The Nexcess Summer Sale of $9 Per Month is Deal Breaker.

Nexcess Summer Sale 2020

Nexcess, the Liquid Web brand, for managed applications, running a special $9 per month pricing on their WordPress and WooCommerce Managed plans.

Being using Nexcess WordPress hosting for a while, all I can say, their latest summer sale is a deal breaker for any site owners planning to upgrade from shared to Managed WordPress hosting.

Nexcess Summer Sales Details

As a part of the deal, you can get access to Nexcess Spark plan for $9 per month instead of $19 per month. The discounted pricing will be available until the end of the year.

Nexcess extended the deal to their Maker plan which usually costs $79 per month while available for $49 per month.

You can check for more details here.

With a more of a number of Managed WordPress Hosting present in the market, you might be wondering what's the reason to Choose Nexcess ahead of others.

Here are the things you need to know right now.


As said earlier, I have been using their WordPress hosting for the last few months and Nexcess offers better or equivalent performance compared to $30 managed hosting services.

Here is our site response time monitored from Pingdom. The site loads around on an average of 250ms which quite good compared to my site hosted on SiteGround which averages more than 500ms.

Nexcess averages around 250ms response time

SiteGround averages around 510ms response time

Both the sites are working in equivalent environment, hosted in USA data centres and uses CDN (Nexcess utilizes custom developed CDN and SiteGround uses free Cloudflare CDN)

Since Pingdom pings the site from multiple datacenters 24×7, the response time data is much more reliable than any other tools in the market.

Thanks to Nexcess Cloud Accelerator and Redis instance for object caching, the sites are fast enough for visitors.

Auto Scalable

How many of you know, many of the managed WordPress hosting is not auto-scalable. Only a handful of companies provides this feature and they charge you extra for every additional visit. (Ex. WP Engine and Kinsta)

But Nexcess does things indifferent and they offer you 24 hours of free auto-scaling for any given month. The 24 hours need not be in continuous hours.

If one site needs a few extra resources for an hour, and then four days later needs another four hours, that's no problem. I really wonder whether any site will reach this limit of 24 hours in a month, but its good this generous offer from Nexcess.

From my dashboard

10 PHP Workers

The WordPress hosting companies differentiate each plan with their PHP workers. The PHP workers are nothing but it handles the website backend processing. More than PHP Workers, faster your site performance and your visitors won't see 503 backend errors.

While most companies offer just 2-3 PHP workers on their starter plan and less than 10 PHP workers on higher plans, Nexcess provides 10 PHP workers for all plans and no more 503 errors in your site.

Greater Bandwidth Limit

The Spark plan of $19 ($9 now) comes with 2TB Bandwidth is the greatest thing here. Comparing to the likes of $30 Managed hosts, they offer a limited 50GB bandwidth. Even their $100 plan doesn't offer you 2TB Bandwidth.

While hosting with Nexcess, I stopped paying additioanlt bandwidth charges which I usualyl paid with other providers.

Free CDN & SSL

Nexcess built their own global CDN for faster performance which is quite evident from my performance reports.

At a single click, you can either enable or disable the CDN.

Daily & Instant Backups

Nexcess does automatic backups and stores the copy for 30 days. At one click, you can restore any date backup for free, instantly.

You can also take backups whenever needed.

Automated WordPress Updates

The feature you won't see on any other host. Whenever your site receives an update from themes or plugin, at first, Nexcess updates your site and does Visual Comparison.

You can see the difference in 0, after running an update, so its passed.

If your pages are broken, then the update will be reversed and if your sites are loading fine, the update will be applied.

Get the perks of using Nexcess Managed hosting now.

Other Exclusive Perks

You will get access to Unlimited image optimization. The process will be automated through paid API from TinyPNG and automatically enabled on your WordPress backend.

There is also a staging site option to clone your production site to staging and test things out.

You can also get free manual migration but I usually opt for their automated migration plugin which is faster and simpler to use.

Nexcess is powered by 24/7/365 technical support on all WordPress issues. However, they also got a lot of tutorials on every topic, a new user needs to know about Nexcess setup.

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