Serpstat Review 2018 – #1 Best SEO Tool to Dominate SERP

In this post, I’m discussing the SEO tool I'm using for the past 12 months ahead of SEMrush, Ahrefs. I’m pretty sure you will become their customer after reading this Serpstat review, and they offer some impressive features which are missing from major SEO tools.

This post might be one of the longest articles at bloggingio, so if you’re in a hurry you can check their features from https://serpstat.com/features and for how to use guides, you can actually consider reading at bloggingio.

Serpstat Review 2018

Serpstat was initially started as keyword research tool back in 2013 for their internal purpose at their company, Netpeak digital marketing agency. But things changed in the past two years, the tool has been used by more than 60000 internet marketers and digital agencies over the world.

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Thrive Quiz Builder Review – Tutorials + 50% Launch Discount

You might know, I'm a great lover of  Thrive Products, and today I'm doing Thrive Quiz Builder review which is the latest product from https://thrivethemes.com . This review brings you the features and how to use tutorials related to Thrive Quiz Builder.

Do you know BuzzFeed's 60% of traffic from Facebook and other social networks comes through people who share the Buzzfeed quiz results?

Buzzfeed is not the only company to utilize the power of Quizzes, there are hundreds of viral sites and tech sites like Mashable, Tech Crunch uses them to drive the social traffic.

There are few main advantages of using Quizzes to our blogs. They are

  • Reduce Bounce rate naturally
  • Increased Engagement rate 
  • Quality visitors
  • Increase email subscribers.

Thrive Quiz Builder helps you to achieve the same with no coding skills, and I bet you can build advanced quizzes than the one on Buzzfeed.

Also read: Seven Thrive Themes products I can't blog without

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Thrive Content Builder Review – How To Tutorials (& Guides)

Thrive Architect, the upgraded version of Thrive Content Builder was launched with much more improved features and this version will be no longer available . 


Content is the king ( No fun intended )

Still Content is the king and sure you must see websites ranking without any backlinks or other SEO efforts.


You're making some 40% average income for a year and you think its time to make skyrocket your income for the upcoming years.

Again, you don't need to go for more quality content, spice up the already existing content with the help of Thrive Content Builder.

I'm warning you, after reading this Thrive Content Builder review you might hate default WordPress editor.

I'm sure about it.

Do you think I'm over hyping ?

Yes. I over hype if I love the product and no options, this Thrive Content Builder review is your best read today.

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10 Best Quora Tips To Generate 4x Traffic to Your Business

Quora is a Q & A website where people can post questions that anyone can answer, including experts and authorities on the subject. Millions of people consult the site so the answers can potentially drive massive traffic to a place

Millions of people consult the site so the answers can potentially drive massive traffic to a place on the web, such as a blog.

This guide helps you to know about the fascinating Quora traffic tactics that work, and in fact, I got 9.66k views for my answers and getting over 40% of traffic from those views to the brands I put a link in my answers.

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Cyber Monday Hosting Deals 2017 – Best Up to 70% OFF

All the deals are over. Come back for Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2018.

Unlike most blogs, I did lot of work and made this table to display hosting pricing based on 12,24 and 36 months package. Now you can choose a hosting package based on your needs. You can sort the table to find the lowest prices.

SiteGround & A2 Hosting deals are over. FastComet deals going to end soon. FastComet offers 15% OFF on all shared hosting plans.

Like the past few years, we are updating this post with Cyber Monday web hosting deals for 2017. Our deals are hand-picked, so don't except some poor hosting companies on our list. I already hold an account with companies mentioned here, so you don't need to worry about the performance of the companies.

If you're new, Cyber Monday Hosting deals is something like a holy day for bloggers where you can expect discounts up to 85% OFF from most hosting companies. Though companies run similar deals for some other days like Independence, Halloween etc., the discounts are limited to 60%.

Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals is the only day to get maximum discounts and if you're motivated to make money online, it's the right time to get the good hosting for your sites.

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KWFinder Reviews 2018 : Opinions After Using For 12 Months

KWFinder is the reliable and effective keyword research tool to generate rankable long tail keywords and in this KWFinder review, I explain you what are things you can do with this tool.

Before going into the review, let me clear you few things. Mangools is the brand behind the development of KWFinder. Apart from it, there are two other tools SERPWatcher (To analyze SERP results) and SERPChecker (The rank tracker tool).

All the three tools comes under a single roof, Mangools. You can buy either Basic or Premium or Agency plan and you will get access to all the three tools.

KWFinder Review

I came across this long tail keyword research tool a few years back, and on that time, the tool did some basic keyword research, but now the growth of the tool is exceptional.

Long Tail Pro Alternatives

When I looked for some Long tail pro alternatives, I found KWFinder is best one and bought a subscription package to test its results.

Not because of its pricing, but because of its performance, I can say it's a greater alternative to Long tail pro keyword research tool.


When you open the homepage, you will get this search box. The tool claims

  • No installation needed
  • No AdWords accounts
  • Instant usage

There are three types to find long tail keywords. They are

  • Suggestions keywords
  • Auto complete keywords
  • Question type keywords

I started testing with a keyword "search engine optimization" and choose the country  United States ( you can choose any country) and finally language as English.

It is simple right? You can get a lot of keywords within seconds. Just a click, I got 10+ easy to rank keywords.

The above results are based on Suggestions keywords. The below are the results for Auto Complete and question type keywords.

If you look at the results pages, you can find various parameters by which the tool puts a value on a website.


In this review of KWFinder, I tested some random keywords to show you a demo of how this creative long tail keyword research tool works.

You can see the keyword "affordable SEO packages" values 29/100 which are not a hard keyword to rank and this is how the tool calculates difficulty value.

The parameters found in the screenshot and their explanations.

Search history for past 12 months - Find the search volume for the past 12 months, and you can rank for the keywords search volume which is improving month over month.

Google SERP - The top 10 pages are ranking for the keyword.

DA / PA - Domain Authority and Page Authority obtained from Moz.

MR & MT - MozRank & MozTrust of the URL.

Links - Number of external authority-passing links to the URL.

FaceBook and Google Plus - Social signals of the URL to determine the importance of the URL

Estimated Visits - Estimated visits per month on this SERP position.

On the left side, I got around 700 keywords for which the KWFinder shows the difficulty score based on the above parameters like ( DA/PA, MR, MT )

KWFinder Options

There is a Filter option in the keywords search results page, and you can use this one to do awesome stuff to find the most profitable keywords and you can drive millions of traffic from search engines. For Example, there is an option to include keywords of your own.

If you're running an Amazon niche site, you might come across the buyer intent keywords which is helpful to drive more sales to the niche keywords.

You can include those keywords in this "include keywords" options and tool will show the long tail low competition keywords.

I did a search with a buyer intent keyword - Cheap.

Now, I got two low competition keywords.

Few members requested to run some amazon niche site keywords, and here it goes.

I was going to deploy one of my website for this keyword, yet I choose the keyword to show a live demo of how the tool finds long tail keywords.

I choose the keyword "Himalayan salt lamps" and choose the buyer intent keywords "cheap." The awesome is I got three low competition keywords out of six keywords.

Remember I used only one buyer intent keyword. You can include as many buyer intent keywords like (best,cheap,affordable) and create a list of 10-15 keywords to start a perfect Amazon affiliate niche site.

If you want a long tail keyword, you enter the number of keywords to 3 -5 in the filter results option and do a search for excellent long tail keywords.

List and Export

There are two options at the bottom by which you can select a group of keywords and create a list. The list will be saved, and you can check it whenever you needed. You can find the competitiveness of the keywords after ranking your websites later.

You can choose the keywords and export it in CSV Format. There is an option to export the metrics of the keywords too. You can do it to show the keywords to your clients or share with your writers for productive works (learn more).

Import Keywords

If you have a bunch of keywords, you can import those keywords and find the difficulty of the keywords. Sometimes you need to rank for keywords based on Google autocomplete keywords.

KWFinder Support

You will get live support from the developers right from the website. You can drag and drop the chat window as per your convenience since the default right corner will hide the keywords when you're in chat.

I had few issues with the Keyword difficulty value and contacted him for possible solutions. To my surprise, he comes up with the insider reasons that caused the bug, and he promised the bug will be resolved and it was fixed within 24 hours.

KWFinder Pricing

KWFinder Pricing is simpler. There are two options either monthly or yearly.

As said earlier, you will get access to all the three tools ( KWFinder, SERPChecker and SERPWatcher)

There are three plans you can choose from

  • check
    Mangools Basic
  • check
    Mangools Premium
  • check
    Mangools Agency

The limits across each plan is highlighted.

The above pricing is for monthly payments. However, if you choose to go with yearly payment, you can get some huge savings.

As said earlier, you can get an account with any of the above three plans and get access to SERPWatcher and SERPChecker tools.


With a modern UI, supportive developers and one click to find long tail keywords, I think KWFinder is a must have tool for Internet Marketers and SEO agencies to be the best long tail keyword research in the market.

I hope this KWFinder review is live up to the expectation and if you have any questions, please let me know in comments.


SERPWoo Review & Tutorials (Plus 20% Extra Bonus)

After using SERPWoo tool, I came to know that rank tracking I did before is an absolute joke. Like all bloggers and SEO professionals, I monitor the website rankings ups and downs through various rank tracker tools.

But I'm confident enough to tell you that, what we are doing is wrong and I will explain it in short. Most people will follow this procedure to track their websites in search engine rankings.

  1. Add the keywords and URL's which you want to rank.
  2. The tools show you the ranking position and also notifies when you move up or down.

I admit it. SERPWoo does the same. So you might think what's unique about them, right?

Let's look into the SERPWoo review which showcases the unique things about them.

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Thrive Themes Discount (Apr. 2018) – Best Up to 85% OFF

Let's be honest. You might come across posts like Thrive Themes coupons which gives you a glimpse like there exists a coupon code. But in reality Thrive Themes never provided coupons since its inception.

But there is an Thrive Themes discount for all new and existing customers. The discounts usually ranges from 24 - 85% based on the product. More the licence you buy, more the discounts you can claim.

For Example, Thrive Leads costs ​$67 per license but if you go with 5 site license pack you can get it for $97 instead of $335 (That's an 29% discount from regular price).

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