics for eCommerce sites and stores.

To top it all off, the plugin is free to use, and even if you want to go premium, it costs as little as $19 a month.

With that, budget wouldn’t be a problem, and you can save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on getting MonsterInsights.

Which is the best MonsterInsights Alternative for you?

Among these four MonsterInsights alternatives, I would recommend you to use Analytify. Each one of them is great with all the necessary analytics features and functionalities.

The best part about all the alternatives is that they’re all free and have pro versions too. Not to mention every tool is highly feature-rich and the best at its performance.

However, when you’re faced with choosing the better out of the best, you go in for a fix. But if you take the opinion of experts, Analtify would be the perfect pick for end-to-end analytics needs, just like MonsterInsights serves.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative, go for Analtify and see how it scales up your tracking and analytics for good.