NitroPack Coupon 2021

Site speed optimization is extremely important for sites to rank higher on Google. Even though there are many caching plugins around, NitroPack has earned a very good reputation for being exceptionally effective in boosting site speed. Besides, the plugin is pretty easy to use and comes with many advanced features.

NitroPack Coupon

You can get a discount of 5% on the NitroPack plans using our coupon code BLOGGINGIO. In this post, I will walk you through some important aspects of NitroPack that you need to know before buying a plan. Besides, I will also guide you on how you can make use of our NitroPack coupon to enjoy a discount of 5% on Nitro plans.

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How to claim the NitroPack Coupon Code?

I am sure you have got enough clarity on NitroPack and its features by now. You must be now desperately wondering about how you can claim the NitroPack Coupon Code. Well, your waiting ends right here, and here are the steps you need to follow to claim the NitroPack Coupon Code:

The process of claiming the NitroPack Coupon Code is ridiculously simple. You can start by clicking on our exclusive link and this should take you to the NitroPack pricing page. 

After you get to the pricing page, you can select a plan and sign up by clicking on the ‘Get Started' button.

Once you get to the checkout page, look for the option, “Have a coupon code” which is usually below your total amount. You need to enter our Nitro Coupon Code, BLOGGINGIO in there and proceed. That's pretty much it and how difficult was that?

NitroPack Overview

NitroPack is a powerful WordPress caching plugin that can largely reduce load times for sites and improve their PageSpeed Scores. The plugin comes with many advanced features and does more than any other caching plugin can do at the most.

Some of the advanced functionalities include an Advanced caching mechanism, Complete image optimization stack, HTML, CSS, and JS minification & compression, World-class proprietary speed algorithm, and Built-in global CDN.

Customers can use NitroPack on the major platforms comprising WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento. Besides, they can also integrate it with custom websites using NitroPack's PHP SDK or API.

NitroPack Pricing

NitroPack comes with four plans based on page views. NitroPack also has a free plan, which is ideal for testing only. However, customers with a dedicated website could consider choosing any of the other three plans. The NitroPack plan details are:

  • $0 per month: 1 website, 5000 page views per month
  • $17.50 per month: 1 website, 50,000 page views per month
  • $42.50 per month: 1 website, 200,000 page views per month
  • $146.67 per month: 1 website, 1,000,000 page views per month

Customers with a new site can start with the $17.50 plan and those with big sites can either choose the $42.50 plan or the $146.67 plan.

NitroPack Features

Code Minification

NitroPack minifies and compresses the HTML, CSS, and JS codes. Further, it uses intelligent JS Combining, and CSS combining. The plugin also uses deferred loading for both CSS and JS. Besides, the plugin uses DNS Preconnects while optimizing HTML codes.

Complete Image Optimization

NitroPack offers a powerful image optimization, which involves Lossy and lossless image compression, Advanced Lazy loading (including background images defined in the CSS), Preemptive image sizing, WebP conversion, and Adaptive Image Sizing.

In-built Global CDN

NitroPack comes with an in-built Global CDN, which eliminates the need for using any other third-party CDN. The CDN does a great job in improving content delivery through GZIP and Brotli Compression, HTTP/2 Compatibility, and Global network.

Advanced Caching Mechanism

NitroPack ensures intelligent and accurate caching backed by Smart cache invalidation, automatic cache warmup, device and cookie-aware caching, and browser and session-aware caching.

NitroPack Coupon FAQs

What is NitroPack

NitroPack is a caching plus CDN plugin that can reduce load times to a large extent through its various advanced optimization techniques and eventually improve PageSpeed insights score for sites.

What are the top features of NitroPack?

NitroPack comes with the following features:

  • Advanced Caching Mechanism
  • In-built Global CDN
  • Code Minification
  • Complete Image Optimization

How do I claim the NitroPack coupon?

Claiming the NitroPack coupon is very simple and all you have to do is click on our exclusive link to get to the signup page, choose a plan and enter our coupon code, BLOGGINGIO at the checkout.