Goodbye Mycyberincome. Welcome BloggingIO

Finally, the time has come.

I nearly spent a month's time and chosen Mycyberincome as my site name based on inspiration from several site name like Pat's SmartPassiveincome, Smartincomedetective and Onlineincometeacher, etc .

Mycyberincome was first registered at GoDaddy on September 04, 2013. Initially started as a “How to Make Money Online” tutorial blog but later emerged as an independent internet marketing blog from visitors over 150 countries (data from Google Analytics).

Location Google Analytics last Location Google Analytics

Though started as a writer, my motive is to make real money by promoting affiliate products but things changed I was called up for SEO projects since few people loved my blogging journey.

I thank those people who believed in me for their projects.

I was not a regular writer at mycyberincome due to my SEO projects, and I thought I should blog on Internet Marketing topics rather than “make money online ” posts.

That's what I proudly displayed in my sidebar


I never shared my income reports but I love to mention Mycyberincome making decent four figure monthly income for almost a year, and I love it.

Here comes some screenshots that displays the affiliate income from Mycyberincome.

affiliate report 3

affiliate report 2

affiliate report 1

Few hours back I posted this on my Facebook wall


I displayed only 3 affiliate dashboard results here. I was promoting around 10 products in my blog thus helping me to make four figure income monthly.

Then why rebranding? A friend asked me on Facebook. Maybe she will find the answer here.

I know SERP ranking will go down, takes a lot of time right from making graphics and telling affiliate managers of various products about the rebranding stuff.

But for the future perspective, I need to rebrand my brand name.

Welcome Bloggingio.com


Reason for Rebranding

There are certain things which made me rebrand to my domain name. First, one is Facebook never accepted my adverts campaigns since my old domain has a term “income.”

Facebook thinks my site as MLM related stuff, but I assure that I never posted such stuff and in future too I won't do it.

I didn't try Google Adwords. But what happens the same thing with Google?

There are some healthy debates over the internet and Reddit forums where people posted my website link to prove the worthiness of some products.

But unfortunately, people thought my site is promoting products for money sake. Even though we do right things, it will end in an unusual way.

I never promote products simply for the affiliate commission. I test each and every product, and if the products satisfy as it advertises, then I will promote them. Even I promoted products which offered zero affiliate commission.

Check my most recommended affiliate products

There are also certain things that made me rebrand and hope everything will be fine in future.

Things I did

– 301 redirecting all links of mycyberincome.com to bloggingio.com

– Started new Facebook page to get accurate insights.

– Indicated Google about the name change through Google search console.

– Created a Youtube channel for the new brand.

– Informed all my affiliate managers regarding the name change.

– Mailed my email subscribers.

Today and Future

I will continue posting stuff that works and stuff that doesn't work.

I wrote some awesome books , plugins and also planned to conduct regular giveaways.

I know this post won't receive much attention since I was not so popular but as a blog owner, I thought to share this blog post with you people.

Again., Welcome Bloggingio.com

Mohan Raj

Full Stack Marketer, loves to build websites that ranks and banks.

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