NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score?

If you're a webmaster, then the term “Core Web Vitals” is not new to you. Like everyone, I've been trying to improve my scores and I was trying too desperately to pass the CWV.

That is how I found NitroPack, a speed optimization service, with many “first of its kind” features. We did a grand test on our site to understand the real “NitroPack”.

Here is my review on NitroPack and learning about them in terms of performance, pricing, and support.

NitroPack Review Summary

NitroPack is the new Cloud-based performance optimization tool to speed up your WordPress sites. NitroPack comes with various speed optimization features like CDN, caching, code optimization to improve the performance of your WordPress sites. NitroPack is a first-of-its-kind plugin that does everything you need to speed your site.

NitroPack Pros

  • The most advanced all-in-one speed optimization service for WordPress.
  • Easy to setup in just few clicks.
  • Fast quality support for faster resolutions.
  • Transparent pricing and no upsells.

NitroPack Cons

  • Limited CMS support. For example, if you're on Shopify or Squarespace, doesn't work for you.
  • Can't able to disable their own CDN which is powered by AWS Cloudfront and Bunny.


What is NitroPack?

NitroPack is an all-in-one speed performance optimization service for WordPress and Opencart sites. With an advanced caching mechanism, high cache hit ratio, image optimization, NitroPack comes with the most features combined to deliver fast loading websites.

With the latest data, it's proven NitroPack not only improves the Pagespeed score but also helps you to pass “Core Web Vitals” which is based on field data.

NitroPack Home

NitroPack Performance Test

To check NitroPack performance, I’ve got the following setup.

  • I took my site hosted on SiteGround GoGeek plan hosted on USA datacenter;
  • Installed Astra site designed with Elementor;
  • Compared before and after the test.

Instead of going with the default setup, I made the site with many images and used Elementor to increase the page size to test the best of NitroPack.

Before NitroPack

At first, the site is tested on PageSpeed insights with a focus on Core Web Vitals. Here is how the site performed on the Mobile and Desktop tests.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 1
Default Mobile Score
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 2
Default Desktop Score

Now, the sites are tested for TTFB, which is the main thing to focus on to reduce initial server response time in WordPress. Below are the TTFB scores while trying from global locations.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 3

After NitroPack

To test NitroPack, I have installed their WordPress plugin on my site and used their default setup. I cleared the cache and put the site on test across the tools.

In PageSpeed Insights, NitroPack improved the mobile score has been enhanced from 32 to 93, while the desktop score has been enhanced from 87 to 100. 

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 4
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 5
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 6
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 7

More than the overall score, we need to consider Core Web Vitals WordPress metrics, which are as follows: The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) has improved from 7.7 seconds to 2.8 seconds on mobile. The desktop LCP score improved from 2.0 seconds to 0.7 seconds.

The other two parameters of Core Web Vitals (Total Blocking Time and Cumulative Layout Shift) also improved, summarized in the table below.

CompareSiteGroung GoGeek (Mobile)Nitropack Score (Mobile)
Speed Index5.8s2.1s
Largest Contentful Paint7.7s2.8s
Time to Interactive7.5s2.4s
Total Blocking Time1220ms210ms
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0550.241

CompareSiteGroung GoGeek (Desktop)Nitropack Score (Desktop)
Speed Index1.5s0.5s
Largest Contentful Paint2.0s0.7s
Time to Interactive1.1s0.3s
Total Blocking Time0ms0ms
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0030

The best thing about NitroPack is the speed optimization is done automatically. The only thing I did was install the plugin and connect it to my NitroPack account.

Do you know? NitroPack offers a free account so that you can test and upgrade only if needed.

Here is the before and after comparison of global TTFB:

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 8
SiteGround TTFB
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 9
NitroPack TTFB

If you are not aware, SiteGround performance has been declining in recent years. SiteGround TTFB or initial server response time is not great, which affects the overall performance.

To give you a clear picture, I’ve compared the Cloudways Cheap plan and SiteGround’s highest plan. With no further explanation needed, Cloudways clearly offers better performance.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 8
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 11

So, I took the SiteGround site to test NitroPack performance. Improving performance on SiteGround is not easy with a traditional setup ( SG optimizer, Cloudflare, image optimization, etc.). However, NitroPack does the job in the most sophisticated way to improve Google PageSpeed Scores. 

At the time of writing, NitroPack powers more than 18,000+ websites globally, given the fact, most of the users try their free plan and upgrade after getting impressive results. With coupon code “BLOGGINGIO” you can get a 5% discount on their annual plans.

December 2022 Update:

Based on new httparchive data, NitroPack tends to pass the Core Web Vitals score better than the services like WP Rocket and Cloudflare. The below graphs considers the last four months of data and NitroPack surpasses WP Rocket in terms of origins having a good CWV score.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 12

How does NitroPack Improves Core Web Vitals Score?

Nitropack is laced with a broad range of advanced features such as code optimization, smart caching, image optimization, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve your page loading speed. 

It can also be integrated with eCommerce websites like OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. In the next section, we will understand them in detail. 

The Core Web Vitals score can be improved by improving the three metrics Largest Contentful paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

So, here are the three primary reasons you need Nitropack for your website:

  • Optimized images: The tool automatically changes the size of the images according to the device on which the visitor views your website. For example, a picture of 1000*1000 changes to 250*250 to fit the user’s screen size. This reduces the Cumulative Layout shift happening on the page.
  • Lazy load offscreen images: Through lazy loading, the browser only loads the image the visitor is viewing in real-time. Nitropack uses this feature to load the website faster, even with lesser bandwidth. This reduces the Largest Contentful Paint and improves the load time.
  • Boost DOM parser execution: The platform fully optimizes your website HTML code by understanding its structure using DOM Parser. After which, Nitropack can easily make modifications in the code.


In short, NitroPack speed optimization service includes

  • Proprietary speed algorithm;
  • Amazon Cloudfront CDN with 200+ global POP;
  • A complete Image optimization suite;
  • HTML,CSS,JS Minification and Compression;
  • DNS prefetching, preloading, JS delay, and more.

1. Advanced Caching Mechanism

NitroPack comes with its proprietary caching mechanism that ensures a high cache hit ratio for better load time. They integrate well with any 3rd-party cache like Varnish, Nginx, etc.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 13

The most common features are

  • Smart Invalidation: Ensures optimized content always served to visitors.
  • Cookie and Device Awareness: Content delivery based on language, device, etc
  • Browser Caching: helps to faster browser delivery.
  • Auto Cache Warmup: Page automatically optimized after edits. 

2. Robust CDN with Global Pops

NitroPack partnered with Amazon Cloudfront CDN, which comes with 200+ global POP locations. With CDN, your content will be served from a nearby POP location, thus improving international visitors’ load time.

Cloudflare doesn’t serve your pages from all their POPs (limited based on plan), while Cloudfront doesn’t put any restrictions. So it's better than the Cloudflare plans (only $200/month Enterprise user will get all POP access). Apart from it, Cloudfront is much faster than Cloudflare in response time.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 14
A lower score is better.

Cloudfront also performs GZIP and Brotli compression to reduce the page size.

3. HTML, CSS & JS Optimization

NitroPack performs all HTML, CSS and JavaScrip optimization. It does Intelligent Minification, Compression when needed.

Most common PageSpeed Insights issues like removing Render-Blocking JavaScript; eliminating render-blocking resources will be automatically fixed.

HTML, CSS and JS Optimization

Some of the most brilliant features are

  • Critical CSS generator for all pages
  • Advanced Resource loader
  • Intelligent JS Combining

4. Complete Image Optimization Suite

NitroPack takes care of all image optimization tech required to speed up your site. If your site faces the issue of “serve images in the next-gen format,” NitroPack does WEBP image delivery with adaptive sizing, so your scores will improve a lot. Some of the features are

  • Lossy and lossless image compression
  • Preemptive image sizing – Image containers optimized for faster rendering.
  • Adaptive Sizing – Images delivered based on users’ device and screen size.
  • Advanced Lazy Loading 
  • WEBP Support.

5. Cache warmup

Cache warming is done to fill the void when the visitor hits the website. Like this, no visitor will miss the cache when they come to the website for the first time.

Primary functions offered by the features include:

  • It will optimize the website when an automated cache is removed.
  • Optimizes all the pages present in the configured URLs

The user can provide either the Sitemap XML or the homepage URLs. Once you enable cache warmup, the platform will identify the number of optimizations and ask you to confirm the warmup.

6. Safe mode

It will allow you to test the functionalities on your website without having to make any changes to the original web page.

You can enable the safe mode and extend your website URL by adding – ?test nitro=1 at its end. Likewise, you will be able to process all the changes Nitropack is making without actually publicly affecting the website interface. 

The changes you make through the safe mode will only be on the test pages. Remember to disable the safe mode; else, all the changes will be transferred to your live website. So, make sure you reverse all the unwanted changes and only keep the important ones.

7. Custom CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is one of the major elements to build a website. For making any changes to the web page, you have to customize your CSS code first. And this is what Nitropack offers; it helps you in changing the default theme of your website.

The feature allows you to make changes to different elements of your website before Javascript execution. For example, if you think your website doesn’t have an aligned header or footer when the page is loading, adding custom CSS will solve your problem and make it more attractive.

8. Delayed scripts

It is the most important feature that helps in scheduling your scripts. You can set the first few javascript and delay the one which can be loaded after this. The java scripts will only be delayed by 5 seconds and then loaded according to your priority list.

You can do it in two methods:

  • External scripts- By directly entering the script’s URL in the code.
  • Inline scripts- By mentioning the script URL/code on your dashboard.

For example, you can delay the chat widget snippet on your website and allow other vital information to come up first.

9. Excluded cookies

Cookies are also known as HTTP cookies, Internet cookies, or web cookies. These are text that is transferred from a web server to the visitor’s browsers. If the browser saves those cookies, it helps the server keep track of the user’s activity.

You can share non-cached snippets with your visitors through the excluded cookies features. If you use Nitropack on platforms like WooCommerce, OpenCart, or WordPress, this feature is already present in default. 

It is best for platforms other than the one mentioned here. Due to the abundance of CMS and plugin platforms, it becomes difficult to provide a list of all the cookies. You have to choose which cookie needs to be excluded.

10. Disable text flashing

Nitropack multiples the process of your webpage rendering. But the procedure cannot start before all the fonts are loaded, which ultimately slows down your website. 

To improve this, Nitropack instructs browsers to render text as soon as possible and then swap text when the original font downloads. However, this process can observe this process so you can disable it in a few steps.

11. Combine CSS/JS

Combining your JS and CSS files will help browsers enhance your web page speed. The clubbing makes it very easy to render the site. You can do it with pages having HTTP/1 and HTTP/2.

  • Combine CSS – Websites mostly use media queries to make themselves accessible on laptops, phones, and tablets. It results in creating multiple CSS files, because of which Nitropack has merged files of media screen and media all. 

So, it avoids all the unnecessary files and comes down to a single folder.

  • Combine JS – Combining JavaScript can be tricky as they all work on a set pattern and any change in the order can hamper the working of your website. But Nitropack takes care of this efficiently and rarely encounters cases with any such problems.

It is highly advised that you perform both these features with the technical expert’s help to avoid future complications.

12. Improve response time

To skip multiple server logic, Nitropack offers a static page cache and helps improve the server response time. This option is permanently enabled, and through the cache expiration setting, you can manage the time duration your cache pages will be stored. 

By default, Nitropack has set the expiration time to 25,92.000 seconds (3days). But you can change this duration according to your requirement.

Nitropack optimization modes, and which should you choose?

Nitropack offers four optimization modes which you can choose according to your website requirement. The best mode should be the one that offers the highest scores with the least UX issues.

  • The standard and medium modes: These are among the primary modes that optimize your website’s performance and are the most stable. They go for a built-in browser approach rather than using the custom code mechanism.
  • The strong mode: It is much faster and aggressive than the standard and medium modes. This mode posses’ latest features like font modification, lazy loading, and an advanced loading mechanism. It is also the default mode, which is stable and offers higher website speed.
  • The Ludicrous Mode: This is the best-performing model that offers the highest speed. It prioritizes CSS and HTML and delays Java scripts to give the quickest loading speed. You must perform extensive research before choosing the mode, as it might be a little overwhelming for some websites.
  • The Manual mode: This mode is mostly used by developers or tech-savvy people who can customize advanced settings like combining resources and resource manifestation. You should only opt for the manual mode if you are confident enough to make such big changes.

Difference Between Strong Mode & Ludicrous Mode

Both of these modes use different approaches to improve the loading time of a webpage. The strong mode is faster than the standard and medium mode, but Ludicrous is the fastest. It uses advanced features to boost your website speed without delaying any resources. 

Ludicrous prioritizes CSS and HTML and delays JS scripts. It means your website will load even before it becomes interactive for the viewers. You must check your website dependency on the JS script before using the ludicrous mode. 

Run your website after disabling JS scripts and find out if all the essential information is in place. And, if everything is fine, you can go for the ludicrous mode. Otherwise, the strong mode can also be a great option for your website.

NitroPack Pricing

The Pricing for NitroPack is calculated based on pageviews. Apart from the free plan, there are three different available.

NitroPack doesn’t limit features, and all their paid plans include every website speed service feature.

  • 50,000 Pageviews – $19.95/month, 25GB CDN Bandwidth
  • 200,000 Pageviews – $48.45/month, 100GB CDN Bandwidth
  • 1,000,000 Pageviews – $167.20/month, 500GB CDN Bandwidth
  • 5000 Pageviews – Get Started for free.

You can also check our exclusive NitroPack Coupon Code and get a 5% recurring discount on your billing applicable on both yearly and annual billing.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 15
Yearly Pricing
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 16
Monthly Pricing

All plans come with 14-days money-back guarantee. There are also custom plans for agencies and enterprise clients. 

NitroPack Free Vs. Paid

As we already mentioned, NitroPack comes with a free plan which you can use for testing. It is more than enough to move your sites and see how it performs. If your WordPress site receives less than 5000 visits per month, you can use them free forever.

The Paid plan comes with a complete set of features. There is no difference in features among plans, and it is differentiated based on page views alone. Check your analytics for monthly pageviews, and then choose any plan accordingly. 

How to Setup NitroPack With WordPress?

First, sign up for a free account and confirm your email address. After login into your account, Click New Website and enter your details.

Now, head over to your WordPress dashboard and click “Add Plugins.” Now search for NitroPack and install the official plugin.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 17

NOTE: At this stage, take a screenshot or record the score from PageSpeed Insights so that you can verify the metrics manually.

Connect your account and select the site. You can either choose the default or custom option based on your need.

NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 18
NitroPack Review 2022: Do They Really Improve Core Web Vitals Score? 19

You can play around with a lot of options and see which settings work best for you. In most cases, the default settings provide better results.

Do I recommend NitroPack?

Yes, we do.

If you are pre-paid for hosting in advance and need a speed improvement, then NitroPack is your ultimate choice. It is also suitable for agencies when their clients require immediate high scores.

Moreover, with “Page Experience” getting into a ranking factor by May 2022, everyone should use NitroPack, if your manual optimization doesn’t improve your scores. I've done extensive research on NitroPack Vs WP Rocket in this post, and no wonder, NitroPack outperforms WP Rocket in every way.

We also don't recommend for users on a budget. NitroPack is excellent, but it’s not affordable for everyone in the online industry. If you are in such a scenario, use the combination of Cloudways, StackPath, and WP Rocket for better results. Cloudways is cheap at $10/month, and WP Rocket, priced at $49/year, can improve your site speed if the configuration is done correctly.

Also, they offer manual configurations if needed, an incredible 100% money-back guarantee, and multiple tiers of packages suitable for different customers.

FAQ on NitroPack Review

Is NitroPack worth it?

Definitely worth the price, considering the speed optimization results. NitroPack was a matured product that was in development for more than seven years.

Is NitroPack Free?

Get started for free and upgrade if your sites exceed the plan limits.

How to improve NitroPack Mobile Score?

To improve the NitroPack Mobile score, try each of their five configurations named Standard, Medium, Strong, Ludicrous and manual, if needed. Test your site against each method, see which configuration provides the highest mobile score, and start using them.

Does NitroPack affect SEO?

No. Right now, more than 48,000+ websites are using NitroPack, and no site reported traffic drop. However, an improper configuration can affect how search engines crawl your site, resulting in a drop in SEO traffic.