5 Best Moz Alternative 2021

Moz is one of the most popular SEO tools out there with rich features meeting end-to-end SEO needs and requirements. However, one downside to Moz is its pricing. While the tool is best in its class, it’s not very affordable.

So, what are the options for those who really don’t want to burn huge holes in their pockets by taking a Moz subscription?

Well, here is the best Moz Alternative list to answer your question. Let’s directly get to the list without any further explanations.

5 Moz Alternative

Considering the high price that makes Moz unaffordable for many, it’s important to check out its substitutes. Thankfully, the work here is made easier for you with this exhaustive list of five of the best Moz Alternatives out there over the web.

1. SEMrush


Top of the list of Moz Alternatives is SEMrush, the most preferred among the leading digital marketers and SEO specialists out there. Although it costs the same as Moz, it’s a more affordable option owing to the extended features and functionalities that it offers.

While Moz provides up to 300keywords, SEMrush goes a step ahead and provides up to 500keywords at the same price. This is the first place where SEMrush established its affordability over Moz in terms of price.

In addition to extensive keyword research and tracking, SEMrush comes with all other features that you’d require to enhance the SEO on your website. From on-page and technical SEO to off-page SEO, SEMrush does it all.

Not only does it help with SEO, but you can even do paid advertising and manage social media using the tools and features on SEMrush.

Here’s an inclusive list of everything that you get with the SEMrush SEO tool.


  1. 40+ tools for SEO that aid processes like competitor analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, link building, and a lot more.
  2. Content marketing tools that up your content game and add to the website’s SEO.
  3. Paid Advertising tools that add more strength to the organic SEO efforts and strategies.
  4. Tracking for up to 500keywords every month.
  5. Social media management tools that help enhance visibility through a strong social media presence.


SEMrush is available in three different monthly plans.

  1. SEMrush Pro for $119
  2. SEMrush Guru for $229
  3. SEMrush Business $449

However, if you choose to pay annually for the plans, the cost comes down by as much as 17%, with the Pro plan costing $99 per month, the Guru plan costing $191 per month, and the Business plan costing $374 per month.

Besides that, you can even use SEMrush free trial, except that there shall be limitations. Moreover, once you buy a subscription, you’re covered with a 7days money-back guarantee. So, in case you need to cancel or downgrade your subscription within 7days, you get a full refund.

2. KWFinder


KWFinder is not necessarily an SEO tool, but it’s an all-in-one keyword research tool. With 2.5million keywords already in its database and constantly growing, 100million competitor keywords checked on a monthly basis, and support for up to 52thousand locations, KWFinder is the perfect tool you’d ever need for keyword research and improving website SEO.

Owning up to its database, the KWFinder tool helps you find all the hidden long-tail keywords, competitor keywords, local keywords, and everything in and around that. Moreover, it presents results from the Google Suggest keywords sources as well as adding more authenticity to your keyword research and helping better analysis and performance.

The tool not only helps research competitive keywords but also helps create exhaustive keyword research lists with detailed metrics on competition, search volume, etc. Moreover, you can easily filter out unimportant and unrelated keywords to make the keyword lists more useful and profitable.

Additionally, it has analytics and tracking features that help with extensive performance analysis and tracking in terms of keyword ranking on the search engines, thereby helping optimize keywords better and continuously enhance performance.


  1. Extensive keyword research for long-tail keywords, competitor keywords, and local keywords.
  2. Filter keywords list for making them more profitable and result-giving.
  3. Import keyword lists from other sources and tools.
  4. Get detailed metrics for all the keywords in terms of search volume, competition, etc.
  5. Analytics and tracking feature to mark and analyze keywords rankings and improve performance.
  6. Keyword Planner to ensure all the necessary keywords are incorporated well in your content and other SEO plans and processes.


KWFinder comes with basic, premium, and agency plans that cost $29/month, $39/month, and $79/month, respectively if you purchase them on an annual billing basis.

However, if you don’t want to bear an upfront annual cost, you can opt for monthly plans, which cost $49/month for the Basic Plan, $69/month for the Premium Plan, and $129/month for the Agency Plan. The only downside to monthly plans is that they cost a lot more than what it would cost you every month if you pay the entire amount for the year upfront. Even KWFinder review 2021 states it clearly.

Moreover, you can also get a 10-days free trial of the tool before you finally make a purchasing decision. Also, if you take the subscription and don’t find it useful, you have a 48-hours money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money.

3. Serpstat


Starting at just $69 per month, Serpstat is one of the most affordable SEO tools available over the web. With 30 plus tools and features like keyword analysis, competitor analysis, rank tracking, website audits, and a lot more, this tool comes as an end-to-end solution for major SEO needs and requirements.

Not only does it help perform seamless on-page, technical, and off-page SEO with its tool, but it’s great for meeting your content marketing and paid advertising goals and requirements as well. 

You can easily perform SEO and page audits and create custom reports about the same to have useful insights for SEO planning. The keyword research also makes more sense with the ability to create insightful keyword lists and clusters with detailed metrics on search volumes and competition.

A more detailed Serpstat review helps you know more. Here is the list that helps you with this feature-rich and affordable SEO management tool.


  1. 30+ tools to meet end-to-end SEO needs and requirements.
  2. Excellent keyword directory which constantly keeps growing.
  3. Analytics and tracking to continuously check and enhance SEO performance.
  4. Competitor analysis for multiple processes, including paid ads to get useful insights and take steps to stay ahead of the competition.
  5. End-to-end website and page audit to help plan SEO and other digital marketing goals.


The basic plan starts at $69 per month, which shall go down to $55 per month if you make an upfront payment for the entire year. There are more advanced plans as well, which add more features and functionalities. The highest is the Enterprise plan which, if taken monthly, costs $499 per month, while the upfront yearly payment brings this cost to $399 a month.

4. Writerzen

Writerzen is an end-to-end solution for content writers and content marketers. With intuitive and advanced features for keyword research, competitor research, and content creation, this tool is perfect for helping you ace your content game and earn some great SEO benefits with it.

The keyword explorer in this tool helps find and analyze the highest-ranking keywords along with detailed metrics on search volume and competition. This helps a lot in planning your content and working it out for the best SEO results. What aids more with the content plan is the topic discovery feature of the tool using which you can easily find trending topics that will help you rank your content in top results on SERPs.

You can also create separate keyword lists and import them for more ease in finding your preferred keywords.

With all these features, the tool is great for content creation and marketing, and though it does not support end-to-end SEO as Moz does, it’s still a viable option to meet at least some SEO needs. Moreover, the price for which it comes, it’s very affordable. We shall see the pricing, but before that, let’s quickly note down all the prominent features of the tool in a list.


  1. Keyword Explorer that helps find the most competitive and ranking keywords along with detailed metrics and analytics.
  2. Keyword Importer that helps create exhaustive keywords lists while providing the ability to import keywords from different lists.
  3. Topic Discovery helps search and analyze trending topics to help you plan content for the future.
  4. Plagiarism Checker helps you ensure the reliability, uniqueness, and authenticity of your content.
  5. Content Creator helps you create the most amazing titles and content that ranks on the top of the SERPs.


The tool is available for a seven days free trial. For the premium plans, they start at $70 per month ($49, if you pay annually) and $100 per month ($70, if you pay annually).

So, it’s very cheap and affordable and meets most SEO needs and requirements, as mentioned before. Moreover, the catch is the money-back guarantee that the tool comes with. If at any point in time you’re not satisfied with the tool, you can send in a refund request, and your amount shall be refunded to you without any questions. However, the cancellation can be made only once.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Homepage

Ahrefs is one of the most preferred SEO tools among SEO specialists. Whether it is website audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, content analysis, audit, optimization, or any other thing, Ahrefs does it all.

It incorporates one of the major SEO processes to its core, i.e., backlinks creation. When it comes to crawling, Ahrefs is a master. Being the most active crawler, Ahrefs has a directory of over 22trillion backlinks, and the number is still counting. 

Besides extensive link building, Ahrefs also guides you from the start of your SEO process. Right from the initial audit of the website to SEO planning and implementation, and then finally analyzing results and making improvements, you never need anything else if you’ve got Ahrefs.

Here’s an exhaustive list of all the prominent Ahrefs features.


  1. Excellent link building with the most active crawler.
  2. Website and content audit to help create and implement an SEO strategy.
  3. Extensive tools for competitor, keywords, and content research to stay at the top of your SEO plans and strategies.
  4. Find domain age and authority to extensively compare and plan strategies accordingly.


Ahrefs plans start at $99 per month ($82 if you pay annually), and the plans extend gradually, with the highest plan price going at $999 per month ($832 if you pay annually).

Looking at the prices, it’s better to go for annual plans as they are discounted. Moreover, if you take an annual plan, you get a 2months extra subscription absolutely free.

One issue with the tool, when compared to other Ahrefs alternatives, is that it does not have a free trial, and even if you want to just explore the tool, you’ll have to unburden your pocket for $7. There’s no money-back guarantee either.

As digital marketing came to boom and SEO gained ever-growing importance for ranking websites and creating brand visibility, the internet became full with umpteen digital marketing and SEO tools.

With the growing business competition and the world shifting to digital and virtual environments, the need for extensive SEO and digital marketing has grown all the more. As that need takes importance, you require extensive SEO tools to aid your digital marketing and SEO goals.

Moz is one of the most popular SEO tools for meeting every requirement encompassing the SEO of your website. However, that’s not the only tool out there.

Final Words

SEO is an important aspect for getting results from your website, and staying strong in the competition means investing in useful tools. Moz comes as an excellent tool of choice for getting great SEO results, but there are other tools too with equal standing.

This article acquainted you with some of the best Moz alternatives that will outstandingly help enhance your website's SEO. I hope this article was helpful and you found the tool that will suit you the best!

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