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5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now!

Welcome to this guide, where we explore various Originality AI Alternatives.

Throughout this article, I will:

  1. Present you with a compilation of 5 alternatives that can serve as substitutes for Originality.
  2. Provide a detailed comparison between each of these tools and Originality, giving you valuable insights into their features and functionalities.
  3. Share my personal experiences with each tool, offering you firsthand information to help you make an informed decision.

If you feel that Originality doesn't meet your requirements, fret not! Simply refer to the list below to discover the best Originality AI Alternatives available to you.

1. Winston AI

Winston AI is the best Originality AI alternative, according to our perspective. 

It is almost cent percent AI-detecting software incorporating powerful features like OCR, plagiarism detector, file managing, and file generating capabilities. 

Winston AI offers you three plans in terms of pricing; A Free plan where you can scan up to 2000 words, a Growth plan worth $18 for a month where you can scan up to 80,000 words. Lastly, a Custom plan where you can customize prices and words. 

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 1


  • The user interface of this Originality AI alternative AI-detecting software is simple, without any clumsy menus and buttons. 
  • What sets this Winston AI tool apart from others is that it makes it easy for us to upload documents and images and scans those for AI content. 
5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 2
  • Winston AI is the only AI-detecting tool with Optical Character Recognition technology. Using it lets you upload any scanned document, even which consists of handwriting, and then generate results. 
  • Our favorite feature is the readability score section on the result page's right side. Here the tool analyses your content and depicts the readability score and grade level in numbers. 
5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 3
  • Beyond everything, one such exciting feature of Winston AI is that you can print your results as a PDF. This is highly amazing as no other tool offers this feature! 

2. Passed AI

Passed AI is a popular Originality AI alternative, and you can sign up for free. 

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 4

Passed AI was initially developed for teachers to detect if students use any AI tool to write essays or assignments. 

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 5

Passed AI offers a few choices when you are ready for a subscription. 

  • A Standard plan which costs about $9.99 per month, offers unlimited scans, 200 credits per a month 
  • And the last is an Institution plan, which is customizable for the users, and you have to contact customer support for the price. 

Furthermore, the Originality AI alternative content detection tool works using machine learning algorithms. It can predict if the text is written by any AI tool or human beings with 94% accuracy. 


  • Passed AI offers a Google Chrome extension to access the tool anywhere (like Google Docs) so you can work quickly. 
  • One of the excellent features of Passed AI is that it is trained using GPT 3.5 models (which is used by ChatGPT). In contrast, some tools are trained using GPT2 and GPT3 language models. 
  • Due to its highest level of accuracy, Passed AI is an ideal choice for academic institutions to check AI content in submitted papers. 
  • We think that no other tools in the market match the enforceability of this AI-detecting software. 
  • Moreover, you can integrate Passed AI into your Learning Management Systems through application interfaces.

3. GPTZero 

GPTZero is a leading Originality AI alternative designed especially for educators, bloggers, and organizations. 

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 6

The Originality AI alternative AI-detecting software comes with three subscription plans.

  • GPTZero Classic is free forever and can use up to 5000 characters per document. 
  • GPTZero Educator is $9.99 per month and offers 50K characters per document. 
  • GPTZero Pro, which is $19.99 per month, offers unlimited file uploads and 50K characters per document. 

GPTZero is one such online tool that several people widely suggest to others. The handy platform uses statistical information to determine whether AI or humans write the text.  


  • A feature that makes GPTZero different is that it lets you upload content in PDF, Word doc, and TXT formats. Then it will analyze these formats and provide you with results. 
5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 7
  • GPTZero shows you two scores while providing results for the content, namely, perplexity and burstiness scores. Both these scores are used to evaluate how GPTZero checks whether any Artificial intelligence platform has generated the content. 
5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 8
  • Our favorite part of the GPTZero AI detecting tool is that you can simultaneously upload one or more files to generate results. This is highly useful for schools, colleges, and large organizations. 
  • Like CopyLeaks, GPTZero allows you to add the tool as a Chrome extension, making it easy to access anytime. 
  • Besides, you can also integrate GPTZero into your Learning Management Systems and organization’s workflows.  

4. Content At Scale

Content at Scale is a free Originality AI alternative that you should try.  

Working with the tool involves copying and pasting the content into the text box provided and clicking on the “Check for AI Content.”   

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 9

Then simply Content at Scale analyzes your content and returns a score representing how much of your content is written by AI and how much is written by a human. 

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 10

Coming to the pricing, the Content at Scale content service starts for you at $250 per month with 8 blog posts. Remember that checking for AI detection is entirely free! 


  • My favorite feature of the Content at Scale AI detector is its user interface. It looks neat and helps me access what I want with ease. 
  • Unlike other AI tools (which use a GPT 3 only), Content at Scale encompasses multiple layers of AI engines (semantic analysis algorithms, natural language processing, parsing capabilities) for its working. 
  • Above all, Content at Scale Originality AI alternative also offers a free plagiarism-checking option using Copyscape to check the uniqueness of your content quickly. 
  • One of the unique features of the Content at Scale AI detector is that you can integrate it with a WordPress website using an application interface. Thus allowing you to publish or schedule content according to your preferences. 
  • It is the only AI-detecting platform that lists the score for your content with breakdowns like predictability, pattern, and probability. 
5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 11

5. CopyLeaks 

CopyLeaks is our favorite Originality AI alternative with decent accuracy. CopyLeaks is an AI detector that lets you determine if your content has AI-generated text.  

Like other tools, working with the CopyLeaks AI detector is pretty simple. 

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 12

You just have to copy and paste your content on the CopyLeaks editor and click on the “Check” button, which you will find below the editor. 

5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 13

Then the CopyLeaks detector will tell you whether it is written by a human or generated by any AI tool. 

Coming to the pricing of the CopyLeaks AI detector, it offers you a free trial plan with 25 credits. Here, you can scan up to 250 words using a single credit. 

Furthermore, CopyLeaks AI detector pricing starts from $9.99 for a user for a month with 100 credits.  

Note that the pricing varies depending on the number of credits you choose. For instance, a 500 credits plan costs you $39.99 monthly. 


  • What I liked most about the CopyLeaks AI detector is it supports multiple languages. Some are Spanish, French, German, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, etc. 
  • The CopyLeaks detector is a versatile platform helpful for students, bloggers, professionals, freelancers, and several industries. Hence it is preferable for every individual for their content creation and media purposes. 
  • The availability of Chrome extension is one such exciting easy-to-access feature suitable for several users according to their needs. 
5 Best Originality AI Alternatives To Try Now! 14
  • Along with AI detection, CopyLeaks has an advanced AI that helps you check plagiarism. It even works for images, source codes, and different forms of paraphrased content. 
  • On top of that, you can double-check the Originality of your content by performing a scheduled scan. Using the scheduled scan, you can ensure your content is original and plagiarism-free daily, weekly, monthly, or twice a month, based on your needs. 

Final Words About Originality AI Alternatives

While choosing an Originality AI alternative, it is important to consider your needs, nature of work, and budget. 

With that in mind, we have listed some popular Originality AI alternatives above, and we hope you can choose yours after reading the post completely. 

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